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NB: Some Arabic transliterated words are written but the English meaning or equivalence are in bracket.


Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria.


Friday, 9:00pm





“To your room now, girls” my mom said from the kitchen.


I was sitting with my friends in the sitting room and we were discussing about some random things. The girls are having a sleepover at my place.



“Zakiyah, sleep immediately because I know you girls might continue talking forgetting that we’re travelling early tomorrow”.


“Okay ma”. I said and I left the room with my best friends, Zainab Abdulsalam and Fateemah Abdulwahab.


I am Zakiyah Adams but I’m popularly known as Kiyah. I am 5 feet 8 inches tall, am fair in complexion (at least for an African), am 19 years old and I come from a strict practising Muslim family.


My dad just got a new job with a really good salary and other benefits at a company in California, USA. It’s the reason why we’re travelling out of Nigeria. I’ve never travelled out of the country before so I’m a bit nervous about this travelling stuff.




“Earth to Kiyah!!!” Teemah said.


I’ve been thinking about different things so I didn’t realise my friends were talking to me.


“What are you thinking about? ” Zainab added.


“Am thinking about a lot of things. How will California be? How am I going to cope in a foreign land where their culture is different from ours? What if the weather conditions over there are not favourable? …the list is endless and I’m also a bit scared”. I said to my friends.


“I understand you dear but for starters, you’re not the first person who is gonna leave her comfort zone to an unknown land and you won’t be the last, so if others can survive there, you won’t be an exception and remember that anything that happens to us is by the will of Allah (God) so put your trust in him because he’d make everything right” Teemah said.


This is one of the reasons why I love her, she knows just the right words to say and when to say it.


“Thanks so much dear”. I said to Teemah.


“You are welcome Ukthi (sister)” she replied.



“It’s time to sleep. Good night and sweet dreams”. I said to my friends.


“Sleep tight dear”. Zainab said.


“Good night dear”. Teemah added.


In the next few seconds I was already in dreamland.


Written by Authoress Adesewa





“Wake up, Sleepy head”. Zainab said while shaking me awake.


I’m still feeling sleepy but I have no choice than to get out of bed right now. I sat up and quickly said a dua (invocation or prayer) for when I wake up.


“You guys should go and perform your ablution, I’d meet you downstairs”. I said to my friends.


As soon as they left the room, I quickly arranged my room and grab a Khimar(a head covering or veil worn by some Muslim women, it is longer than Hijab) and wore it over my pyjamas. I performed my ablution and went downstairs to join my family and friends in observing Solat_ul_Zubhi (the morning prayer, the first out of five daily prayers said by Muslim faithful. It is usually performed before sunrise).


Few hours later.


We are now at the Muritala Muhammed International Airport, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.


We are waiting for our flight and we were driven to the airport by Mr Abdulsalam (Zainab’s dad).


Zainab and Teemah also came with us to the airport.

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“Be a good boy, Jamal, and don’t trouble your sister for me”. Teemah said to my 6_year_old brother.


“Okay, sister Fateemah” he replied her in his baby voice.


“I’d really miss you girls”. I said as I took turn to hug both Zainab and Teemah.


I suck at goodbyes that’s why I try as much as possible to avoid saying it.

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“Give me a call immediately you get to California’. Teemah said while sniffing back tears.


Wow , I’m surprised that the almighty Teemah can get emotional. I’ve never seen her breakdown before. She’s is the bravest amongst us and she tolerates absolutely no nonsense from anyone. She was even nicknamed “blunt witch” in high school.


Zainab is the most quiet among us, she rarely talk expecially in the presence of strangers and she is always shy.


I’m the bookworm in our group, lock me up in a room with good novels and no food, I won’t complain. I started reading big novels when I was just 7 years old.


At last, it was time to leave and my friends waved at us for the last time before they left in Mr Abdulsalam’s car.


I took my brother’s little hand in mine and we both walked up to the aeroplane that was to convey us from Nigeria to the United States of America.


I turned my head back to take a last look at my country before finally boarding the plane.


This is a new beginning for me and I pray I won’t regret making this journey.




This is to introduce the story. Stay tuned as it’d still get more interesting.


Grab your popcorn and drinks closer to you.











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