Fri. Feb 9th, 2024

I was at the office in my other company when my phone starts ringing, I ignored it because I was so busy but the phone continue ringing.


I angrily deep my hand in my suit pocket and brought out my phone. I stared at the screen it was my agent that was calling, I picked it instantly.


“Martins, any update?”, I asked


“Yes boss, he’s close to her house”, he said


“Ok, am on my way there please call the polices immediately I end this call”, I instructed


“Ok boss”, he responded and I end the call.


I took my car keys and wallet then went out of my office, I told my secretary that I was going out before I left. I hopped into my car and zoom off immediately, I want to get there before he hurts her.


Alright guys….


Since Derrick started working with me I hired a private agent to always follow him wherever he goes and brings me feedback because a lot of my employees were complaining about how he treats them.


When I sacked him and employed Lydia as the managing director, I knew he will go after her that’s why I told my private agent to always follow Lydia so that Derrick won’t hurts her.




On my way to Lydia’s house there was a heavy traffic, God being wonderful the traffic didn’t last long so I was able to reach Lydia’s house on time but a bit late.


I parked my car outside the compound then pulled out and rushed in, I pushed her door and it’s opened.


Derrick was pressing her neck, he stops when he saw me. I jumped on him and gave him a heavy punch that sent him to the floor, I kick him twice on his stomach and he groaned painfully.


I carried him and throw him at the wall, blood burst out from his head. He managed to stands up to fight me when Martins and some policemen came.


“Martins, please call ambulance”, I said in a very sad tone, he nods as he brought out his phone and dialed their emergency number while the polices handcuffed Derrick and take him away.


I carried Lydia in a bridal style out of her living room, her body was getting cold. Soon the ambulance came, Lydia was taken inside while I and Martins entered my car and followed them.


Am sure they must have given her first aid treatment.



Ten minutes later, we were at the hospital the same hospital I took her to when she had an accident, she was taken to emergency ward while Martins and I wait at the waiting room.


I’m anxiously waiting for the doctor to call me to his office so that I can know Lydia’s health condition.


Twenty five minutes later, a young nurse came to us she said the doctor request my presence in his office, I told Martins to wait while I went to the doctor’s office.


He told me Lydia was fine but she’s in coma or deep sleep, whatever and that she would wake up in few days. I paid all the money needed for her treatment.


I’d spend any amount of money to make sure she’s fine and well treated.


I called my sister and told her what Derrick did to Lydia, she was very angry about it. I also told her that Derrick was already with polices and he’ll be taken to court once Lydia is fully recover.

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