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I saw myself in an extremely dark room with no light source. My hands were tied to a wooden chair and opposite me was my mom also tied to a chair and gasping for air.


I woke up sweating profusely even though the air conditioner is working perfectly.


I staggered to the bathroom and I soaked myself up in the bath tub. I made sure the water was very cold so as to make me feel more alert. After 20 minutes I stepped out of the bath tub and dried myself up with a white fluffy towel. I head to the kitchen and prepared a cup of espresso for myself.


I was drinking my coffee when I heard the ringing of my phone.





Hi, this is Judith”


Oh, good morning. Hope there is no problem?”


Not really, I just call to check on you since I didn’t see you at the office”


I’d soon be on my way, thanks for calling”


Alright, you’re welcome”


I rinsed my cup and placed it in the kitchen cabinet.


I grabbed my bag and car keys.


I met my secretary in front of my office waiting for me.


Good morning sir” my secretary greeted.


Good morning” I replied as I entered the combination of my lock into my office door.


“What’s my schedule for today?” I asked.


You have a presentation in twenty minutes time and you have to assess some files here” he said.



” Thanks, you can leave now” I said to him.


I’m just hearing about a presentation I have to head but luckily for me, I’m not the type who needs a note before delivering a speech so I’m sure I’d be able to manage the presentation without screwing up.


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“…and with the aforementioned approaches, AGC would be able to beat her competitors and more profits would be made for the company” I round up my speech and everyone applauded.


What a great idea. I know you’d make a good CEO someday” one of the company’s largest shareholders said.


I don’t have the intention of running my dad’s companies but this man doesn’t know that so I smiled and gave a slight bow before stepping off the podium.


I’m sure my dad is going to be calling very soon cos his informants would have sent him the details of my presentation.


I didn’t have to wait for long before my phone starts ringing. I don’t need to be a sorcerer to know it’s my dad on the line.


I stepped out of the boardroom. I pick up finally after letting it ring for a while.


Congrats son. I heard about your amazing performance”.


I just scoffed and wait for him to finish his speech.


Okay, how can I help you again?” I asked impatiently because I’m sure he didn’t just call to congratulate me only.


Xavier, when will you change this attitude of yours?”


Maybe when you divorce that bitch you married” I said already getting angry that I’m having this conversation with him.


why can’t you just accept Pamela as your mom. Holding grudges can’t help you” I have listened enough so I cut his call.


Written by Authoress Adesewa


I went back to my office and within one hour I was able to finish working on the files on my table.


I pack my things and said goodbye to Judith before leaving the office.


Instead of going to my penthouse, I went to the field where I do practice.


I found a nice spot to park my car and I went to join my teammates.


Coach was glaring at me so I went to him to explain myself.


“I’m so sorry coach” I said without allowing him to say anything.


“What’s up with you? You’ve missed three practices already and it’s unlike you, so tell me what you’ve been up to” Coach said.


I really didn’t intend to skip practice but my dad made me the manager of his company here, I have to show up at the office on Saturdays and Sundays” I explained my predicament to him.


“Okay, but how would you be able to meet up with others? And you have an important match coming very soon” he said.


Yeah. That’s totally true. The inter college match is coming up soon and we have to make our school proud by bringing the cup home.


“I understand and I’d try to come for Sunday practices even if I can’t make it on Saturdays ” I said to him.


” Alright” he said.


The coach put an end to the ongoing match so I can change into my jersey and replace one of the players.


I didn’t bring my jersey because I didn’t know I’d be attending today’s practice. Luckily for me, Brayden has an extra jersey to spare so I wore Brayden’s jersey and made my way to the centre of the pitch.



I’m a striker but at times I like playing the role of a defender. Today I’d be defending our post alongside Jayden, a guy from my college. Coach blew the whistle and the match began.


The game was somehow tough as both sides wanted to win. Jace was playing on my side while Brayden was on the opponent side.


At a point, Owen Cooper, a guy from the opposite side was hell bent on giving me injury at all costs. Recently, I noticed the guy has a vendetta against me but I don’t see him as a threat though.


“Xavier, watch out” Jace shouted but it was too late as suddenly sprawled on the floor and I could see a smirk on Owen’s face.


I think the coach also saw it because he was given a yellow card immediately.


I tried standing upright but I couldn’t. I was later held up by some of my teammates who were on bench. They are on reserve right now, that’s why they are not playing.


I was led to a sculpted bench on the field. I sat down while they applied first aid to my legs. They sat down with me till the match ended.


Jace and Brayden came to join me after the match.


Hey bro, how is your leg now?” Brayden asked.


It’s better than when I was first injured” I said.


Try to walk and see how it goes” Jace suggested.


I stood up and walk for a minute. It was stressful and my legs were hurting so much.


I sat down when I got to the sculpted bench.


Do you guys have any idea about why Owen Cooper might hate me” I asked my friends. The question has been bothering me since the incident occured.


No but I’m very sure it wasn’t about the match. The attack on you was calculated and I saw his face when he succeeded in harming you” Jace said.



I also know it’s not about the match but I can’t pinpoint why you’re in his black books” Brayden added.


Whatever. For his sake, I hope he doesn’t try shits with me again” I said.


I think it’s high time you get yourself some bodyguards” Brayden said.


No way. I’m not going around with any bodyguards. I’m perfectly capable of taking care of myself” I said.




Stay safe Xavier.


Who can guess why Owen Cooper hurt Xavier?


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