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Monday comes faster than expected, I wake up with a headache and I am guessing it is because of the alcohol that I took the previous day.


Both Nancy and I are up by 5AM, she is busy preparing Shawn and Lauren whilst I make sure their breakfast is made and their food for school is packed. Marsha isn’t really talking and it is worrying me but right now I know it isn’t the best time to ask her about it.


By 7AM, the driver is here and he picks them up whilst I drive to work. Traffic hasn’t yet built up and that is a plus on my side because I wouldn’t want to report late after taking a whole month off from work.


Am at Manda Hill by 7:30 and I go straight to Vasillis for hot chocolate, I don’t think I can go a day without their hot chocolate.


‘Good morning ma’am.’ Bertha greets immediately she sees me


‘How are you?’ I greet back smiling genuinely


She is a good secretary and I have never had any problems working with her


‘It’s good to have you back, I was worried.’ She confesses


‘I am here now, stop worrying your pretty head.’


I walk into my office and I notice it has been renovated, the walls are painted a shade of white from the grey that was there. The visitors’ chair has been changed too and a carpet has been put with a glass table on one side.


‘Mr. Musondah Snr said you would like the white.’ She says when she notices me starring


‘That was quite thoughtful of him.’ I respond trying to hide the disappointment, I hate that he is still here and that would mean that I have to run into him more than once.


The morning gets busy, Mondays are usually like this but this Monday in particular is straight from hell because I have clients walking in and out. Phones keep buzzing and by the time it is lunch I am worn out.


My last client walks out just before I break for lunch and I hear a light knock at the door.


I look up; it is Coldy.


‘I would have been a fool to let you go.’ He says hands shoved deep in his pockets


I smile wearily


‘How are you Sir?’


‘Please call me Coldy.’ He says now walking towards my table, then settles on one of the guest chairs


‘I see you have had a busy morning.’


‘I am worn out.’ I confess honestly


‘Welcome back.’ He says with a light laugh


I smile at his honest humor


‘I don’t think you came here just to welcome me back.’ I say standing up to put some files away


He laughs


‘You guessed right.’


‘What is it?’ I ask going back to my seat


‘Remember the last client we had?’


I sigh deeply, how can I not remember.


‘We have a lunch date with them at 2PM.’




‘The company.’


I sigh


‘I will get ready.’ I say looking for the file


‘You know you don’t have to come right?’


‘It is my job Coldy, I can’t abandon it or run away just because my husband is whoring with another woman.’ The words slip out of my mouth faster than intended


He doesn’t respond


‘I will inform dad then.’


‘Roy is coming?’


‘Sorry I mean Mr. Musondah Snr.’ I say shaking my head


He looks at me suspiciously but I look away avoiding his eyes


‘Yes Roy is coming.’ He says with a smile and I smile with embarrassment


He walks out of the office and I start putting my things together in readiness for the meeting, I call Bertha and ask her how far Coldy has gone with them and she tells me they haven’t called or talked since.


At exactly 1:30 we leave for the meeting, we have decided to go with one vehicle and the company driver is the one driving. Roy is in the front whilst I sit with Coldy at the back. The meeting is at Protea Towers hotel and we should be there in ten minutes. Whilst in the car, we go through the client’s file and I make more phone calls to our agents to see if the houses they had kept aside are still available. I am told only one is still on the market but they will try and see if they can find me another one in the next ten minutes.


We get to the hotel and go to the restaurant upstairs where a table has been reserved for us. I am starving and I cant wait to order some food because I really don’t think I can go through the rest of the meeting on an empty stomach.


Coldy makes a phone call to Vashawn and he tells him they will join us in twenty minutes, I use this time to order some mushroom soup just so I can have something in my stomach.


