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I had no plans of putting up a fight, because I had already messed up a lot of things but with the information that Catra gave me, it is best that I use it to the best of my advantage.


I call the man that is going to buy the houses in Cassie’s names and tell him about them, he has agreed to meet me as soon as possible and he is the one I am on the way to see.


‘Good afternoon Mr. Acker.’ He says


‘Good afternoon.’ I respond


He doesn’t at all look like he has all the money in the world but if Catra gave me his number then she knew exactly what she was doing.


‘So, let me see the documents in your possession.’ He says


I give them to him and he takes a good look at them before handing them back.



‘Would you like to have the money in cash or transferred to your account?’


‘My account.’ I respond not believing that he is actually asking me the question.


‘Don’t you want to see them?’ I ask when he gets busy on the phone


‘I have already.’ He responds


A few seconds later there is a notification on my phone and the money has come through, I really don’t know what to say to him.


‘Its like Cassie never owned those properties, everything will be changed and she will never know who sold them to me. In fact if she pushes further she will be arrested for being in possession of fake documents.’ He says to me


I smile, for the first time in days smiling genuinely


When the money has reflected in my account, I make sure to transfer it to my dollar account that no one has access to except myself and Michel. I had made her next of kin fully aware that she would never get any money from me.


I drive home singing along to some songs on the radio, since I know that my marriage to Cassie is fake even though I can’t prove it, I make a mental note to not even ask her anything but make her leave on her own.


Once I get there, she looks at me in a weird way, I am sure she wasn’t expecting to see me considering that I haven’t even spending time at home.


‘Good afternoon.’ I greet


She looks at me with shock on her face but doesn’t respond


‘Is there anything to eat?’ I ask when she doesn’t respond


‘I didn’t think you were coming.’ She says


‘Okay.’ I respond


I go to the kitchen and start looking around in case there is some food that has been left there, unfortunately there is nothing so I start cooking.


I remove some pork chops from the freezer and put in the microwave to defrost, I haven’t had a solid meal in a very long time so I put some water to heat up in readiness for preparing nshima.


Whilst all this is happening, I look at my accounts to see what I am fighting against. There is still a huge margin from the money I have managed to misuse and that in my accounts but if I have to get jailed maximum would have to be five years and I am okay with that.


When I make the paste for the nshima, I am surprised to see Cassie standing in the kitchen looking at me.


‘What are you doing?’ she asks


‘Cooking.’ I respond with the calmest voice I can master


She looks at me again suspiciously


‘Is there something you wanted?’ I ask


‘Nothing.’ She says


Surprisingly she sits in the kitchen for I don’t know what reason but I don’t say anything to make her leave, if she wants to stay here, she is welcome for all I care.


When I make the paste for the nshima, I pick up my phone and call Michel. She takes a while to pick up but finally does.


‘Hello.’ I say when she doesn’t say anything


‘What do you want?’ she asks on the other end of the line


‘I just wanted to make sure that the kids are okay.’


‘Because you care about them?’


I sigh, she has a point and I have already caused her so much pain I am not in the mood for doing any more harm.


‘How are the kids?’ I ask again ignoring the question that she asked




‘The emotional damage is great Vashawn, maybe Laura and Shawn will forget about this but I don’t think Marsha will ever forget what she went through at the hands of your wife.’


‘I know and I wish I had protected her but the damage has already been done.’




‘Did the lab results come out?’


‘Yes, they did.’




‘They found dog food in her system.’


I keep quiet


‘What do you want to do about it?’


‘I am suing her.’




‘It is none of your business Vashawn, Marsha is my child and I will do everything in my powers to make sure whoever hurts her gets what they deserve.’



‘I am sorry I was never the father that I was supposed to be.’ ‘It’s spilt milk, maybe to your next child you can be better.’


‘I will make sure I make up with the kids and take care of Catra’s child too.’






‘Catra hasn’t told you?’


‘Told me what?’


‘She lost the baby.’


‘What do you mean lost the baby?’


‘That is something that you have to ask her.’ She says dropping the line


I call Catra, her line goes unanswered twice then she picks up on the third try. ‘What do you want Vashawn?’ she asks in a low tone ‘You lost the baby?’



There is silence


‘Catra you lost the baby?’


She doesn’t respond again but this time I hear Cassie chuckle


I don’t need to be told anything for me to know who is responsible. ‘What did you do Cassie?’


‘I did you a favor Vashawn.’ She responds not even looking remorseful


‘A favor?’ I ask with shock


‘Why do you look hurt? You have three kids with your first wife that you can’t even take care of, what are you going to do with an extra?’ she asks


‘Cassie what sort of a human are you?’ I ask feeling anger take over me


‘I am the mad kind of woman, you honestly think you can come into my life and use me?’


‘What are you even talking about?’ I ask watching her stand up


‘I will only leave this house after I get everything I want.’ She says


‘Cassie.’ I say walking towards the door


‘Where do you think you are going?’ she asks getting a hold of the pot from the cooker


‘Cassie put that down.’


She comes towards me and throws the pot but I am quick enough to escape it, the loud piercing cry hits me so hard. I look at her then where the cries are coming from.


‘What have you done?’ I ask her








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