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San Diego, California.






I just finished my early morning workout and I’m very energised. I rushed my morning rituals and ate noodles for breakfast. I drove out of my penthouse and made my way to school.


I’ve been thinking of all possible reasons why Owen Cooper might be beefing me but none of the reasons I formed in my head is solid enough.


For his sake, I just hope he doesn’t try nonsense again because I won’t hesitate to have him locked up for the rest of his miserable life.


I parked my car in the parking lot close to my class. I saw Jace’s car and Brayden’s car also which means they are both in the class.


I walked like a normal person because my leg isn’t as painful as before.


“Hi guys ” I greeted the guys.


They were both engrossed in their phones.


“What’s up?” Jace asked.


” Hi dude” Brayden said.


I sat down and brought out my phone also since my friends are busy with their phones.


I checked my Facebook news feed, instagram page and twitter account.


Very soon a lecturer came in to teach us. I put my phone into my pocket and brought out a notebook.



Today, we’d be studying an aspect of genetics which is called cancer” mr George said.


He’s a lecturer from the department of biological science. I jot down the important notes.


What is Cancer?”he asked.


A girl raised her hand to answer the question.


“Yes, Mirabel, go on” he said.


“Cancer is a disease which is caused as a result of disorders in the cells” the girl called Mirabel said.


Well, I’d not really say your definition is accurate but it’s a nice try” Mr George said.


He explained the topic and before I know it, his lecture time was almost up.


“I’m giving you an assignment, it’s actually more like a presentation so I’d group you now” he said.


If your surname starts with letter A-E, you’re in group one. From letter F-J, you’re in group two. From letter K-O, group three. From letter P-T, group four. From letter U-Z you fall in group five” he said.


Each groups should choose a group leader and the group leaders should see me in my office before 4pm for your assignments” he concluded.


I automatically fall in group one since my surname begins with letter A.


Brayden also falls in group one while Jace is in group three.


Immediately the second class was over, I announced on the class whatsapp group that all group one members should stay behind as we have to deliberate.


Few minutes later, we started the meeting.

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“Good afternoon everyone, let’s be fast in appointing a group leader so we can get our assignment done ASAP” I said.


I saw no one making the move to represent the group so I was forced to talk again.


“Is this how we are going to sit around till 4:00, other groups are already nominating a representative while we are here doing nothing” I said frankly.


Why not become the group leader then?”a girl said.


Yes, I agree with her” another person said.


Do we all agree that Xavier Austin would represent our group? ” Brayden asked. “Yes” they all said.


That’s settled then, I’m going to the man’s office now. If you can wait for me to come back, fine, and if you can’t , I’d send it on the group chat” I said.


I think we have to create a group chat for this presentation because if we have to use the class main group chat we might get confused since students from other groups are also there” I added.


Everyone accepted and they all dropped their whatsapp numbers for me to create the group.


Written by Authoress Adesewa


I went to Mr George’s office and I met other representatives there as well. I was given the topic for my group’s presentation and I went back to class to give those who are still around the topic.


I created the group chat and I sent the assignment in. I also made an announcement that everyone should read individually and after school hours tomorrow we’d all talk about what we’ve learned after which we can proceed to typing out of all our points and research, then binding it before we submit on Thursday.






We were grouped for a presentation today and I’m in the same group with Scarlett, Xavier and Brayden. Xavier was chosen as the group leader, he already sent the assignment topic online so I’m currently researching the topic. The topic is ‘relationship between genetics and cancer’.


I’m carrying out my research using different textbooks and also Wikipedia.


I jot down my points in my assignment book.


I was scrolling through Wikipedia when Scarlett’s call entered.



Hi dear”


Kiyah, please do you have any other textbook on genetics aside ‘fundamental genetics’?”


Yeah, I have three textbooks on genetics”


Okay, do you mind if I sleepover?”


Nope, you’re welcome anytime”



I cut the call and prepared for Scarlett’s arrival. She was at my place 15 minutes after I dropped the call.


I ushered her in and we both worked on our assignment separately.


I’m parched, do you have cold water?” Scarlett asked.


Yes”. I went to the mini fridge in my kitchen and brought out a bottle of water and a glass cup.


Thanks ” she said.


I checked the time and it was already time to observe Solatul Magrib ( the fourth prayer of the day ).


“I need to pray, keep working, I’d join you once I’m through with my prayer” I said to her.



Nah, I’m watching you pray. We used to have a muslim neighbour when I was growing up and I sometimes watch them pray” she said.


Okay, I’ve to perform ablution first” I replied.


I performed my ablution and I prayed out aloud, partially for the benefit of Scarlett and also because it’s permissible to pray out loud during Solatul Magrib.


I finished praying and I said the tasleem.


Written by Authoress Adesewa


“Let’s have dinner before we continue” I said.


I made Omelette and egg and we both ate together. I cleared the dish and washed it before returning to my room.


You have a call, Kiyah” Scarlett said the moment I entered the room. “Okay, thanks dear” I said.


I picked my phone and found out that it was Khaleed who called. I called him back and he picked on the first ring.


Salam alaykum bro” I said


Walaykum salam sis” he replied.


I missed your call, hope no problem?”


Not really, I just wanted to check up on you”


Thanks bro, how is the restaurant?”


Alhamdulilah. Hope college stress isn’t getting to you?”


No, I’m coping fine. I was in the middle of an assignment before I saw your call”


Don’t let me disturb you, ma salam (goodbye)” He hanged up after we’ve talked for some minutes.


“You have an elder brother?” Scarlett asked.



Not exactly biological, he’s a family friend” I replied.


Okay, let’s get back to work” she said bringing out our textbooks and notebooks.


Alright” I said.





Love you all








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