Sat. Feb 10th, 2024

I opened my door and was about to enter when he called me


“Lydia”, I look back instantly as he removed his glasses and cap, I was shocked that I lose my balance.


“Der…Derr…Derrick”, I muttered slowly.


He smiled wicked as he starts coming close to me while I moved backward almost in my living room.


“Please what do you want?”, I asked feeling scared.


“You’ve the guts to tell Larry that I sacked you so that you can take my place in his company right?”, He asked as he continues coming close to me.


I move backward into my living room and close the door forgetting I left the key at the front. He opened my door and came in then lock it with key.


{Oh no! Am finished ????????} I thought as he faced me.


“Derrick please I never knew he is the CEO of the company, we met the day you sacked me”, I said already crying.


“How and where you met him is none of my business. You, Lydia James, will never take my position in Lasco manufacturing Company dead or alive”, he said as he sat down on my couch.




“But is not my fault that….”,


“I know, that’s why I came with a proposal”, he cut me short


“Which is?”, I asked trying to calm down.


“I learnt Larry likes you a lot and would do anything to make you happy right?”, He asked


“How would I know if he can do anything to makes me happy?”, I asked too cause I don’t understand.


“Is it not obvious that you can ask him of anything and he will do it?”, He asked


“I don’t know”, I said and look away



“How will you know when your brain is empty”, he said


“Did you came here to insult me?”, I asked facing him.


“Shut up am not done yet! Anyways, my proposal is this and you have two options so choose wisely.

Option number one; you will go to his house, tell him how much you love him and would like to be his girlfriend when he accepted, kill him let’s take over his companies, cars and houses. 40 percent of everything will be given to you, as for his sister, she will be taken care of.


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