Thu. Jul 11th, 2024

I held his hand, he stops kissing me and stared into my eyes.


“Am sorry”, he muttered softly.


How many times will I tell him to stop apologizing to me? He’d never listen.


“Why do you always apologize to me?”, I asked looking at him, he smiled and sighed.


“Because I always make mistakes and I don’t want to offend you”, he said


I just stared at him in slience, he’s just a perfect man, I love him so much. Did I just say I love him? Yes I do, I really wish he will ask me out, I would gladly accept him.


He’s caring and lovely, he knows how to treat a woman and mostly importantly he’s very romantic.


That night we slept in each other’s hands till the next morning. He woke up before me and make breakfast for me, he brought it to the bed. He’s so romantic

He sat beside me and watch me eat.


“Let me feed you”, he said taking the fork I was using to eat the fried eggs he had prepared.


“I can eat myself”, I said




“I insist”,


Oh my God! What manner of man is him? Why is he so lovely, caring and romantic? I gave up and let him fed me.


I suddenly held his hands and kiss his lips, he responds to it. We kiss for sometime then break the kiss.


“I’ve never kiss any man before”, I said, he dropped the fork and stared at me.


“Hmmm ???????? but you are a good kisser”, he said and chuckled ???? ????, I covered my face with my palms because I was kind of shy.


“Don’t be shy ok? I love your lips, it’s soft, sweet like honey and I love the way you move it when kissing”, he said.


All my cheeks turned red like tomato, I hide my face in my hands. He removed my hands from my face and stared into my eyes.



“You are as beautiful as the morning sun, bright like the moon and the stars that gives the sky beautiful colour at night and earth light. Your voice sounds like that of an angel and your skin glow like a new born baby, your eyes are as beautiful as diamond put together with silver and you have a genuine heart of gold”, he said smiling sweetly.


OMG! I couldn’t even stand his sweet and unique voice, my cheeks turned red, I was blushing so hard. I just hug him since I had nothing to say, I feel relaxed in his arms.


I wish to stay with him and keep hearing those words till death do us apart.

I love him so much, I love everything he represent.


“Aren’t you going to work?”, I asked as soon as I disengaged from him.


“No, I want to spend the whole day with you”, he said


“What about your employees, won’t them be angry if you don’t go to work?”, I asked, he giggled ????????


“Pretty, am their boss and they do what I say so I own them no explanation”, he said, He’s right, I forgot.


That reminds me, I should be at work by now considering the fact that I just start this work.


“I should go get dressed for work”, I said climbing down from his bed, he pulled me back.


“We are the bosses and you own no one any explanation why you don’t go to work beside I’m the CEO of the company, did you forgot?”,


That’s when I even remember that I’m with my boss in his house right on his bed in his room. I smiled warmly and hugged him.


“Stop making me feel special”, I said


“Angel, you are special hence I wouldn’t have met you that very day at the restaurant”, he said, I kissed his cheek and lay properly on his body.


We cuddle ourselves till we slept off again.

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