Sat. Feb 10th, 2024

Episode 9



Arielle’s POV


I step out of my school uniform and walk inside the bathroom.


The day was hectic for me being that the school session and end of high school is nearer.


I turn the faucet on and let the tub fill as I recount I my last encounter with Chris.


I added bubbles inside the water and sigh.


Ever since that night he haven’t call me again and I couldn’t bring myself to call him too even though I want to.


I later decided to call him but he just ignored my call.


I was pissed off.


Why hasn’t he call me yet, is he still angry with me?


I turned off the water and step inside the bathtub.


The warm water hit my body as I sat there quietly.


Releasing the feel of the water on my skin.


I close my eyes and rest my head.


Why is it so hard to forget about Chris, to let go of him?


What have you done to me Chris Macbeth?








I rub my eyes and look around me.


Damn it, I slept off.


I stood up from the bathtub and step out if it then grab a towel from the door.


I clean my body with it then tied up around my chest.


I opened the bathroom door and walk inside my room.


I sat down on a stool in front of my mirror and squeezed the lotion inside my palm.


After rubbing the lotion on my body I opened the door to my closet and walk in.


Picked a light blue night wear and wore it before laying down on the bed.


I switched off the lamp and closed my eyes.


I need to sleep.


I woke up and the first place my eyes went to was the wall clock.


I step down from the bed and walk inside the bathroom to ease myself.


After doing my morning business in the bathroom I walk back inside the room and change into my uniform.


After combing my hair and parked it into a ponytail I grab my backpack including my phone, wallet and car key then walk out of the room.


I knocked on my parents room door and peep through the key hole.


“Good morning dad, good morning mom.” I greeted as dad opened the door and I walk in.


“Good morning princess, how was your night? Mom asked



“It was fine mom, I’m on my way downstairs for breakfast.” I said.


“You go ahead princess, we’ll soon join you.” Dad said and I nodded before turning on my heels and left the room.


I walk downstairs and met Axel and Ares dressed up for work.


“Good morning guys.” I greeted and peck their cheeks.


We started eating breakfast calmly with no word interaction between us.


After eating I dropped my cutlery and grab my backpack.


“Next time I’ll eat this horrible food again, I’ma make sure you are fired.” I said to the cook and walk out.


I enter my car and drove off after plugging in my headset and play pillow talk by Zayn.


I got to school and park my car at the parking lot.


It was outstanding among others.


Well I’m Arielle Montenegro, my things are more outstanding.


I walk to my first class which is English and sat down on my chair.


“You came early today.” Tanya said and I chuckled.


“Yea, you’re right. I guess I woke up early today.” I said and dropped my backpack as the teacher walk in.


The class session went by too quickly.


We attended more two classes be for walking to the cafeteria.


“What is going on with you and the hot guy? Tanya asked as she bite on her steak.



“Nothing is going on between us dummy, stop with the stupid assumptions.” I said and glared at her.


“Okay whatever, deny it all you want but I’m sure something is going on with you both.” She said and quickly avert her eyes from mine.


I would have chop em off.


After eating we walk back to our next class since we were both taking the same classes.


After school I drove along the highway in an hopeless thought.


Should I go see him?


I turned my car around and drove to the hospital.


I park my car at the parking lot and make my way inside the hospital.


“Excuse me.” I called a nurse.


“How can I help you? She asked sweetly. Well I don’t care.


“Where can I find doctor Macbeth? I asked.


“The top floor.” She said and I nodded before walking away.


I enter the elevator and press the top floor.


The elevator stopped and I walk out of the walking down the long hallway.


I got to his office door which has his name in it and knock on the door.


“Come in.” He said and I turned the knob and walk in.


I closed the door behind me and he was still typing out in his computer, his reading glass lay low on the bridge of his nose.


He look so f**king delicious.


I cleared my throat and he looked up.


He looked both shocked and surprised to see me.


“What are you doing here? He asked and I walk close to him.


“Why are you avoiding my calls? I asked back.


I got to where he was sitting down and pull him up.


I pull him to my height and smashed my lip on his.


He have to know.


I hate it when people ignores me.


He is mine!








(Worlds apart)




(Bold now ain’t we?)



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