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“You are not changing schools. Tell me why exactly you suddenly want to change your school” my dad interrogated me like a criminal facing the cops.


I don’t like my school anymore. Besides, I’m having low grades in many courses so I might as well start afresh in a new school” I said trying to convince my dad.


Changing of school isn’t the solution to your problem. If you’ve been studying like a good student you won’t be here talking about low grades” my dad said.


I just rolled my eyes. His statements are just annoying. Like, who the hell still read this days when there are lots of interesting things to do in school aside gluing your eyes to some boring school notes.


It seems the only thing I can do to make my dad allow me to change school is by making mom talk to him on my behalf.


I entered my mom’s room and I met her knitting a cardigan.


Knitting is one of her hobbies.


Mom scoffed as soon as she saw that I’m the one.


“Cynthia, have you lost your manners totally?” she asked.


What exactly have I done wrong again? ” I asked.


Why will you barge into my room without knocking” she said.


What’s so special in entering your room that you are making such a fuss early in the morning” I shouted at her.


I remember the reason I came to her so I calmed down a bit.


“Hmm, I’m sorry for barging into your room” I said hesitantly.


Mom just shrugged and continued knitting.


I was wondering if you could help me talk to dad about changing my school” I said to mom.


Why do you want to change your school?” she asked.


I’m tired of hearing this question already. Can’t I decide what I want or don’t want in my life.


Must you know? Can’t you just help me talk to dad?” I asked.


I can’t talk to him if you aren’t going to tell me why you are changing school” she said still knitting.


Mom can be very stubborn at times. I don’t even know who is worse between dad and mom.


I’m failing a lot of courses so I guess changing schools will be a good idea. Now, are you satisfied? ” I said.


Okay, I’d help you talk to your dad. By the way, aren’t you going to school today because it’s getting late already” she said.


This is not high school mom.


I can as well decide to skip school” I replied.


I went back to my room to pick up the car keys.


I got to school and I met Gray outside the class.


I tried to enter the class but he blocked my path.


He pulled my arm back when I tried to move away from him.


Hey, leave me alone” I said, shouting at him. “Lower your voice” he pleaded.


Okay, fine” I said in a softer tone.


Did you really mean what you sent to me?” Gray asked. “Yeah. Why would I send something I didn’t mean” I questioned.


Never mind ” he said and walked away.


Good riddance. Now I can focus on Brayden alone.


I broke up with Gray yesterday night. I sent him a text telling him I’m not interested in the relationship anymore.




I’m getting out of the medical centre today.


Khaleed has been with me since morning because my other friends are in class.


I’ve not seen Xavier today. I want to thank him for allowing Khaleed to sleep at his place.


Khaleed said he has somewhere important to go to, that’s why he is not in school.


“What will you tell your parents if they ask you about this bruises?” Khaleed suddenly asked.


I’d tell them the half truth” I said to him.


which is? ” he asked.


That I was involved in an accident because, it was an accident to me as I wasn’t fighting back. If Xavier hadn’t explained what happened I’d have believed I fell and hit my head on something which got me unconscious” I explained to him.


I couldn’t possibly tell my parents that a girl attacked me because she thought I’m dating the guy she’s obsessed with.


“Okay” Khaleed said.


Just then, Scarlett, Laura, Jace and Brayden entered the room.


Laura’s guards stood outside, guarding the entrance.


” Hi guys ” I greeted them.


They all responded to my greeting.


Scarlett, please lend me your notes so I’d know what I’ve missed” I said to Scarlett.


She gave me the books and I made a mental note to read the topics when I get home.


A nurse entered my room to give me some drugs to use.


“Make sure you use this, Ms Adams” the nurse said.


” Okay, ma’am” I said.


The nurse was about to leave the room when Xavier came in.


He looks tired but he’s still cute though.


Subhanallah. What am I even thinking?


I quickly banished all evil thoughts from my mind.


Hey, Kiyah ” he said.


Hey you too ” I replied.


“I’m sorry I couldn’t come this morning. Something came up so I had to take care of it” he said.


” It’s no big deal” I said to him.


