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The house help is holding on to the crying baby and I can see the fear on her face, the child continues to cry and I don’t know what to do.


Cassie rushes to the door and grabs the baby but skin peels off and the only thing left is a red layer that is even removing blood.


‘My baby.’ She cries not knowing what to do


The house help grabs the baby again and takes him to the sink then puts him in there and allows the water to run, I feel sick to my stomach as the water continues to run over him. The cries are still very loud and the skin is completely off where paste touched, I can see the house help has sustained some burns as well.


I go outside and bend towards the flowers as I allow the puke to come out, my mouth is totally bitter but my stomach is unsettled and all I want is to let out everything.


‘Sir we need to take the baby to the hospital.’ The house help says coming to join me outside


I wipe my mouth with my shirt.


‘And his mother?’


‘I don’t think she is in the right mind right now.’


Just before we can finish talking, I see cassie coming out of the car holding the crying baby in her hands.


She doesn’t say a word to any of us but just gets into her car and drives off. By the time the maid brings me the car keys she is already quite a distance away from us but I keep following her behind. We drive for what seems like forever until I cant see her anymore, after what seems futile; we finally hear some cries near a damping site and people are there watching.


I get out of the car with the house help to see what is happening.


‘What is happening here?’ the house help asks


‘Some lady just drove here and threw the child on the damping site, someone has already called the police so we are just waiting for them to come.


I have never felt such pain in my life, what was I thinking tying my life to a woman like her.


Right now I cant claim to know Cassie so I just wait for the police to come, the baby’s crying has reduced but the people are still a lot and waiting to hear the way forward.


Once here, they examine the child and again call an ambulance so we are made to wait another twenty minutes before they arrive and have pronounced the baby dead.


We follow the police and I report the whole case, lucky for me the house help was there and she is witness and has confirmed that everything I am saying is the truth.


Once we get home, she tells me that she can’t stay with us any longer so I allow her to pack her things. She has even refused to get any money and I don’t blame her.


When gone, I decide to call Katuta and let him know about what has happened.


‘Vashawn my man.’ He says on the other end of the line


I am too shaken to give in to his behavior so I just keep quiet.


‘I don’t think you called me on a social call, did you now?’


I sense the sarcasm in his voice


‘Cassie is on the run.’


‘What do you mean on the run?’ he asks still sounding arrogant


‘Your child is dead.’




‘What are you talking about?’


‘Cassie killed your child and dumped him at a dumping site, the cops are out for her.’


Silence again


‘Cassie is a wise woman she wouldn’t do that.’


‘I just thought you should know.’ I say dropping the line


It is only after this situation that I realize how alone I am in this world, I don’t have anyone to call. I don’t have anyone that I can tell about how I am feeling and all the emotions that are going through my head, I have managed to push my parents, my sister even my own kids and now it is just me against the world.


Tears of pain finally roll down my cheeks, I have absolutely no one and if I was to die today it would be just me and I don’t think anyone would want to bury me, not even attend my funeral.


I go to the living room and close my eyes, I just want to sleep and forget about my problems because I cant deal with everything that is happening at once.


Just when sleep is taking over me, I hear a knock at the door. At first it sounds like it is in my dreams but as I wake up it keeps getting louder.


After rubbing my eyes, I walk to the door and open it only to be met by police officers and Katuta.


‘How can I help you?’ I ask



‘You are under arrest for marriage interference Mr. Acker and everything you say might and will be used against you in the court of law.’ The officer in charge says


I don’t even fight them, I knew something like this would happen but I just didn’t think Katuta would stoop so low as to use that as the only way to get me behind bars.


Once at the police station, I am allowed only one phone call and I could have called one of my parents but I decide to call Michel because I know in this situation no matter what I have done she will still come through.


I want in the withholding cells for three hours only for my parents and Valerie to show up.


‘I thought Michel was coming.’


‘She called us and asked us to come, she has no business here Vashawn.’


I sigh sadly


‘So she is done with me.’


‘You were done with her before you even left, stop victimizing yourself.’ Mum responds again


‘I guess so.’ I respond sadly






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