‘Would you by any chance like to hand this client over to another realtor?’ Roy asks looking at me


‘That is the first thing you should have asked me before coming here.’ I respond in my head



‘I will handle them.’ I respond instead with a smile


Twenty minutes later a heavily pregnant Cassie walks in with Vashawn, I wonder how long he cheated on me with her before knocking her up. I can’t help but notice the eye bugs beneath his eyes. He looks like he hasn’t slept much , Vashawn is someone who loves his sleep. Anyone who knows him knows this about him but I tell myself he is no longer my baby so I will let it slide.


‘Sorry for keeping you gentlemen waiting.’ Cassie says immediately she sits down


She is wearing a white floral maternity dress that is just above her knees, her black strap stilettos are showing off her perfectly pedicured toes. I don’t know how she is managing walking in them.


I notice how she has totally ignored me and I care less, I just want to get this meeting over and done with.


‘Mr. Acker.’ Roy says


‘Mr. Musondah.’ He responds with one of his fake smiles


Everyone settles into their chairs and a waiter brings them glasses of water


‘My husband and I are very sorry to have taken this long to get back to you but we are now ready to purchase the property.’ Cassie begins


‘What kind of property do you want to buy?’ Coldy asks as I take down notes


‘A family house, we went through the family contract and that is what we are interested in.’ she says


‘Michel here is the best Realtor that our company has and she is better explaining it to you.’ Coldy says looking at me


Cassie rolls her eyes, Vashawn looks at me as if to intimidate me but I look away.



‘I am glad you went through all the kinds of properties that we offer and I believe you have met the necessary requirements for us to sell you the family house not so?’ I ask looking at the files on my macbook


‘Yes we have.’ Vashawan responds


I receive an email just then from an agent that two houses meeting the client’s preference have been found and ready to be leased out. I smile


‘I will need the both of you to sign these documents, I will need copies of your national registration cards and a copy of your marriage certificate too.’ I say


‘We are yet to legalize our marriage.’ Cassie says looking at Coldy


‘We can only sell you a family house when you meet these requirements.’ He tells her


‘But can’t you start the process? Then we can bring the marriage certificate later?’


‘That is against our policy, against any orgnaisation’s policies dealing in this business.’


Cassie eyes me


‘Apart from this what else can we get?’


‘You can buy an individual property, which can be in the name of any of you.’


‘What are the disadvantages of such a property?’


‘It remains in the name of the buyer.’


‘What if we put money together and it is an equal share?’


‘It still remains in one name, but you can enter into an agreement and have a document signed and stamped with your lawyers saying you contributed equal amounts in an event where you want to resell.’



Cassie sighs


‘Any other options?’


‘You can put it in a child’s name.’ I respond this time looking at Vashawn


They both keep quiet


‘So you mean this is what everyone who buys property goes through?’


‘More like it, unless you are building it from scratch.’ Coldy responds


‘And that is why people prefer buying houses after they get married, depending on the housing company they bought it from in a case of death or a divorce, the property has to be sold and profits are shared or if children are surviving and over twelve years of age it goes in their name.’ I say


‘I guess we will have to get back to you.’ Cassie says on her feet


I notice the creases on her forehead


‘Sure.’ Coldy responds and she leaves angrily


Vashawn remains behind


‘Is that why you don’t want to sign those divorce papers?’ he asks catching me off-guard


I stand up and square him


‘Vashawn I will sign those papers, but not until you have felt half the pain that you have made me go through. I will sign them, but not until I am sure I have completely let go of you.’


‘You can’t stop me from being happy.’



‘I never once did, and when I sign those papers I am coming for half of everything that you own.’


He laughs


‘You are bluffing.’


‘Try me, do your parents know about the documents they have been signing all this while? I am your wife and trust me the day I sign those papers I am coming for half of everything your family has worked hard for. So don’t push me.’ I say


He opens his mouth to say something but closes it


‘I learnt so much whilst being silent, Vashawn I know so much about you.’


‘You are threatening me?’


‘How can I dear husband?’ I ask


He angrily walks away and I pick up my things


‘Gentlemen.’ I say to Roy and Coldy


They are quiet, obviously not knowing what to do or say. We walk out of the hotel and head back to the office.





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