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I’m with Scarlett and she’s narrating how her mom found out about what Claire did to me and the punishment given to her.


I feel the punishment is a bit harsh. I can’t imagine being separated from my phone for a whole month. My life would be very boring without the phone. As for the part where she was grounded, I really wouldn’t miss going out if it were me.


I’m not a girl who loves being outdoor. I feel comfortable indoor playing video games on my phone, surfing the net and reading novels and sleeping. Especially sleeping, I love sleeping a lot.


“Hi girls” Laura said.


I didn’t see her coming as I was engrossed in the conversation I was having with Scarlett.


Hi Laura. Thanks for the other day” I said to her.


You are welcome” she replied.


She went in search of Jace who was talking with Brayden and Xavier.


I continued my conversation with Scarlett and at the same time,I was getting worried about the lecturer that is supposed to come.


Mr Raymond, the chemistry lecturer never comes late to class so I wonder why he is late today.


Just when I was about to give up that the lecturer isn’t coming for today, he suddenly showed up.


“Good morning class. I’m so sorry for coming late. I had to attend to an urgent matter” he said.


We’ve covered all the topics in the syllabus for this semester. I’d have love to do the revision now but as time is against me. I’d suggest we do it next week. See you all next week” Mr Raymond said and he left the class.


The semester is already coming to an end.


I don’t think Ms Rose would come today since we’ve done her test already.


“I want to go get some snacks. What should I get for you?” I asked Scarlett.


Chocolate cupcake” she said.


Okay ” I said and I was surprised to see her following me.


Are you going with me?” I asked.


Yeah” she said.


We both left the class and head to the cafeteria.






Immediately Kiyah said she’s going to the cafeteria, I have this feeling that something might happen to her so I quickly tagged along and we both went to the cafeteria.


I don’t know why I think something might happen to Kiyah if she go to the cafeteria alone. Maybe it’s because she was attacked while alone so I don’t want another occurence.


I’m not sure if Claire still has plans for Kiyah but I’m not ready to take chances.


We both stepped into the cafeteria and I took a seat close to the entrance while Kiyah went to buy the snacks.


Kiyah brought the drinks and snacks to the table.


Written by Authoress Adesewa


I dug into my cupcake hungrily while Kiyah was eating her snacks slowly.



I’ve noticed that Kiyah doesn’t eat much, unlike me. I’m not a glutton but I get hungry easily so you can just call me a foodie .


I finished eating before Kiyah and I wait for her to finish her snacks so we can leave this place already.


Kiyah finished eating the snacks and drank a little diet coke before she stood up.


A girl suddenly came from nowhere carrying a bowl of soup. I recognise her immediately and her immediately and I pulled Kiyah back because she has almost collide with the girl.


The girl wasn’t expecting me to pull Kiyah back so she threw the content of the bowl away like she obviously planned, just that instead of the soup to land on Kiyah as the girl had planned, the bowl of soup clattered on the floor and the soup covered the white tiles of the school’s cafeteria.


I guess she was sent by my sister since she’s Claire’s closest friend, Adeline Thomas.


I’m sorry. I guess I was clumsy” she said to Kiyah. “No problem” Kiyah said.


I dragged Kiyah away from the cafeteria and she was surprised by the way I’m dragging her.


calm down, Scarlett” she said.


By the way, why did you drag me from the cafeteria? I wanted to help the girl clean up the mess” she said.


If only she knows the girl has an ulterior motive.


What do they have cleaning staff for if it’s not cleaning up people’s mess” I replied.

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But still, we could have helped her” she insisted.


Do you know who the girl is and what her mission is?” I asked. She stared at me blankly so I had to explain to her.


The girl who you wanted to help is my sister’s closest friend, Adeline Thomas. I think she was sent by my sister to pour that hot soup on your body” I said to Kiyah but she still have doubts.


How can you conclude without evidence. Just because she’s your sister’s friend doesn’t mean she came to harm me” Kiyah said.


Why did the bowl fell from her hand even without you running into her?


I’d tell you why. It’s because she has planned it so well that she didn’t notice I’ve pushed you back until it was too late and by then the soup was already on the floor instead of your body where they planned it to fall on” I analyse it for Kiyah and she was stunned.


She said something that sounds like Subuhanalai, , whatever that means.





To say I’m shocked is an understatement.


I reasoned what Scarlett said and everything made sense to me.


Firstly, it’s not hard to spot me in the cafeteria because I’m the only black girl on Hijab so identifying me isn’t a problem.


Secondly, she isn’t as clumsy as she claimed because I remember her rushing out of nowhere and I’d have run into her like they planned if Scarlett hadn’t pull me back.


I recited my Ayatul Qursiyy (verse for protection) silently as we walked to class.


I don’t know why I’m being targeted unnecessarily but I believe this is a test from Allah so I didn’t fret as I resolved to be even more closer to my creator as he’s the one who knows the unknown and he doesn’t forsake those who believe in him so I don’t have any fears.



hi girls, are you coming to watch the match tomorrow? ” Laura’s singsong voice jolted me out of my thoughts.


I’m definitely coming. Kiyah, what about you? ” Scarlett asked.


I think I’d pass” I said.


I can’t come to school to watch the match because I need to sleep properly and what better opportunity can I have if not tomorrow when there’s no lectures because of the match so it’d be better if I use tomorrow to sleep.






I was fuming in anger when I heard about my spoiled plan.


Fuck you, Scarlett Anderson.


I wanted to humilate the black girl so I told Adeline to help me since she’s my closest friend.


I saw the black girl heading to the cafeteria with my sister so I told Adeline what to do .


The plan would have worked out if not for that foolish Scarlett who had to pull her back at the last minute.


Scarlett is just getting on my nerves recently and I’m beginning to hate her than I ever thought could be possible.


I’d deal with the black girl later. Probably when I’m off this stupid punishment. She should enjoy all what she wants to enjoy for now but I promise I’d still deal with her.


It’s so annoying being stuck at home. I really want to sneak out from home one of these days.



It’s bad enough that I don’t have a phone for now.


I’d ask Adeline to leave the black witch for the time being, till I get my phone back.


I thought Scarlett was going to accuse me about what Adeline did (or didn’t do since the plan failed) but it seems she doesn’t think I’m the one behind it so I have nothing to worry about.












IN LOVE WITH THE HIJABITE ( She is a Muslimah…. He is a playboy )



Β© Authoress Adesewa


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