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Beverly Hills, California.


Saturday, 7:20am




“How far away is the company? ” I asked the driver impatiently. Trust my dad to come up with some harebrained scheme, now I’m stuck in a car he sent to take me to his company.


“We’d soon be there sir” the driver replied politely.


I just nod to acknowledge him while I continue pressing my phone. I’m actually checking out my fans comments on my posts.


I finally look up when I noticed the car was no longer moving. At last, we’ve arrived at our destination.


I unbuckled my seat belt and stepped out of the car.


I walked into the company and I guess my dad must have informed his workers that I’d be coming because a lady approach me immediately I stepped into the lobby.


“Good morning sir. This way to your office” the lady said, leading the way. I was stylishly checking her out and she doesn’t look bad, I must say. She stopped in front of an office with a plaque attached to the door reading “office of the managing director”.


I’m so surprised my dad made me the managing director without my consent. He only told me I’d be resuming work here today, he never mentioned I’d be the fvcking MD.


“Your secretary would be here soon” the lady said and turn to leave.


The office is airy and large which is how I like it cos I hate cramped spaces.


I moved to the window and I love the view from there. Just maybe this place won’t be as boring as I imagined.


“Good morning sir, I’m sorry am late” a man said while coming in. I guess he’s my secretary.


The man is probably in his early forties or late thirties. His hair is cropped short and he has a weird accent.


“No problem, just brief me on what I need to do” I said to him after assessing him. He explained some aspects of the company’s operation to me and he gave me some files to work on.


I begin to work on the files earnestly as soon as my secretary left. I was so caught up in my job that I didn’t know how the time flies.


I heard a knock on my door and I told the person to come in. It turns out to be the lady who brought me to my office this morning.

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“It’s already lunch time sir” she said fidgeting nervously.


“Thanks, where can I get good burgers around here” I asked her.


“Normally, the staff members eat at the company canteen but I don’t know if you’d like to eat outside sir” she said.


“Hmm, can you just stop calling me sir. My name is Xavier” I said to her. I’m pretty sure she’s slightly older than me so it feels weird hearing her address me with the title ‘sir’.


“Okay sir…sorry I mean Xavier” she said apologetically.


“Better, what’s your name? ” I asked.


“I’m Judith” she said.


” Okay, let’s go to the canteen” I said to her.






Dad had just left for work and I was chatting with my best friends on WhatsApp when I heard a knock on my door. I left my phone on the bed and went to unlock the door. It was my mom and she was looking very serious.


I left the doorway and we both entered my room. I sat on my bed and quickly switched off my phone because it seems my mom is here to finally talk about what happened on Tuesday.


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I put my phone aside and I patiently wait for her to start the conversation.


“Where have I gone wrong with you? ” she asked out of the blue.


“I don’t understand, mom” I said truthfully.


I’m very confused right now.


“Don’t pretend to me, since when have you start seeing a man?” She asked.


“I’m not seeing anybody ma. It was just a misunderstanding” I said to her.



“How am I sure about that? ” she asked.


I don’t think she’s asking a question though cos she said it as if she’s stating a fact.


“Wallohi (I swear to God). You just have to believe me ma” I said trying as make her reason with me.


“I think it’s high time you get married” my mom said finally dropping the bombshell.


Written by Authoress Adesewa


“No mom, you can’t do this to me” I said while tears ran down my cheeks. I should have known better than to think my mom have overlooked that unfortunate incident.


“I can and trust me, you’d thank me for this later” mom said.


I seriously doubt that though.


“Please mom, I can’t get married now. What will happen to my dreams” I cried out.


“You are getting married and that is final” she said.


“Who am I getting married to?” I asked in a resigned tone.


“You are getting married to Khaleed, aunt Aminah’s son” she said.


Aunt Aminah is our family friend back in Nigeria. She relocated to Idaho, USA about 12 years ago and her son is like an elder brother I never had. He’s five years older than me and the last I heard of him is that he owns a big restaurant at Idaho now.


“I can’t get married to someone I don’t love” I argued.


“What is love when you have the right man. I wasn’t in love with your dad when I was asked to marry him, but as time goes on I learnt to love him” my mom countered.


I guess arguments won’t get me anywhere.



“Is dad aware about this marriage stuff?” I asked cos it’s like I don’t know my parents anymore.


“Not at first but I was able to convince him that this is the best thing to do before you bring shame to the family” my mom said.


No wonder my dad has been behaving strangely since Friday. It’s my mom’s decision to marry me off, he’s just going along because of the love he have for mom.


“By the way, they are coming next week” she said and left my room.


I don’t need to be told that she mean Aunt Aminah and Khaleed in her last statement.


As soon as she left my room I just burst into tears cos I couldn’t hold it in anymore. Why did my life have to go wrong like this?


Just a slight misunderstanding and my parents are forcing me into marriage.


I can’t even hate Xavier cos I already forgave him whole heartedly and besides, he’s not to be blamed for the rash decision my parents are making.












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