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Love if anything makes us do stupid things, it makes us high and then low again. It makes us cross oceans for people that can’t skip a puddle for us. It brings out the toddlers in us, makes us grow in ways we didn’t think possible. It brings out the gangsters in us; it irks our nerves, breaks us into pieces then mends us again. But woe; to a person who falls in love alone, in love with the wrong person, in love with the very people that do them nothing but wrong.


We get home and I am trying so hard not to think of what had happened earlier, Vashawn managed to kiss the air out of me and I must say it did feel like old times. He had looked me in the eyes afterwards and kissed me on the forehead, then told me he would be home for lunch. I just nodded my head without a word.


The medicine is making Laura drowsy so after we get home I put her to bed.


Nancy is in the kitchen starting lunch but I tell her I will cook, she doesn’t protest.


I notice she had started grilling T-bone and the lumanda has been cleaned and ready to be cooked. I pick up from there and by the time the nshima is done; it is after 11AM. I ask Nancy to set the table whilst I freshen up.


When done I go to the living room and I find Vashawn there, he has a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of none alcoholic wine.


‘I brought this for you.’ He says handing it to me


‘Thank you.’ I respond with a smile feeling knots in my stomach


The gesture is really nice of him considering he never treated me like this the past few years.


‘Lunch is ready.’ I say walking to the dining room



He walks behind me, slightly brushing his front with my back, I feel a spark within me. Despite everything; our s£x life was always amazing and that is the only language we knew how best to speak.


We get to the table and I wait for him to sit down before I do, surprisingly he gets the jug of water and basin then helps me wash my hands.


‘Thank you.’ I respond when done


He washes his hands too, I say grace then we dig into our food. The way he is eating one can tell that he hasn’t had a decent meal in a while but that is none of my business.


‘You have always been a good cook.’ He compliments when done


I just smile, I really don’t know what to tell him.


Nancy clears the table and we get talking some more after shifting to the living room, one thing leads to the other until we find ourselves in the bedroom and I freely give myself to him.


‘I need to leave.’ He says, my head still on his chest when done


‘Do you have to?’ I ask my voice almost caught in my throat




‘I will make time to come and see you.’




‘Shii.’ He says kissing my forehead


I feel the ache but don’t say anything, I watch as he gets up and leads himself to the bathroom. After a few minutes I hear the water running and just then the tears fall. I have never felt so cheap in my life, Vashawn never took a bath after making



love to me. We would sleep just like that and now he has to remove my scent from his body because he is going back to another woman.


When I hear him almost coming out I wipe the tears quickly, he dresses up in silence and when done he goes saying he would call later to check up on Laura. No kiss, no compliment of how good it felt like to be buried deep within me. Nothing, nada, zero, zilch.




‘How long do I have to put up with this again?’ I ask pushing off my shoes


‘Just a few more months baby.’ Katuta says kissing me full on the lips


‘And you, how far with the plot?’ I ask my little sister Catra


She sighs


‘You have wrapped him around your finger how am I supposed to get it?’ she asks chewing on her gum


‘Catra I won’t always be around to do this for you, you need to secure your own. Get that plot and start building whilst you can.’ I say trying not to sound pushy


She doesn’t respond, she has her eyes on her phone.




‘What Cassie?’ she responds rudely


‘What exactly is your problem?’ I ask holding my belly


‘You are my problem.’


I am taken back



‘You were not supposed to get pregnant for Vashawn, I liked him way before you did. I was supposed to be living your life!’ she screams standing up


I look at Katuta


‘Catra we are family, you knew when we decided to do this that being the order one I would go to these lengths so what has changed now?’


‘I am done with you.’ She says getting her bag


‘Whilst you are at it make sure you get that plot because I wont continue feeding you.’ I scream as she walks off


‘What?’ I ask Katuta who is looking at me


‘You didn’t tell her that the pregnancy is not Vashawn’s?’


‘You honestly think I would?’


‘She is your sister.’


‘She is in love with Vashawn, she might jeopardize our plan.’ I say with a deep sigh


‘But how do you plan on handling this?’


‘One way or the other Catra will have to bend because I won’t continue babying her, men like Vashawn are good for a while. Men like him don’t know what they have until they have lost it completely and we need to use that to our advantage, make a hole in his bank account and wipe out everything.’ I respond going back to sit


‘And how far with the paperwork?’ I ask him


‘We are getting there, except he is suspecting that Michel might know something.’


‘That parasite!’



‘What can we do to get rid of her completely?’


‘At the moment we can use the kids against her, I am sure that is her weakness.’ He tells me




‘And the house? Did you purchase it?’


‘Not yet, she had to come in the picture and ruin it all for me. But I want to make him buy it in my name.’


‘You are sure he will do that?’


‘You are his lawyer Katuta, he will come to you for advice. Do you job.’ I say again on my feet


I remove slippers and wear them, carry my handbag in one hand and my heels in another.


‘Cassie.’ He calls




‘Don’t allow ambitions get in our way, remember where we came from.’


‘I know.’


‘And I am still your husband.’


‘I know.’ I say again walking out








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