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I haven’t heard from Vashawn after I told him off for coming to my house at night, it had been two weeks now and work has been crazy busy.


Valerie and I are try to unwind and have decided to get some ice cream at Mandahill.



‘Lord I have prayed for this day to come.’ She says dropping her weight on the chair opposite mine


I laugh


‘What are you complaining about? Don’t you get it easy working for your parents and all?’


She rolls her eyes


‘Are you playing with me right now?’


I laugh


‘Of course I am not.’


‘My job is really hard Michel, and I want to quit before I lose my mind.’


‘Why would you do that? You and Vashawn are the only children of your parents and as such you need to help them keep the legacy.’


She shakes her head


‘Not when I am trying to build it and he is doing the opposite.’


‘Vashawn if anything is good at his job.’


‘I didn’t say he wasn’t.’




She sighs


‘I don’t know if I should be telling you this but I think Vashawn is stealing from dad and mum.’


‘You think?’



‘He is and I have all the evidence but I can’t do anything about it.’


I look at her deeply trying to decide whether I should tell her that I have known this for a long time but I decide not to.


‘Michel he might be my brother but he is not perfect.’


‘Tell that to someone who doesn’t know him.’I say putting a scoop in my mouth


She smiles weakly, her smile not reaching her eyes


‘You know I am still very sorry about what he did to you and the kids right?’


‘I know you are babe, I know you are.’ I respond


‘So as I was saying, I have all the evidence that he has been stealing and that lawyer of his is helping him. But something also is bugging me.’




‘I don’t trust the lawyer, I feel there is something that he and Cassie are doing behind Vashawn’s back.’


‘Cassie seems to me like a smart woman, she wouldn’t do anything stupid.’


‘Exactly why I think she is on to something.’


I shake my head


‘Her baby is her meal ticket and I know she wouldn’t compromise that.’


‘Have you seen Cassie’s baby?’


‘No, why?’ I ask


She removes her phone and shows me



‘Oh my word.’ I exclaim holding my mouth


‘But how?’


‘That is a mystery we are failing to solve and it seems your children’s father doesn’t want to talk about it.’


‘The Vashawn I know has been silenced.’


‘Honey God gives us what he knows we can overcome; but the devil, the devil doesn’t play.’ She says that with a chuckle


I don’t respond, I just keep quiet feeling goosebumps all over my body. Who would have thought that the proud Vashawn would find himself in such a predicament? Anyway I am just glad that I am out of his life.


Valerie leaves me to use the bathroom so I get the phone to call Nancy, I need to check on the kids. But before I can make the phone call I see Coldy and another man coming my way.


‘Hey.’ He says as I stand up to give him a side hug


‘Hai.’ I respond


‘Hi.’ The man he is with greets




‘Jay Michel, Michel Jay.’


‘You can call me Jayden.’ He corrects


‘Nice to meet you Jayden.’ I say


Just then Valerie comes back



‘And who are these snacks?’ She asks making me feel shy Coldy and Jayden laugh


‘I am Coldy.’




‘Hello Cappuccino.’ She says looking at Coldy ‘Cap what?’ I ask


She laughs


‘You are really good looking Coldy.’


‘Thank you, so are you.’ He responds


‘And I am the beast?’ Jayden asks causing all of us to laugh ‘Can we join you ladies?’ Coldy asks


‘I have just seen a really cool place inside, let’s go.’ Valerie says dragging me ‘You too Cappuccino.’


‘Jayden too.’ She adds and I can’t help but laugh


‘You brought us to a drinking place?’ I ask looking at where we have stopped ‘Michel if you don’t want to drink go and eat ice cream.’ I open my mouth to respond but don’t say anything.


Jayden and Coldy laugh, I just roll my eyes.



We go inside and find where to sit just at the back, I must admit it looks really cozy.


‘Okay so I was thinking, maybe we should start a club hey.’ Valerie says


‘A club?’ Coldy asks


‘Yes, where we can meet once in a while and talk. Adulting can be so emotionally draining.’ She complains


‘True.’ Coldy agrees with her


It looks like the two are getting along and now it is just Jayden and I quiet, some classic song plays and Valerie stands to go and dance. Coldy follows her, it looks like the two have some things in common.


‘So.’ Both Jayden and I say at the same time


We laugh


‘Go first.’ He says


‘No you go first.’ I protest


‘Your relationship with Valerie? She looks like a fun person.’


‘Once upon a time was my sister in law, now we are just friends.’ I say


‘Sister in law?’


I lift my hand to show him the mark that my wedding band left on my ring finger




‘Divorced.’ I say with a smile


‘I see.’



I don’t blame him for his response, people never really know how to respond to that.


‘And yet you seem pretty close hey?’


‘Surprisingly.’ I say sipping on my mojito


‘I was engaged to marry before my then fiancée decided to walk out on me.’


‘What wrong did you do?’


‘I wasn’t ready, she felt choked.’


‘And yet you proposed marriage to her? Right.’


‘The sarcasm.’ He says with a chuckle


I smile


‘She faked a pregnancy.’


I raise an eyebrow


‘I don’t blame her, we dated for two years and looking at our age she felt it was the right time. It wasn’t really the right time for me.’


‘That’s the excuse you fed her?’


He sighs


‘Don’t judge me.’


‘I am not, I was married to my ex for 12 good years and trust me there are things that I have picked up about men. Things that they can’t change.’


‘Oh yeah, not all men are like your ex.’



‘And this is coming from someone who dated his woman and couldn’t commit to her?’ I fire back feeling my emotions getting the best of me


‘I wasn’t ready and maybe you might never understand because of where you have been but trust me men are all not the same.’


‘Here is the kettle claiming it’s not black.’


He sighs


‘I can promise you that if you give me two months, I will blow your mind away and you won’t think men are the same.’


‘Two months and you won’t even be anywhere close to me.’


‘What makes you think that am scared of commitments?’


‘I never said you were.’


‘Two months Michel.’


‘And what happens when I fall for you?’


‘I would have proved you wrong, then we can go our separate ways.’


‘I have kids, I can’t gamble around like that.’


‘So you have already chickened out?’


‘If you had kids you would understand.’

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‘Don’t use them as an escape for your fears, are you so scared that maybe I will treat you better than your ex ever did in twelve years?’


‘It wasn’t that bad.’ I say in a low tone


‘Maybe if you were more convincing I would believe you.’


‘I will give you the two months.’ I say not believing my self


He smiles


‘When does this nonsense start?’ I ask when he doesn’t respond


‘Now.’ He says moving close to kiss me full on the lips, for a moment I just freeze here until he starts parting my lips with his tongue until I open up


‘One minute and the two of you are almost undressing in public.’ Valerie says


I startle, but Jayden puts his hands on my waist. Kisses me some more then pulls away


‘Get a room.’ Coldy says making me feel shy


‘Two months.’ He whispers




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