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“Be mindful; when you have been in the basement for a long time, you might think the penthouse is only for the rich.”


I got home feeling another level of stupid; how could I put myself on such a line? Just when I was trying to deal with my broken heart here I was allowing another man in.


‘You look distant.’ Valerie accuses as I drive her home


I don’t know why she left her car because honestly I hate that I have to take her to her parents’ house.



‘It’s nothing I can’t handle.’ I say stopping at traffic lights


‘It’s about Jayden right?’


‘Don’t judge me.’


‘Michel you are a grown woman you don’t need to explain yourself to anyone.’


I eye her


‘Okay I must admit I was a little shocked seeing the two of you like that but again I think you need a little fun after what you have been through.’


‘Valerie I don’t need a rebound, that is the last thing I need.’


‘Why? Because of the kids?’ She asks


I decide not to respond, no I don’t want to use them as the reason why I decide to keep to myself again being a parent means I have to always put my kids before anything else.


‘I will be seeing Coldy for dinner tomorrow.’ She says just as I drive into their street


‘I see.’


She sighs


‘Michel I know he is your boss but trust me I won’t make work awkward for you.’


‘Just be careful, Coldy hasn’t really had it easy.’


‘We are getting to know each other Michel, we are not tying the knot.’


‘I trust that you are mature to make wise decisions.’ I say as I park just outside


‘Thank you for today.’


‘You literally dragged me out of the house.’ I say rolling my eyes


She laughs.


‘Drive safely and do tell me when you are home.’


‘I will.’ I say


Once she gets inside the house I start driving back, am singing along to Lauren Daigle’s You say as I drive. Congestion has built up and now I am stuck, guessing it’s because of the rains that have just started.


My phone rings, the number is strange and true caller doesn’t seem to work when I need it.


‘Hello.’ I say


‘Hai.’ The voice on the other end of the line says


‘Sorry this is Jayden, I got your number from Valerie.’ He adds


‘Oh.’ I respond not knowing if I am happy or not


‘She did mention you were not going to be okay with it.’


‘Yet you still got it?’


‘I had no choice.’


‘I see.’




‘I just wanted to find out if you are home.’


‘I will be there in the next ten minutes.’


‘Do tell me when you get there.’


‘Okay.’ I say before dropping the line


I know it is rude but I don’t think we have anything else to talk about.




I wake up early Monday morning, I really don’t need to be in the office because most the work can be done by my subordinates. The only thing that I need to do maybe is sign some documents but I don’t think they are any that I need to sign.


I continue to stare at the ceiling thoughts of my ex running through my mind; she was a very happy soul and wanted the best for us but I was just never ready for marriage. Yes she was going to make if not the perfect wife then at least somewhat close to that, but then things really couldn’t work out so I had to do us both a favor by walking away. She is happy now, married with a child and I am sure her husband is the luckiest man alive.


I get my laptop and log onto Facebook, I don’t know but I have this urge to check the kind of man that Michel was dating. After stalking her for a bit, I finally manage to find a name. It looks like all his photos have been pulled down from her profile. I stalk him too and honestly he doesn’t look like the kind of person that would hurt a fly, but what do I know. Manipulators have a way with the way they present themselves.


After what seems like a lot of stalking, I find out that Michel has three kids with her ex husband and the man is already married to another lady and he has a child with her. I take a bath and go to the mall, it’s rare that I have my breakfast from home.


Home is in Jesmondine so I usually drive to Vasilis for the cappuccino and waffles.



As if luck is on my side, I spot Michel walking in just after I settle into my chair. She is wearing a nude dress that hugs her figure pretty well, she has matching shoes and a black handbag.


I stand and go to stand just behind her. ‘Good morning.’ I say just close to her ear She freezes, obviously not used to this


‘God you scared me.’ She says touching the part where her heart is supposed to be ‘You better get used to this and more.’ I say holding her waist ‘Jayden we are in public!’ She hisses


‘So?’ I ask


‘People are looking for God’s sake.’


‘Let them look, two months you have to endure all this.’ I say now letting her go ‘I need to get to the office.’ She says getting her cappuccino I look at my watch



‘You are supposed to start work at 8AM.’ ‘I report at 7:45.’ She says ‘And this is 6:57.’


She keeps quiet


‘Have breakfast with me.’





‘It’s just breakfast, besides we are in public.’ I say trying to imitate her


She rolls her eyes


‘You didn’t?’


She rolls them again and I laugh


I lead her to my table and wait as she makes her order, surprisingly she has gotten the total opposite of what I have. When our food is brought I can’t help but admire hers so I switch plates and give her mine.


‘Jayden.’ She says with defeat


‘What?’ I respond tossing some dried fruits in my mouth


She has ordered toasted brown bread, an omelette, sausages, baked beans and cereal with dried fruits. Whilst I on the other hand went for Waffles with syrup, oats and steamed vegetables.


‘So why are you eating my food?’ She asks eating the oats


‘It looks and tastes better.’ I confess


She shakes her head and smiles


We continue to eat making small conversation, surprisingly there is no awkward silence. I ask her general questions about her work and how she spends her free time, I make sure not to ask about her personal life because I feel it is only right that she tells me on her on.


I tell her about my work but exclude my other businesses because I don’t t want to seem like I am showing off, that is not good for first dates.


‘I might just doze off at work after eating this much.’



‘If you get fired it’s on you.’ I respond washing down my food with a glass of grape juice


‘You love your food hey?’ She asks looking at my empty plate


‘I love food, I love eating.’


‘And yet you are not big?’


‘Reason why I spend too much time in the gym.’ I say


She smiles


‘In the next life I want to be able to eat without gaining weight.’


‘Please we have the same aspirations.’


She laughs


I notice the air was almost getting heavy, weight is such a sensitive subject and I know how much it can kill self esteem.


She insists on paying the bill so we make a deal that the next time we eat out I am paying and that is the only reason I am allowing her to clear this one, once done I walk her to the office. I plan on seeing Coldy too and maybe discussing one or two things with him.


‘Good morning ma’am.’ A lady I am guessing is her secretary greets


‘Good morning Bertha.’ She responds


‘Mr. Acker is in the office, I told him not to wait from there but he insisted.’


I see the blood drain from her face, she turns to look at me but I am not going anywhere. I still have her hand bag in my hands even


We walk into the office together and we find him standing against the window.



‘Vashawn.’ She calls


He turns to look at her but anger registers when he sees me, he looks from my face to the handbag in my hands then back at her.


‘I need to talk to you.’


‘What about?’ She asks


‘The kids.’


‘This is my work place Vashawn, you don’t just show up unannounced wanting to talk about the kids.’


‘I have all the rights to do what I want.’


‘No you don’t.’ I speak up


I know his type, he will try to turn this around and make her feel small.


‘And who are you?’ He asks rudely


‘It doesn’t matter, she has told you that this is her work place. You want to talk about the kids make an appointment with her, she is not always free for you.’


‘Is this the man you want to bring into my children’s life?’


‘Vashawn get out.’ She says surprising the both of us


‘What?’ He asks


‘I said get out and again I will repeat myself, if ever you want to talk about the kids make sure you call me first before anything.’


He sighs deeply, looks at the both of us the walks out banging the door behind him.




Taking me by surprise, she turns around and crushes her lips on mind. I put the handbag down and hold her by the waist as we continue to kiss


I can feel myself growing under her, her breath has changed too and I can feel her heart beating fast. Just when I squeeze her bum she pulls away.


‘You too, out!’


I look at her with a smirk on my face


‘I will see you at lunch.’ I say kissing her forehead then walking out









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