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Episode 3



Arielle’s POV


“Are you dumb or stupid? He asked and I glared at him.


He haven’t settle down yet and his trying to boss me around.


No f**king way!


“Am not dumb neither am I stupid, just do your job nigga.” I snapped and he chuckled.


“You seems like a tough one ain’t you.” He said and smiled.


“You know the surgery room now, I can’t just wait to walk again.”I said and turned to leave.


“Arielle.” He called and I kissed my teeth in anger.


“What? I snapped.


“You didn’t ask my name.” He said and I scoffed.


What do I need your name for when I can just call you doctor?


I think you’re the one dumb though.


“I don’t wanna know your f**king f**ked up name, keep it to yourself.” I said and leave the room.


I sigh as i approach the sitting room, I can’t let a goofy nigga ruin my mood this evening.


“Have you show him the place? Dad asked and I nodded.


“I will like to be in my room now.” I said and Ares stood up to help me.



I hopped on his back as he climb the stairs.


He carried me to my room and lay me on the bed.


“Send one of the maid up here.” I said to him when he was about to leave.


I picked up my phone and started going through my Instagram.


My thoughts went back to my little conversation with the doctor. Not trying to flirt but he looks hot.


Damn how can a doctor be that beautiful?


Doctor Chris Macbeth, the name keep replaying in my head.


When he introduced himself I was in daze for some minutes before recovering myself.


His beauty got me speechless.


I typed in his name and search for it on my goggle app.










AGE: 25




I searched for his net worth and sigh when I saw what it is.


Poor rat.




He is average, but can’t stand my bank account and that’s a fact!


I dropped my phone on the night stand and clap my hand.


A maid came in shortly waiting for my orders.


“Go mix a bath for me, lukewarm.” I said and she nodded before going inside the bathroom.


I can’t stand people who try to dictate for me,it’s my f**king life and I’m gonna do exactly what I feel like doing.


Chris POV


I went inside my room and sat down on the bed while I log inside my laptop.


That girl is just too arrogant, I can’t put up with her dirty disrespectful mouth.


All I wanna do is just to put that mouth of hers in her place but I held myself back because it’s haven’t been 24hours yet.


She doesn’t know whom she’s dealing with.


I’ma have to show her.


I check up my email box and there haven’t been really much but I did reply or trash the ones there.


I log inside my Instagram account and quickly scroll up.


I stopped scrolling when a picture caught my eyes.


“She’s beautiful.” I muttered. I click on her profile and scroll down.


I click on the message box and couldn’t believe it.


She has been chatting me for long now while I keep snubbing her.


I don’t really remember but, I just hate people disturbing my inbox.





Few minutes later she replied.



Hey doctor Chris


She sounds polite, unlike this retarded I’m going to treat.


How are you beautiful



Fine thank you doctor, hum I just want to know if you’re still in NY she typed and I stopped my fingers for a moment.


I think she know me too well.






I have a dislocation on my hand and I was wondering if I should come to the hospital she said.


She must have been a fan for long.


She knows where I work.



Sorry dear but I’m on a house treatment, so I got no time for ya but i’ma direct


you to a perfect doctor for that i typed.


My bedroom door suddenly burst open and Arielle ride her wheelchair in.


“You forgot that there is something called, knock on the door before entering a visitor’s room.” I said calmly.


“And I don’t care about that, this is my house I can do whatever I want.” She snarled and I sigh.


I can’t put up with her attitude for too long, i might do something silly so I got to endure it.


If I knew about her attitude earlier on I wouldn’t have come in the first place.

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“What’s wrong with your attitude? You need to return to juniors you know.” I snapped angrily.


“So you worth 24m? She asked and I furrowed my brow in confusion before it hit me.


She actually searched my name.




“Poor rat.” She muttered and I stood up from the bed.


“The f**k?


“You heard me, you’re poor and I can’t even stand you I don’t know why dad brought you here in the first place. You sucks.” She yelled.


Is she bipolar?


She ain’t normal at all.


How can a normal person call twenty four million dollars poor?












(Worlds apart)




(Check up)

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