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That headache from hell; that is exactly what I am feeling right now and I know no amount of pain killers will make it go away.


‘Good evening mummy.’ Marsha greets


‘Hey baby.’ I respond kissing her forehead


‘How was work?’


‘Work was fine, how was school?’ I ask


‘School was amazing, we had these pupils visiting from a nearby school.’


She continues to talk and I am here looking at her but I get absolutely nothing, I really want to pay attention but my mind is just elsewhere.


‘And then I met this lovely girl, her name is Lorraine. I invited her for lunch this weekend.’




‘Yes baby?’ I respond with a startle


‘Did you hear what I said?’


‘Which part exactly baby?’


‘That I met a lovely girl and I invited her for lunch?’


‘Yes baby I did and that was nice of you, but you should have asked me first.’


‘I know, I know. But how was I going to ask you? I mean if I waited one more day it would have meant that I don’t see her again.’


‘She could have left you her guardian’s number.’


She shrugs her shoulders


‘I know mummy, that was a dumb move but anyway. The milk has already been spilt.’ She says excitedly


I smile back at her, I am happy to see her like this. She hasn’t been this happy in a very long time.


‘Oh, and Shawn refuses to leave Laura’s bed.’


‘But why?’


‘I don’t know.’


I shake my head. After removing my shoes, I go to the girls’ bedroom to check on Laura and Shawn.


Laura is fast asleep, Shawn is running his tiny fingers through her hair. I take a moment to look at them before going to bed, I ask Marsha to tell Nancy that I don’t want to be disturbed so she must not wake me up.



It has been four months from the time that Michel signed the divorce papers and the only time I have seen the kids is when they are at my parents place but even so, they didn’t look too happy to be there. A week after Michel had signed the divorce papers I married Cassie in a court room, there was no need to hold a ceremony but my parents insisted that we have lunch at their place to celebrate our union and that is what we did. What was supposed to be a small intimate function had a lot of people flocking in from all walks of life. And let’s just say this has been the happiest four months of my life and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.


I am here now waiting just outside the theatre as Cassie is in there, her blood pressure was pretty high and so she couldn’t have a normal delivery we had to use cesarean delivery. I have called my parents and Valerie and they are on their way.


‘Hey.’ Valerie says coming to hug me when they arrive


‘Hey.’ I respond


We aren’t the best of friends but I am guessing they are all worried for me in this situation.


‘How long has she been in there?’ Dad asks


‘An hour now.’ I respond feeling the sweat build up on my forehead


I still remember the time when Michel had gone into labor the first time, I wasn’t even present. I only went there a day after Marsha was born, well I was still mad



that she had allowed herself to get pregnant when it was something we could have avoided.


‘Baby you need to rest.’ Mum says with concern


I am tired, I have been up all night worried sick and when the doctors said she couldn’t have a normal delivery; it just made everything worse.


‘I want to be here when she is out of theatre.’ I say


‘I will call you when she is out, go home and rest.’


I hesitate a bit but mum has my best interest at heart and I know she will call me when Cassie is out of there.


I say my goodbyes to Dad and Valerie; but instead of going home, I drive to Catra’s apartment. I moved her out of the boarding house she was sharing with a bunch of friends and rented her into an apartment. It was always hard to see her with her friends around.


‘Hey baby.’ She says immediately I walk in


I kiss her hard before she pulls herself from me, I can’t help but stare at her thick brown thighs.


‘You are starring.’ She accuses not even looking at me


I shy away


Cassie is loud, wild, focused, she is the kind of woman I want to build with, and she is accountable and always thinks ahead. Catra on the other hand is this shy little thing with so much potential, she allows me to be the boss, the master, and she asks questions. When I ask her to jump, she won’t ask how high but why. She wants to know why we are crossing the bridge and not swimming through the waters, she is a risk taker and both women put together are everything I have ever wanted.


‘Do take a bath whilst I prepare you something to eat.’ She says


I hold her by the bum, a moan escapes her lips and I smile to myself knowing I still have her under my spell.


‘You need to rest babe, not working yourself out.’ She says turning around to face me


‘Are you sure you don’t want me?’


‘Your wife is in theatre delivering, have some respect.’ ‘You are growing a conscious?’


‘I lost my conscious the moment I involved myself with a married man.’ ‘Babe.’


‘Don’t babe me Vashawn, there is no fairytale ending between us. You and I both know that, let’s just be real with each other.’


‘But don’t make it sound like I am just using you.’


‘I don’t mind, as long as I get everything I need.’ She responds I look at her intently


‘Are you okay?’

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‘Yes.’ She lies


I know Catra, I have been able to read her mind and I know when she is lying. ‘Talk to me.’


‘I think I am falling in love with you.’


‘Catra we had a deal.’


‘I know Vashawn and I am sorry I didn’t meet my end.’ I sigh


‘Do you need space?’


‘Space to do what?’


‘Go out? Meet new people?’


‘And you will be okay with me sleeping with other people?’ ‘Catra I can’t give you forever, you need to secure your own.’ She sighs deeply


‘When is the house likely to finish?’ she asks changing the topic ‘By the end of next month when all goes well.’ ‘What could go wrong?’


‘It will finish by the end of next month.’




‘Babe don’t be like this.’


‘When is my car arriving?’


‘In a week.’




She goes to the fridge and removes some frozen steak



‘You are not in a hurry right?’ she asks looking at me ‘I am waiting for mum’s call.’


I haven’t even gone to the bathroom when my phone rings ‘Mum.’


‘She is out of theatre.’


‘Why do you sound like that?’


She drops the line before responding


‘Babe I need to go.’


‘Always second best.’


‘Catra not now, I will see you later.’ I say then drive out


I am at the hospital in twenty minutes, I don’t know what to feel because I am not sure why mum sounded like that.


‘You are here.’ Mum says dryly


‘Where is she?’


‘In there.’ She points


‘I need to watch this.’ Valerie says with laughter coming with me ‘Hey baby.’ I say to Cassie who is lying on the bed looking pale She looks at me with pleading eyes


‘Where is my baby?’ I ask



Valerie laughs pointing at the baby crib


‘My baby.’ I say but stop in my tracks when I look at the child


‘Cassie?’ I call but she turns to look the other side


Valerie laughs


‘Karma came early.’ She says laughing again






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