Thu. Feb 15th, 2024

He came out of the bathroom with just a towel on his waist, his s£xy body and we’ll developed muscles got me confused I swear, he’s hit and tempted.


I couldn’t get my eyes off him, I didn’t even know when he climbs bed, he stared at directly into my eyes. His gentle and innocent gray eyes were killing me, I couldn’t resist his glance.


I found myself kissing him like my life depends on it, he responded but suddenly stop.


“Why did you stop?”, I asked


“Did you see what I left for you on the bed?”, He asked


“Yes, why did you changed your company’s name?”, I asked


“The company belongs to you, on Monday morning the company lawyer will come so that you can sigh the document”, he said, tears poured out of my eyes.


“Hey, Angel please don’t cry”, he pleaded drying my tears with his thumb.


“It’s not a tears of pain, sorrows or frustration but a tears of Joy and abondance of blessings just as the seven bright stars represent”, I said and smiled.


He smiled too and hugged me.


“I love you baby”, he said almost in whispered


“I love you more my God sent”, I said


I turned him to the bed making him to lay on his back while I climbed down and takes off my night gown in a romantic way, Katie has taught me some romantic tips since she knew more than me, I also watch some on internet.


His eyes go wild when he saw me nude


“Damn it! You’re fuvking beautiful, come over here”, he spread his hands, I went to him romantically and lay on him.


We start kissing and romancing each other and in no time he was already lying on me, he kisses my neck, chest and sucked my nipples.


He deflowered me and cum inside me though he took it easy with me. We lay tiredly on our backs, he pulled me to himself and kissed my forehead then bide me goodnight before he slept off.


I smiled knowing am a fulfilled woman, at least all those who looked down on me and sees me as nothing later looks up to me and sees me as something very important.


Word alone can not express how grateful I was to God for sending Larry into my life.


This was how I met my husband, Larry Scott, the one man that truly loves, appreciate and cherish me.


He’s one in a million and I love him so so much.




I kissed his chest and slept off.



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