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“The good thing about getting divorced young – if there is a good thing – is that it makes you realize there’s no schedule in life. It blasts you wide open and frees you to be honest with yourself.” – Olivia Wilde


We are seated in the courtroom awaiting judgment, our cases have been presented and our lawyers have done their level best to show why they think each candidate is fit to have full custody of the kids. Surprisingly his parents are for the idea that I get the kids and they told the judge that.


When judgment is passed, the kids have been given to me and now I just have to get a restraining order.


As we are heading to the car, I see Vashawn driving off and his parents are there talking to Valerie.


‘Good morning mum.’ I greet



We have never really seen eye to eye but not once have I ever disrespected her.


‘Come here you.’ She says opening her hands


I am a little skeptical because I don’t know this side of her but since there is nothing to lose I just go into her arms.


She holds me for a few minutes before she finally lets me go.


‘I am sorry things ended like that between you and my son, we had hoped you would be his sanity.’


I just smile not knowing what to tell her


‘And do take care of the kids, we know we haven’t been the best grandparents but we love them and never doubt that.’ She adds


‘Take care of yourself.’ His father says rubbing my shoulder


I smile and watch them leave; once they do, Valerie does as well and now I have to go and meet Catra. After visiting me at the hospital, she insisted that she wanted to see me once Marsha was okay because she knew just a way of putting Cassie in her place. I was not for the idea of going but Jayden advised I do and then I would later weigh if indeed I could use the information she gave me.


I park just outside the location that she sent me, they are flats in Chirundu and I am guessing this is her home.


I see her coming out once I let her know that I am outside, she looks pale compared to the last time when I saw her.


‘Good morning.’ I say once out of the car


‘Hey.’ She responds flatly


‘You don’t look okay.’



She smiles, but her smile doesn’t reach her eyes ‘I will be okay.’ She responds


I want to push further but then it is none of my business and I don’t want her thinking we are on the same team.


‘Here, these documents contain everything you need to bring Cassie down.’


‘Her husband too.’


‘Vashawn you mean?’


She shakes her head


‘That marriage is fake, Cassie is married to Katuta. Has been for years now.’ ‘No way.’


‘Yes way.’ She says holding her waist


‘Are you fine?’ I ask noticing now she looks like she is in pain


‘I really don’t know but I have been feeling funny since last night.’ ‘Have you been to the clinic?’


‘I thought it would go away but it keeps getting worse.’ ‘Crap!’ she screams holding her tummy ‘Catra.’


‘Ouch Michel it hurts.’ She screams some more this time tears falling ‘Am taking you to the clinic.’ I say helping her into the car



The entire way she keeps crying and holding her tummy, I can see she is in a lot of pain and as time ticks I keep getting scared on her behalf.


We get to Levy Mwanawasa General Hospital and I wrap my chitenge around her waist since she was clad in a short dress and I know how nurses can be.


Once inside, I call a doctor friend of mine and he straight away gets her to a side ward where he starts attending to her.


I call Jayden and let him know about what has happened, then tells me to keep him in the know of things as he is attending to some clients and can’t join me.


After what seems like forever the doctor finally comes out.


‘Hey.’ I say


He looks really distressed


‘Can I have a word with you.’




He leads me to his office and asks me to take a seat


‘Are you related to her?’


‘Not exactly.’


‘Can you get any of them here?’


‘I can try.’ I respond not believing myself


‘But since you are here, I will tell you anyway so that you know the gravity of the situation.’





‘She has lost the baby.’


‘What?’ I ask, I wasn’t even aware that she was pregnant


‘It looks like she took some medication that have induced labor, we are yet to know what medication that was.’


‘Oh my word.’ I respond holding my mouth


‘Yes that’s the situation.’


‘Now we need to give her some medication so that the clots can flush out.’


‘How old was it?’


‘Three weeks.’




‘You can break the news to her or maybe we wait for her relatives.’


‘I will see if I can talk to her.’ I say


I sigh sadly, this will be hard for her. I would never imagine anyone losing a child or just the pain of having to flush out one and now more than ever I want to find out if indeed it was her doing or she was forced into doing it.


I go to the ward and find her laying there, her eyes closed.


‘How are you feeling?’ I ask


‘At least the pain has reduced, did the doctor say what is wrong with me?’


I keep quiet





‘We might need to call your sister.’


‘Why?’ she asks now looking at me




‘Michel why do we have to call Cassie.’


‘I am sorry but you lost the baby.’


‘No.’ She cries


‘I am really sorry.’


I watch as she continues to cry until she sobers up.


She picks up her phone and dials a number.


‘I am going to kill you with my bare hands if I have to.’ She screams into her phone


When done she smashes it to the wall




‘Cassie invited me to her place yesterday, we don’t see eye to eye anymore and was really suspicious about the drink she gave me because it tasted funny. Michel I am going to kill her!’ she says with blood shot eyes and I feel a cold chill run through me





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