Thu. Jul 11th, 2024

???? ???? TWO DAYS LATER ???? ????


???? ???? LYDIA’S POV ???? ????


I wake up to behold Larry holding my hand, he looks so worried, he was staring at me, there was another guy behind him.


I sneeze as I gradually open my eyes, a beautiful smile crosses his lips when he saw me open my eyes.


“Oh thank God you’re awake”, he said excitedly and kiss my forehead.


I suddenly became shy, no man has ever hug me or kiss my forehead but he did. He always makes me feel like a queen and a special lady.


“You were worried?”, I asked, he nods still smiling


“But am not worried anymore because you’re awake”, he said touching my cheek slowly.


His warm hand makes me feel like sleeping on his body for the rest of my life. I close my eyes enjoying his soft and warm hand on my cheek, I guess he noticed am enjoying it.


He slowly came closer to me so close that I could feel his breath, his lips meet with me and I respond immediately. He smiled inwardly and continue devouring my lips as my left hand found its way to his neck urging him to continue.


“Is she awake?”, A matured voice asked interuppting our moment.


“Yes, she’s”, came his voice, I opened my eyes surprisely, his hand was still on my cheek and he was still sitting down.


That was when it dawn on me that it was just an imagination, the stupid doctor that came in interuppted everything maybe I’d still been kissing him now in my imagination.


Nonsense doctor, I feel like sending him out from this ward, he checked me and turned to Larry.


“She can be discharged from tomorrow”, he said and walk out when Katie came in. She hugs me happily and sat beside me.


“How are you feeling dear?”, She asked


“I feel very strong”, I said and smiled.


“Derrick is a ……”,


“Dick”, Larry complete Katie’s sentence.


“That reminds me how did you manage to open my door?”, I asked


Larry told me how he hired a private agent to always follow me because he knew Derrick would come after me, he also told me how he managed to enter my house.


He introduced the guy behind him as Martins his private agent, he also told me Derrick has been arrested and will be charged to court whenever am better.


Katie brought food for me, I ate to my satisfaction. They are just amazing.


I was more surprised when Larry told me that he knew about Derrick’s plain of killing him and takes over his companies, cars and houses. That alone is a crime.


We discussed about others stuffs.


The next day…..


I was discharged, Larry took me to his house, according to him he said he is preparing another place for me to stay.


“You are going to stay in my sister’s room”, he said


“Why your sister’s room? What about your room”, I asked, he look at me somehow.


“It would be a pleasure to me if you stay with me in my room, I was only thinking maybe you won’t like to stay around me like in the same room”, he said calmly


“If I don’t want to stay with you then why am I here?”, I asked


“Am sorry”, he apologized


I’ve told him to stop apologizing to me, he won’t listen.


In the evening…..


I wanted to prepare dinner but he refused, he did it himself. We ate and watch movie together before we went to bed.


We lay side by side facing each other and staring into each other’s eyes, none of us blink our eyes.


He draw his head closer to me, I did same and before I knew it our lips were already dancing together. The kiss was so passionate, the rate of my heartbeat increased and I could also feel his heartbeat.


My hand found its way to his neck while his hand was on my hips traveling all over my body as we devoured each other’s lips with passion.


For 28 years of my life I’ve never feel this way or kiss any man.




He kisses my lips with so much care and love as his hand found its way to under my night gown.


I moan romantically for the first time in my whole life.

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