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For the first time in a long time, I actually stayed up thinking. I have always hated thinking, especially when it came to family and that is one of the things that Michel knew about me.


I look at the time and it is already 5AM and I haven’t slept, Cassie seems like a really nice person so why would she do something like that to children? Yes they are mine and I have never paid attention to them but I wouldn’t want to do anything that would cause them harm.


I get out of bed and hit the shower, I allow the cold water to hit my body as I just stand there my mind full of unanswered questions.


‘Good morning.’ She greets when I walk into the bedroom


I look at her wordlessly


‘You want to give me the silence treatment?’ She asks picking up her baby


Everyday I can’t help but notice how dark he is getting and I have never even touched him, I refuse to be this humiliated.


‘When you are done being angry you will let me know.’


She is so unbelievable.


‘Cassie why would you do that to children?’


She looks at me


‘Do what Vashawn?’


‘You literally served Marsha dog food!’


‘What, you thought you would bring them into this house and I would accept them? Vashawn you don’t even love those kids so drop the act.’



I open my mouth to say something but close it


‘I thought so, don’t forget that before you left Michel you told me so much about your life with her. Vashawn I know you so well you can never lie to me, what you are feeling right now is just sympathy because they are kids not that you love them. Don’t worry very soon you will get over this and we will go back to our lives.’ She says standing up


‘And by the way, I am suing Michel for assault.’




‘Oh watch me Vashawn.’ She says wiggling her hips


I stand there even after she has already left, I don’t know what to do anymore. All I ever wanted was to find peace and be happy with her but look at what I have done to myself.


after what seems like forever, I dress up then drive to the hospital. Valerie called me last night whining about how evil I am and mentioned that Michel was there with Marsha who was admitted.


When I get there I am surprised to see Catra walking out of the hospital building.


‘What are you doing here?’ I ask her


‘Good morning to you too.’ She responds opening her car




‘What Vashawn?’ She asks trying to go in but I close the door


‘What do you want?’


‘What are you doing here?’


‘I came to see Marsha.’


I look at her surprised


‘You came to see my daughter?’




‘Why? And how did you even know she was here?’


‘Catra I asked you a question!’ I yell when she doesn’t respond


‘Unlike your wife some of us love children Vashawn.’ She says holding her tummy


‘What are you doing?’


‘Vashawn I am pregnant and it is yours.’


‘You are joking right?’ I ask laughing


‘And why would I joke about a baby?’


‘Well because I am married and have a child!’


‘You call that black child your child? And no I am not racist. Your kids are the ones with your ex wife so don’t get ahead of yourself, besides I don’t need anything from you.’


I shake my head


‘That’s not true, women always want something and no you are not keeping it.’


‘It isn’t up to you Vashawn, this is my baby and I am raising it whether you like it or not!’


‘How much? I can ask my lawyer to do the transfer right now.’



‘What lawyer? Katuta?’


‘How do you even know his name? I never told you.’


She laughs


‘You are so dumb Vashawn, you really think you are everything right?’


‘What is that supposed to mean?’


‘Vashawn the only woman that loved you genuinely was Michel, the rest of us are coming with a hidden agenda and we will make sure to get our share of the honey pot before we leave.’


‘Don’t get me wrong I really like you; the s£x is amazing, you are a generous man and you treat me right when you want to but I would never settle with a man like you. Neither can Cassie, she is there for an agenda!’ She adds


‘What are you talking about?’


She laughs


‘Cassie will kill me when she finds out that I am pregnant for you because my baby gets to carry your last name and be a part of your will whilst hers nothing, she knows this and that is why she is trying to get as much in her name.’


‘Where are you getting all this information?’


‘Look at Katuta and then Cassie’s son, then look at her and come back to look at me. You will have your answers.’ She says then walks away


I am left in shock, so instead of going inside the hospital I drive to my lawyer’s office. I find him just settling in as it is still early.


‘What do I owe this visit?’ He asks with a smile



‘You bastard!’ I say when I look at him intently and the features add up ‘Get away from me.’ He shouts pushing me off


‘How could you Katuta? How could you?’ I ask angrily


‘How could I what?’


‘Cassie? Her son?’


He laughs


‘Took you too long to find out.’ He says with a smirk on his face throwing some papers at me


I look at them unbelievably, he is actually Cassie’s husband and they have been married for five years.


‘Your marriage is a scam but you can’t prove it.’ He says as if reading mind ‘The both of you will pay for this!’


He laughs


‘I have too much dirt on you Vashawn, too much.’ He says shaking his head


I look at him not knowing what to do or say, how could I have been played liked this?







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