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It’s been three weeks from the time that I moved into my new house, I must say I am impressed with how it is looking. I can totally boast that everything in here I have worked hard for, I only have today before reporting back for work on Monday and even though I should be excited I am not considering Roy will be there too.


The kids have been enrolled in a school nearby, I wanted to let go of the driver knowing I won’t be able to pay him like I used to when staying with Vashawn but he assured me that whatever I can give him will be fine. Plus he is still Vashawn’s driver so I don’t even have to look for a vehicle for him to use.


‘This place really looks like you.’ Valerie says


She has come to visit me, we have always been in good books except Vashawn didn’t like her coming over because of the relationship we had.


‘Thank you.’ I say pouring us some wine


‘And I must say I haven’t seen you this happy in a very long time.’


I smile


I am glad the kids have gone to the salon with Nancy, now we have some time to just talk.


I hand her the wine then get a plate of biltong and put on the table.


‘God where do you get your biltong.’


‘I dry it out myself.’ I respond proudly putting a few tiny pieces in my mouth I sit just opposite her with my glass of wine close


‘How have you been?’ She inquires seriously ‘I will be fine Valerie, don’t worry about me.’


‘I know this is the last thing that you want to hear but no matter what my brother does, we are still family.’


I smile without a word


‘Have you told the kids?’


‘That what?’


She eyes me


‘I haven’t yet divorced Vashawn, for now there is nothing that they need to know.’ ‘But you do know that they will start asking you questions right?’


‘We will cross that bridge when we get there.’ I say then stand up to pour myself another glass




‘Yes love.’


‘I really wanted for things to work out between you and my brother.’


I smile at her, I was once like her. Always seeing good in people and hoping that things would always work out until her brother screwed me over so many times raw without lube.



‘Let us go out.’


‘Right now?’ I ask


‘Yes right now.’


‘Out and do what exactly?’


‘Michel when was the last time you went out?’


‘Don’t answer that.’ She adds quickly


‘Now let’s go to your bedroom I pick you something to wear.’ She says again dragging me by the hand


After what seems like forever; she finally picks out a black crop top, black ripped jeans, blocked heels and a denim jacket.


‘And where do you think I am going wearing those things?’ I ask looking at them


‘My brother made you forget who you are didnt he?’


‘Valerie I am a mother.’




‘Plus my weight can’t allow me to wear such revealing things?’


She sighs


‘Do you have an idea how beautiful you are? You don’t even have to worry about your weight Michel, how often do you look at yourself on the mirror?’



‘Don’t answer any of those questions, sit your bum here and I will work on your face. Then when you wear these clothes and you feel you can’t walk out of the house, you are free to remove them.’ She says


I sit on the bed and she starts working on my face, I am never heavy on makeup and she knows this too. After a few minutes she asks me to look at myself on the mirror and honestly I am impressed with the transformation. Afterwards I wear the clothes and I have to hold back the tears really hard because I can’t recognize myself on the mirror.


‘What were you saying about your weight?’ She asks with a smirk on her face


I laugh


‘I owe you.’


‘Of course you do, now let us go.’


I call Nancy and tell her that I am going out, luckily she has keys to the house as well so I don’t have to worry about her being stuck outside with the kids Incase they get home earlier than me.


Valerie drives us to the famous Granddaddy’s, I have never been here from the time it was opened and she tells me it’s good to come in the afternoons when it is less busy because that’s the only time I would enjoy the place.


After getting there, we find a spot to sit. We sit just close enough to see what is happening inside and outside.


She orders a virgin martini for me and Pina Colada for herself.


‘Loosen up, this is not a church.’ She teases


I laugh, I just say I am not comfortable because In all the years that I was married to Vashawn he never allowed me to go out much less dress like this. Not that I don’t like it but it’s just hard to switch to this.



‘Let me get you two shots of vodka to make you loosen up.’ She says lifting her hand up to signal a waiter


‘Two shots of vodka please.’


When they are brought, I take them and even though my insides burn I feel a little lighter.


‘You know I have work tomorrow right.’ I say sipping on my cocktail


She laughs


‘So do I.’


We are having a good time until a familiar scent hits my nostrils


‘Oh shit.’ I say


‘Look who is now whoring around.’ Vashawn says when he gets to our table


I look at the lady he is with, I have seen her photos before in his phone. Nude photos. And I can’t help but feel pity for Cassie.


‘Please run along with your trophy and leave us alone.’ Valerie says


‘I wasn’t talking to you.’


I am beginning to feel hot under my pits because I really don’t know how to deal with this situation


‘This is the kind of lifestyle you have chosen huh? A married woman who is a whore?’ He asks and I look at him like he is insane


‘Married woman?’ I ask


‘Yes.’ He screams and I notice stares from people on the other tables


‘Excuse me, are you ready to leave?’


I look behind and it is Coldy standing next to Vashawn


‘Excuse me man, but I need to take her home.’ He says again carrying my clutch


‘Take care of her.’ Valerie responds making it worse


I have no other alternative but to stand up and go with him. I really don’t know where he has come from but am glad to be leaving Vashawn’s presence.


Valerie laughs behind me and I know I have just signed up for hell with Vashawn but who cares anyway.




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