I packed up all my things and we all stepped out of the medical centre.


“Thanks for everything guys. I’m so grateful” I said to everyone.



“You don’t have to thank us. What are friends for? ” Jace said.


Do you mind if I drop you off at your hostel? ” Laura asked.


No problem. I’d see you all on Monday.


Khaleed, don’t forget to call me when you get home” I said.


Alright sis ” Khaleed replied.


See you on Monday ” others said.


Babe, see you tomorrow ” Laura said to Jace.


They shared a deep kiss while I looked away immediately.


I sat down at the front seat beside Laura who was driving. Her bodyguards were sitting at the back.


I directed Laura till we get to my hostel.


She stopped the car in front of my hostel.


I stepped out of the car and waved at her before she sped off.


I met my dad in the parking lot.


“Salam alaykum sir” I said.


Walaykum salam. What happened to your leg?” he asked. I didn’t know my limping was obvious.


I thought since I’m putting on a long Abaya (a long, free gown), he’d not notice. “I had a slight accident” I said.


And you couldn’t inform me or your mom about it” he said accusingly.


I’m sorry Abu” I said pacifying him.



He collected the bag from me and I opened the door entering the backseat of the car.Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from


*** Skip time * * *


Ukthi, what happened to you?” Jamal asked me. I was resting before he entered my room.


I fell and bruised my legs and arm” I said to him.


Sorry dear. Do you need anything?” he asked.


Nope. I just want to rest. Tell mom I’d soon join her in the kitchen” I said.


Okay. You won’t be able to watch me play tomorrow” he concluded.


I’d try to follow you to the field” I said.


I don’t want to dissapoint him. I know how much the training means to him.


Jazakumullahu Khayran sis (thanks sis)” he said.


Wa antum fajazakumullahu Khayran (you are welcome)” I replied.





Scarlett has been avoiding me since Wednesday.


I want to ask her if her friend is dead or alive.


What are you doing in my room? ” Scarlett shouted.


Take a chill pill sis. You’ve been deliberately avoiding me so I came to ask you why” I said to her.


You disgust me so much. I hate the fact that you and I are sisters” she said.


Don’t worry dear sister. The feeling is mutual.



I don’t know why mom had to give birth to an unfortunate person like you. You bring nothing but ill luck to everyone around you. The ugly duckling of the family” I said.


” Thanks, the most beautiful girl in the universe.


Shame on you, even with your beauty the poor guy didn’t even look at you more than once.


I’d repeat it again, you disgust me Claire Anderson” she said angrily.


This is the only time my sister has ever trade words with me. No matter how much


I mistreat her in the past, she never retaliates.


The stupid black girl caused this.


“Just shut up, both of you” my mom said entering the room.


I don’t know if she heard everything we said or not.


“Scarlett, tell me what just happened and don’t even think about telling lies” mom said facing Scarlett.


It all happened on Wednesday. Remember I came late and I said it’s because my friend was hospitalised. I omitted why she was hospitalised though.


It’s all courtesy of Claire who was jealous of the girl that she had to attack the girl on her way from the restroom” Scarlett said.


Mom moved closer to me and asked “is it true you attacked the girl? ”


I didn’t reply so she had her answer already.


She gave me a thunderous slap which made me see stars.


I didn’t raise you to become a bitch” she said angrily.


Why did you cover up for her on Wednesday? ” she asked Scarlett.


I didn’t want to bother you with our problems” Scarlett said.



Miss goody two shoes .


How is your friend now?” mom asked her.


She is okay. She waw discharged this afternoon” Scarlett said.


You have her contact, right? ” mom asked.


Yes” she said.


We’re calling her tomorrow and claire, you’d apologise to her” mom said to me. She asked for my phone and I gave it to her.


“I’m not returning this to you until next month. You’re also grounded for a month.


That is your punishment” mom said coldly.


I stormed out of Scarlett’s room in annoyance. How am I supposed to survive without phone for a whole month and to make matters worse, I can’t go out as well. She should just kill me already.




Do you think the punishment is enough or is it too small compared to her sin?




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