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(Worlds apart)








Arielle is the only daughter of Evan Montenegro, she attends one of the best school in the states.


Being the only daughter of one of the richest men in the state Arielle was spoiled beyond measure.


She is a cheerleader in her school, she is the most popular girl in the school fancy by most boys.



Many girls want to be friends with her but her arrogant self can’t handle commoners.


When Arielle break her leg while doing practice with her team,her father had no other choice but to invite one of the best surgeon in the state into his house for Arielle’s treatment.


Chris Macbeth,he is hot, a doctor and a complete s£xual appeal person.


He is what we call the definition of seduction.


Chris was invited to the Montenegro mansion to treat Arielle but something happened.


Arielle detest commoners and Chris is just managed to pull out of being a lower class person.


What will happen between this two?






(Worlds apart)




(Oh sh!t!)


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