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I can’t understand how this week flew by.


School have been normal. I like the fact that Scarlett isn’t forcing me to talk about my problem.

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I was called out to solve a maths problem on Tuesday. I was feeling shy but I managed to solve it without bringing shame to my ancestors .


Wednesday went in a blur without any special events.


Thursday, Scarlett followed me to my hostel to know where I stay here in san Diego. I also have a chat with ny besties on Thursday. I told them about my predicament and they also feel bad for me but there’s nothing we all can do except to keep our fingers crossed and see what the future holds.



Today is Friday and I’m dreading going home cause mom’s word has been ringing in my head.


They are coming next week” her word from last week Saturday keep disturbing me.


By the ‘they’ she meant Aunt Aminah and Khaleed and the next week is already here so you can understand why I don’t feel elated about going home for the weekend.


” Kiyah, I thought you’ve left already” Scarlett said.


She is just coming from the library, she loves the library while I enjoy reading from my own room.


“No, I don’t feel like going yet” I said.


Okay, I’d really miss you” she said.


It’s just for the weekend” I said though I can’t say if I’d continue schooling when I eventually marry who my parents chosed for me.


I know but still it’d be boring at home. My sister would be off to whatever party or she might go to a club while I’d stay at home” she said.


I didn’t even know you have a sister” I said.


“You’d meet her someday. She is also a student here but she’s not in our department” Scarlett said.


” Wow, I’d love to meet her then” I said.


My phone starts ringing and I brought it out to check the caller. It’s my dad so I picked the call immediately.


Salam alaykum sir”



Walaykum salam. Where are you? ”


Am on my way sir”


Okay, be fast”


Alright sir”


I drop the call and turned to Scarlett.


I need to run, see you on Monday” I said.


Good bye dear, I’d call you over the weekend” she said.


No problem, I’d be expecting your call” I said.


I left the campus as fast as my legs could carry me. I got to my hostel and I met my dad standing beside his car waiting for me.


” Get in. We’re already late for Jumuah service (the special Friday prayer)”


“I’m sorry sir” I said fastening my seat belt. I plug my earpiece into my ears and listened to Nasheeds (songs of praise) till we got home.



At home



“Kiyah, check your closet. I just dropped a cloth there for you to wear for today’s dinner” my mom said.


We just finished making the dinner and I’m glad to see that we have no visitor yet which means they might not come again. I’d be so glad if they can’t make it.




“Don’t just stand there. Go and dress NOW” my mom said emphasising the last word.


I went to my room to check out the cloth and I was shocked to see a very beautiful gown and scarf. I’ve been wanting to buy this exact dress online but it was too expensive for me to afford. I thought I’d ask my dad to buy it for me before we came to California.


I’m happy to see my dream gown in front of me but I’m sad because I know the reason mom wants me to wear it is because of this arranged wedding that will soon take place.



I wore the dress with a gloomy face and I was surprised when mom came to help me with my makeup.


This is so weird, on a normal day mom can’t allow me to use lip gloss alone not to talk of foundation, mascara and the likes. I’m not a fan of makeup cos I love my natural look but I’ve used makeup twice before with the help of Teemah, my best friend.


We’re just having dinner, right?


I don’t know why she’s making me over dress for an ordinary dinner.


Written by Authoress Adesewa


“You look really beautiful dear. Meet us downstairs in the next five minutes” my mom said and left my room.


I didn’t bother to check myself out in the mirror.


I imagined locking myself up in my room and skipping dinner but I know it’s futile so after deliberately wasting several minutes doing nothing I eventually stepped out of my room and made my way to the dinning room.


I got to the dinning room and I saw that my parents visitors are already on sit (they are not my visitors cos I’m not the one who invited them). I feel nervous but I have no choice so I put all the negative thoughts going through my mind away and I made my grand entry into the room.


I cleared my throat and greeted everyone as I found an empty chair to sit on.


I sat down beside Jamal and mom served everybody.


Bismillah Wallah Barakah Tillah (O lord, bless what you’ve provided for us)” we all said and start eating.


We finished eating in silence and my brother packed all the used dishes and trays to the kitchen. I’d wash it before I sleep.


“Kiyah, come to the sitting room” my mom said to me.


” Okay ma” I replied.


I met everyone already sitted in the sitting room. I sat down beside Jamal again.


My mom was sitting next to my dad and Khaleed was sitting beside his mom.


He lost his dad when he was still a kid and he doesn’t have any siblings.


Dad broke the silence.


Salam alaykum everyone. I want to officially welcome our guests to our new home. Welcome Hajia Aminah, welcome Khaleed” both of them responded to his greeting so he continued.


The main reason we are all here is to plan our children’s life” he said looking at Aunt Aminah and she nod her head.


I managed to steal a glance at Khaleed and his expression was that of someone who is lost.

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Yes, we feel the need to ensure our children get married to good spouses. What better spouses could we need if not muslim children brought up well and moreover it’d be great if our children get married to each other since they are not strangers to each other” aunt Aminah added.


I saw Jamal was feeling sleepy already so I placed his head on my laps so he can be more comfortable.


It’s not his fault that he have to be present at a boring matchmaking exercise.


Mom, what are you talking about? ” Khaleed asked his mom. I can’t believe he isn’t even aware of this whole marriage thing. “You are getting married to Zakiyah” his mom told him bluntly.


Can I at least have some words with Kiyah before you finalise the wedding plans” he said.


No problem, you can talk with her tomorrow since you’d be here till sunday” my dad said.


I wasn’t even aware they’d be staying here till Sunday.


Since we’re already through with the family meeting I carried Jamal to his room and lay him on his bed. I kissed him on his forehead and I went to my room.


I lay on my bed thinking about everything that has happened today. I’m even surprised the wedding date hasn’t been fixed yet since our parents seems to have everything mapped out.


I don’t know what Khaleed wanna talk about tomorrow but I’m anxious to hear what he has to say.


I just wish I’d wake up tomorrow and realise all this planned wedding is nothing but a bad dream.










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