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“It’s going to get better, but before that. You will have to walk through the pits of hell first.”


It’s been a week since Vashawn walked out of our matrimonial home, I am trying to make sense out of everything but no matter how much I try it still doesn’t add up. Like a good wife I did try to call him; once or twice, maybe even four times but hey when a man doesn’t want you then he doesn’t want you.


I took a month off from work after Coldy had asked me to return, right now I want to make sure than I get my head right before I can do anything.


I am seated outside besides the pool watching the kids swim, Laura and Shawn have been asking when their father is coming back home and honestly I am out of lies. Marsha on the other hand doesn’t seem to give a care in the world about where he is. I smile when I see them playing with the ball in the water, this is the kind of joy I want on their faces for as long as as they can live – I am willing to give up just anything so that they can have this kind of lifestyle.


‘Ma’am there is someone here to see you.’ Nancy says



I stand, get a wrapper wrap it around my bum shot. It could be anyone, I have been receiving a lot of calls from Vashawn’s family and I haven’t been taking any of them because I know they just want to make fun of my situation.


‘Good morning Michel.’


I am taken aback, this is Willard. Vashawn’s family lawyer, he has always called me Mrs. Acker and this first name basis is something I have never experienced.


‘I am sorry to come unannounced but I am afraid this had to be done today.’


‘and you don’t want to sit?’ I ask him


He sighs not even looking at me


I lead him into the house.


‘Can I offer you anything?’ I ask and he declines


‘Nancy please bring me some water.’ I say


I wait for Nancy to disappear into the kitchen before I get back to him.


‘What is this that is so important which couldn’t wait?’


‘As your ex husband’s lawyer.’


‘Husband’s lawyer.’ I correct


He sighs


‘As your ex-husband’s lawyer, it is my right and duty to protect him and his needs.’




‘That is why I brought you this.’ He says handing me some papers


I laugh after going through them, so hard because this could be some sick joke which I am not ready to contain.


‘When you are done laughing I will need your signature.’


‘Willard get out of my house.’ I say


‘Excuse me?’


‘I said get out of my house right this minute because I swear to God you won’t like what I will do next to you.’ I threaten


He stands up hesitantly


‘I would advise you sign these documents before it is too late.’ He says


‘Please leave.’ I say strongly


I wait for him to leave before going to the bedroom; I change into a pair of slacks and white t shirt, blue slippers then carry my car keys and clutch.


When leaving I tell Nancy to look after the kids because I would only be home after an hour or so.


I drive to Vashawn’s office, it is only 2PM and I am guessing he is done with his lunch break and is back in the office.


‘Is Mr. Acker in the office?’ I ask his secretary when I get there


She has never been my biggest fan and I don’t blame her, my husband made it a point to make me look bad to the wrld whilst he remained as the saint.


‘Am sorry but he won’t be please to see you.’ She says getting her telephone but I smash it back down



‘I will be out of here in no time so I would suggest you stay put.’ I say then walk into his office


Like I suspected I find him swinging in his chair busy on the phone, I know this look too well. He is busy talking to a lady on the phone and right now I don’t care if it is Cassie or another that he is talking to.


His face changes when he sees me, says a few goodbyes then drops the line.


‘What the hell do you want here coming into my office like a mad woman?’ he asks trying to get a hold of his telephone but like the secretary’s I smash it back down.


‘Vashawn are you mad?’ I ask angrily


‘Michel get the hell out of my office before I call security on you.’


‘Don’t worry I am not going to take forever here.’ I begin hands akimbo


‘What the hell do you want?’


‘Haven’t you done enough damage already Vashawn? You have managed to break our home apart now you want to rip the roof off our children’s heads?’


‘I am not doing anything, it’s your doing Michel. If you weren’t so stubborn to sign those papers we wouldn’t be here right now, just sign those divorce papers and I will never be in your life again. You can even have the house if you like.’


I laugh


‘You are one selfish bastard Vashawn, so because I have refused to divorce you – you want to threaten me into doing it or you will lease out the house? Whose idea was it anyway.’


He looks away



‘Your own children Vashawn, you are going to allow another woman to come into their lives and steal all the joy from them?’


‘If only you can do as I tell you then we wouldn’t have to be here.’


I shake my head vigorously


‘I told you this once and I am going to say it again, I am not divorcing you until I feel like it. Sale the house, in fact by tomorrow I will be out of there you can do to it as you want. But I am not giving you the satisfaction of being legally tied to another woman until I say so.’


‘I will fight for custody of the kids; your job is not paying you enough to keep them, you won’t have a decent place and I believe the courts will rule in my favor.’


I slap him, so hard my palm hurts but I feel so good.


‘How dare you.’ He says lifting his hand


‘Vashawn I dare you to lay a hand on me, honestly I dare you.’ I say looking at him straight in the eyes


This is something that I have never done before, standing up for myself but I guess I have had enough.


‘I don’t want to fight you because you will lose Michel.’


‘You have been fighting me for the longest of time and I have lost so much already, the only good thing I got from you were the kids and even if it means fighting till my last breath I will as long as I don’t lose them to you.’


‘I guess you have drawn the battle line.’


‘Don’t involve my kids in your mess because I will fight you with every drop of blood in my system.’


‘Then I guess I will see you in court.’ He says



I take one last look at him before walking out of the office








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