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I feel funny. I can’t feel myself. It’s like I’m in a vacuum. I don’t know what this place is but it’s definitely not Al-Janah (paradise for true believers). This is not how it was described to us.


“Kiyah” I heard someone calling out to me but it seems the person is calling from a long distance.


After shouting to no avail, the person calling my name still didn’t hear my voice.


I woke up in fright. Was it all a dream?


Auzubillah Minah Shaytani Rajeem ( I seek refuge with Allah from Satan, the accursed ).


I checked my surroundings and I saw a white sterile ceiling. This is definitely not my hostel or home. I shifted my focus to the wall and it’s not familiar either.


I tried moving my hand but I saw that a drip stand was connected to my bed. I heard the blinking sound of a monitor nearby and I realise I’m in a hospital.



How did I end up here?


I can’t recall being sick and right now I’m not feeling any pain so I’m confused.


Think Kiyah. What exactly happened to you?


The only thing I can remember is watching a football match with Scarlett but that can’t be the reason I’m here.


“Alhamdulilah ( Glory be to God ) ” a familiar male voice said.


The voice belongs to Khaleed but he should be at Idaho not California.


“Hallelujah” another person said.


You gave us a fright. I thought we’ve lost you” another familiar voice said. Xavier can’t be here. Khaleed doesn’t know him so how come they are both here?


Wa…. Water” I managed to say.


Moments later, a hand propped me up from my lying position and placed a pillow under my head.


Now I can see the room clearly.


I collected the bottle of water from Xavier. I said Bismillah (in the name of Allah) before drinking it.


I gulped the water down all at once.


I saw everyone whom I can call my friends here at California standing beside my bed.


Laura’s bodyguards were by the doorway.


Laura and Jace were standing beside Brayden and Scarlett. Khaleed sat at a corner on my bed and Xavier was standing directly in front of me.


A nurse came into the room. She frowned as she entered the room.


How are you feeling, Ms Adams?” she asked.


I can’t feel anything. No pain, nothing” I said.



” My bad. That’s the effect of the painkillers gave you” she said.


” Don’t stress her too much” she said to my friends before taking her leave.


“Khaleed, how did you know I’m at the hospital? When did you come to California? How is Aunt Aminah? I asked in a rush.


Khaleed laughed and said “which one should I answer first? ”


“Anyone” I replied.


Well, I called your number yesterday but Xavier picked up instead and he said you’ve been hospitalised. I arrived here today. Mom is fine” he said replying all my questions.


“Thank you all for coming here to visit me even though I can’t remember how I have this accident” I said to everyone looking at the bruises on my left arm and my right knee.Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from


” I’m glad you are awake. You’ve made us worried” Laura said.


I can’t believe it’s only been few days since I met her but it feels as if we’ve known each other for long.


“We’re all glad you’re getting better” Jace said.


Scarlett was already crying.


Why are you crying, Scarlett?” I asked her already getting worried.


I’m so sorry dear. I’m apologising for my sister” she said still crying. Written by Authoress Adesewa


I’m getting more confused. Can somebody just tell me what’s happening?


” I don’t know your sister” I said totally confused.


She increased her cries and Laura was comforting her. I wish I can remove all these stupid machines connected to my body so I can offer her comfort as well.


“I think it’d be better if I say it instead” Xavier said to Scarlett.


I wonder what they want to say though.


“I’m so sorry Kiyah. For all the hurt I’m making you go through” he said.


His word doesn’t make sense but I keep calm to hear all he has to say.


“I’m sorry for hugging you impulsively after the win yesterday”


I think I remember this. He lifted me up suddenly and I was very shocked. I remember he apologised yesterday so I don’t know why he’s apologising again.


I wasn’t holding grudges. I told you I’ve forgiven you already” I said.


I know but I still need to apologise because it was because of my action that you’re here” he said and I wait for him to explain further.


I had a one night stand with a girl and the girl is currently obsessed with me and when she saw how I carried you at the sport complex yesterday, she decided to hurt you that’s why you’ve been here since yesterday” Xavier said.


OMG!!! This is an enormous information to process all at once.


First, a crazy obsessed person hurt me because she thinks I’m hindering her love life.


Secondly, the attacker is still out there and might want to harm me again. When did my life become this twisted?


Few months ago I was in Nigeria having a good time.


My life back in Nigeria could be considered boring but at least there was no threat on my life.


I remember Scarlett mentioning something about her sister being involved so I decide to confirm.



” Scarlett, is it your sister?


I mean the person Xavier just talked about? ” I asked just to be sure.


“Yes” she said avoiding eye contact with me.


It’s ironical that the girl I was anticipating meeting someday is the same person who attacked me.


Can I at least see her pictures” I said to no one in particular. I want to recognise her so I can watch out for her in future. “Here are some pictures” Scarlett said handing me her phone.


I scrolled through and I saw a beautiful blonde girl smiling as she pose in different outfits.


Who knows such an innocent looking girl could be very dangerous.


I don’t even know why she thinks I’m her enemy.


I can’t be in a relationship with any guy as it is Haram ( forbidden ) in islam to date.


Even if I can date, I don’t think it’d be someone like Xavier that I’d like to date. The guy practically has all the girls in school worshipping him and I can’t handle that.


I’d rather date an ordinary guy who wouldn’t pull a crowd anytime of the day.


I returned Scarlett’s phone back to her.


Kiyah, hope you’re okay? ” Khaleed asked concern evident in his voice.


I don’t know but I’d be fine In sha Allah( by God’s grace)” I replied him.


You won’t believe if I tell you that I know the lady” Khaleed said suddenly. I know he’s referring to the person who attacked me.


wow. How do you know her? You probably know Scarlett also then” I said.



Yeah. We used to be neighbours at Idaho until they moved. I’m only just meeting Scarlett here again after all these years” Khaleed said.


Alright. I hope I can see the girl and clear up things with her” I said.


She has to apologise to you first. Are you pressing charges?” Khaleed asked.


No. I just want to go back to my normal life and forget that this ever happened” I said shrugging.


Alright then” Xavier said.


I’m feeling sleepy so I’d talk to you guys later” I said and I drowsed off.





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