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I refreshed, changed up to one of the dress that Victor got for me, by the time i came down Bibi was gone…


she was probably angry with Ada and left, without even saying goodbye to me,


I saw Ada standing with Victor, she was saying something to him, Ada that’s a chatterbox, I thought to myself, she was sober an hour ago, looking all sad now she’s looking so lively, I heard her tell Bibi that Victor was a fine man,


I don’t know how i should feel about that but i smiled anyway, maybe is Ada way of passing compliment..



As i approached she stretched hand to Victor’s nose and tried to remove an invisible thing from his nose, of which victor smiled and she cat walked away, she saw me and walked up to me and said she loved my dress and asked me how much did i bought it, i smiled and thanked her for liking it, she asked me to dash her that she’s in love with it


i ignored her and asked of Bibi which she replied that she angrily left, I just said okay and tried to pass, she insisted on knowing the amount of my dress, shoe and hand bag,


I told her it was Victor that got them, she smiled and asked where we are going to, the questions where becoming too much I answered some and left her, she asked me to get something for her when coming back,


I nodded and smile as i passed her, she stood there looking at me smiling sheepishly,


When Victor saw me approaching him, he opened his arms like his normal way of saying “you look beautiful ”


I blushed he hugged me and kissed me before opening the car door for me, when i got into the car Ada was still standing there looking at us


I asked Victor what Ada was saying to him, he said she was asking him his best food and he told her that is only “Uju that knows my best food and she’s the only one that can prepare it for me”


I laughed as he said that, he continued that Ada just smiled and said there was something on his nose which he didn’t notice, she removed it that was before i came, I said okay and we drove out


A lot of negative thoughts about Ada started crossing my mind but i quickly waved it off, she can’t back stab me, she won’t do anything against me not after i have helped her, instead she will look out for me because she’s still my person, I even asked her to stay in the same room with me instead of the staff quarters, so with all the good things I’m doing for her i don’t expect evil in return,



I just wanted to show her that even though she made a mistake in the past by treating me the way she did, I will not pay her back in the same coin because we are different and she’s still my friend despite everything that happened,


I was to travel alone the following week to see my people and to get things ready before Victor and his people start coming for my introduction and traditional marriage,



on the week that i was suppose to go big mummy wasn’t around and Ujunwa, Victor’s sister was in school, it will be just Victor and the staffs that will be left in the house,


I was going to travel with my driver, I became worried leaving victor and Ada who was just changing gradually, Ada was trying to start wearing a bumb shot, just like the one she wears at the club in the house, the day i saw her wearing a leggings without pant, which was exposing a whole lot of her self she wasn’t suppose to show off,


I cautioned her and she went and changed up,


sometimes she will pop up her br**st, showing some of her cleavage, the day i wasn’t around, I went to school she wore those her shot again, Joe has to asked her to go and change to her normal uniform, he told her such dressing is not allowed in the house, I was told when i got back


I can’t figure out what her intentions was by wearing such, and I seriously don’t want to start thinking about it, who is she wearing such Cloths for and acting all seductive, she has probably forgotten that she wasn’t working in the club house again, she does all this whenever big mummy is out of the house, mostly when is only victor and Joe with other staffs that’s in the house, she’s probably doing it for one of the male staff


but i felt so worried leaving victor alone with Ada in particular, I trust him but i don’t know if i should trust Ada, I don’t even know what to think anymore,



I have seen Victor looking at her bum bum as she catwalks one day, I felt kind of jealous, I begin to wonder if something was wrong with me, why I’m i being so paranoid,


or I’m i just being stupid by having such negative thoughts, victor can’t cheat on me, not now nor later,


I trust him enough, and definitely not with Ada because Ada wouldn’t want to pay me back with evil,


she’s so happy being here, I can’t because I’m having insecurity thought asked her to go and rent house outside,


I can give her money to rent house and probably get another job but i won’t do that, the devil is just making me to start feeling insecure because of Ada, how can i be having such thought against her, it makes me look like a bad person


I waved off my worries as i prepare for my journey, is probably because of the upcoming wedding and meeting my people again that’s making me worry too much,


I know Victor is in good hands, I have a wedding to plan and I’m going to focus on that


No need to worry now, that’s alot to be done.












It was concluded, in two days time i will be traveling home, I have written a long list of things i was going to do ones i got home, and checked out for event planners in my state, I have enough cash to do whatever i want to do, money wasn’t a problem,



Mummy was back and i was more at peace, she helped me with the long list and plans too, it was going to be a big wedding and she wanted me to go with an event planner and decorator from Lagos, she has people that are into that, so i agreed with her, after we planned on everything including the asebi wears and everything inclusive,


I was already exhausted, I quickly slept off that evening, when i awaken later, I went to Victor’s room he wasn’t there, the house was quiet, almost everyone has gone to bed, Ada wasn’t in the room either,


I started searching for him quietly so i won’t wake other people up, I climbed up, so i can have a better view outside, everywhere was dark but the outside light help in finding them, victor was sitting by the pool with Ada, who was busy talking while Victor was checking something that seem so interested in his phone, which he later showed Ada and she shake her, like disagreeing, he smile and continued with his phone,


I was very angry and was already boiling by the time i rushed down to them


Victor was the first to See Me coming and smiled, beckoning to come and sit on his laps, Ada also smiled while i approached, but i wasn’t going to be deceived with all that their cheerful look, I was wearing that angry look, that shows there was trouble,


victor on seeing me stood and came to me, he tried to peck and kiss me but i turned my face, I was looking at Ada who by now was also on her feet, she knew i was angry and wanted to go but i asked her to stop, let’s deal with this ones and for all, before i could speak victor asked me what was going on, he asked repeatedly what was wrong with me while still holding me, so i unleashed all the anger at them


“everything is wrong victor…you sitting down here at this time of the night with Ada,while everyone is asleep, is what that is wrong…what in the world are you talking about by this time…or is there something you both are not telling me…


“Whaat…are you talking about Uju…today is Wednesday and everyone goes to bed on time…



this is just 8:43pm, not yet 9.oclock, I was just here, you know i like sitting close to the pool sometimes, when Ada came to keep me company…we are just gisting…nothing much…


“gisting about what exactly…every one has gone to bed except you two…so you and Ada are not included in the “everyone” or is there something you are not telling me….


.this is getting out of hand, and you Ada, I can kick you out of here if you ever cross your boundary, it won’t be as a payment of what you did to me, no, far from that ..


i don’t pay evil with evil, it will just me not trusting you in this house and you over doing things, things you don’t suppose to do, stay very clear of him or you will have serious issue with me..










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