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San Diego, California.







The sound of the alarm wake me up from a deep slumber. It’s been a while since I slept this much.


I’m so happy to have put the wedding issues behind me, and speaking of wedding, I must call Khaleed today because he went back to Idaho yesterday.



I rushed into the bathroom to take my bath and brush my teeth, afterwards I observed my solatul Zubhi ( the early morning prayer ).


After my prayer, I made breakfast for myself. I finished eating around 7:10am. I washed the dishes and in no time I was on my way to school.


I feel so happy today, I just can’t figure the reason for my unusual cheerful mood. My hostel is about 15 minutes walk from school so I got to school by 7:30. I settled down on a chair in the front row. I haven’t seen Scarlett but I’m sure she’d soon get to school.


I didn’t have to wait for long before Scarlett showed up. She walked up to me and we exchanged greetings before she sat down.


“Hi dear” Scarlett greeted.


Good morning dear” I replied.


How was your weekend?” she asked.


It was fantastic, yours?” I asked her.


Mine was just normal” she said.


She sat down and I brought out my phone to call Khaleed when Xavier and his friends entered the class.


They reminded me of the F4 in ‘Boys Before Flower’, a Korean movie I watched years ago. The major difference is that the F4 are Koreans while Xavier and his friends are Americans. The F4 are four in number unlike this crew which consists of three guys.


The girls were screaming excitedly and taking pictures.


It was when they were almost by my seat that I noticed something was wrong. In the middle of his friends was Xavier who was slightly limping. I wonder what could possibly be wrong with him.


“Hi Kiyah” Jace said flashing me his legendary smile.


” Hi Jace” I replied.



How are you doing Kiyah?” Brayden asked after greeting Scarlett first. “I’m fine, what about you?” I asked back


I’ve never been better” he replied.


After exchanging pleasantries with Jace and Brayden, the three friends left to find a seat. For an instant, I almost spoke with Xavier but I cautioned myself and act like he wasn’t there.


Very soon the chemistry lecturer came in.

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We are through for the day and I’d soon be going to my hostel.


Kiyah, do you mind if I follow you to your hostel?” Scarlett asked.


No, I don’t mind” I said to her.


Alright, let’s go” she said.


She drove to my hostel and we both entered my room.


“Please wait for me to pray so we can revise together” I said to Scarlett.


” No problem” she replied.


I performed my ablution and I observed my Zuhr prayer. I didn’t recite the Qur’an ( holy book) after praying because I didn’t wanna keep Scarlett waiting for long.




“Do you understand this topic?” Scarlett asked me.


” Sure” I said to her.



It’s electrolysis. I noticed she doesn’t really like Chemistry. She is actually very brilliant in other courses but chemistry is a bit tough for her.


” Okay, please explain it to me” she implored.


I took my time in explaining and I even solved some examples for her.


Wow, I didn’t know it’s quite easy” she said.


Yeah, you just have to keep practising though” I said.


Thanks so much” Scarlett said.


You are welcome” I answered.


Written by Authoress Adesewa


“Kiyah, your phone is vibrating” Scarlett said.


” Okay, I’d check it now” I replied.


I checked my phone and it was a whatsapp group call from my best friends.


I picked the call immediately.


Hi dear” I said.


Hi, is that your friend?” Zainab asked. I noticed the camera is focused on Scarlett also.


yes, she’s Scarlett Anderson” I told them.


Hi Scarlett” they said in unison.


how are you guys doing?” Scarlett replied.


We’re both fine” Teemah replied on behalf of Zainab and herself.


Nice to meet you girls” Scarlett said


Same here also” Zainab said.


Hmm, Kiyah…… how far about that stuff you told us about?” Teemah said. I


know she’s referring to the marriage thing.


I’m glad to announce that it has been sorted out and I’m now free. I said to them.


Wow, I’m so happy for you” Teemah said.



I’m happy for you as well” Zainab said.


How is LASU and Nigeria at large?” I asked.


LASU is still as stressful as ever and Nigeria is fine” Teemah said.



We talked for 15 minutes and it’s obvious they both like Scarlett and I hope they get the chance to meet someday.


I like your friends, they are both nice” Scarlett said.


They both like you also” I replied.


I wish I can see them for real” she said.


I hope so too” I said to her.


She stayed for a while before she left.




Mom is not at home and I don’t know where my sister is. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not worried about her. It’s just strange that I won’t meet her at home cos she’s usually at home whenever I get back home.


I fixed a drink for myself since there’s no one to question me unnecessarily. I haven’t finished my drink when doorbell start to ring.


I quickly ran into the kitchen with the bottle of Vodka. I poured the content of the bottle into the kitchen sink and I opened the tap to wash it off. I threw the bottle inside the thrash can and I washed my hands.


The doorbell was still ringing so I went to open the door and the people who were ringing the doorbell turn out to be my friends.


I hissed in annoyance and allowed them in.


“Hey babes, why the long face?” Adeline asked.


Adeline Thomas is my closest friend. We met in high school.


“You guys made me pour my drink away. I thought it was my mom” I said still frowning.


You are funny dear. You don’t mean they still don’t allow you to drink. You are a freaking adult for pete’s sake” Naomi said


Naomi Bells is just bitchy. I don’t really like her but I can’t cut off ties with her either.


“Not everyone has your kind of parent” Adeline said to her.


” What do you mean by that?” Naomi said angrily.


I know she’s already spoiling for a fight but I’m just not in the mood for her nonsense today.


“Can you just shut up, Naomi?” I said to her.


I came to remind you about my party” Adeline said.


I didn’t forget, I’d be there” I said.


..and before I forget, I saw your lover boy in school today. He was limping” Naomi said scornfully.


She’s always jealous of me and I’d make sure I date Xavier at all costs. But wait a minute, why will Xavier be limping?


How did he get hurt? I’d call him to ask after his health.


“Yeah, I know. He had a domestic accident on Saturday” I lied.


I didn’t want her to have the last laugh. I intend to make it seem as if I saw him over the weekend.


” How do you know that?” she asked.


I wanted to lie further but I was saved by the ringing of my phone. I removed it from my pocket and checked the caller.


I hissed and cut the call immediately I saw the number calling me.



The ‘STALKER’ like I saved his number keep calling me till I was forced to switch off my phone.


“Who was that?” Adeline asked.


It’s one idiot like that” I replied.


Hope there’s no problem?” she asked.


No, he has just been stalking me for months” I said to her.


and you’re just letting me know” she accused me.


It’s nothing to worry about, I got this covered” I said to Adeline.


Hi guys” my sister said.


I didn’t even know when she entered the room.


I noticed her backpack is still with her so that means she’s just returning from school.


I wanted to ask her why she is just coming home but she already went to her room. My friends stood up to leave and I saw them off to the junction of my street before I returned home.




I wonder who the STALKER is or are you not curious to know the stalker?



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