Tue. Feb 20th, 2024

Episode 8



Arielle’s POV


“Just leave me alone Chris, go back to your slut she’s waiting.” I snapped angrily. Why is he holding me down like I’m his property while a few minutes ago was getting a dry humping with that blonde.


“You’re too young to be in a club little girl, go back home.” He seethed calmly. His he high on shisha?


Why his he acting like my dad or Axel?


Well f**k him.


“Whatcha gon’ do if I don’t? I whispered into his ear as the music keep blaring.


He grab my a** and squeezed it causing me to jump from his lap.


“Why are you so annoying? He asked. This time around he was angry, so angry that his eyes are now darkened.



What’s up with him?


One time his flirting with me then the next he’s angry.


Crazy bipolar.


He grab my hand and dragged me outside the club. He stopped beside my car and pin me on it. My hand on his chest and his hands were beside my head.


“What do you want from me? The other day you kissed me and later act like nothing is wrong with that and now….now you’re acting all possessive, what’s


going on? I whispered as we both stare at each other. His height towers my little body.


He bring down one of his hands and caress my cheek.


I uncontrollably lean into his touch and close my eyes.


“Arielle bitch what are you doing here, I’ve been searching for you everywhere.” A voice said and I quickly open my eyes.


“Oh….sorry I didn’t know that I was disturbing.” She added and I release a f**k


you middle finger to her.


She hurriedly left and Chris release his grip from me.


“You really know how to be disrespectful huh? He asked and I scoffed.


“Stop acting like you know me Mister, anyways stop stalking me.” I said sternly.


He grab my hand and push me closer.


“Stalking you? Baby girl don’t test my Patience because I’ve got only little.” He said between gritted teeth.


“You’re hurting me.” I cry out as his hand tighten around my arm.


He loosen his grip and look away. His hands dip inside his pocket.


“I’m sorry.” He muttered as I examine my hand.


Did he just said sorry?



I started walking away as I feel his eyes on my back.


I got inside the club and eye searched for Tanya.


I saw her dancing with a guy and I went and dragged her away.


“We ghat to leave now.” I said as I rummage through my bag.


I saw Chris as he enter his car, he look at me then drove off.


I feel hurt, I thought that he wanted to say something. I thought he like me too.


How can he even like a young teenage girl that acts so inmature.


“Are you having hots for that doctor from the hospital? Tanya asked as I drive.


“I don’t, stop talking nonsense.” I snapped angrily.


“What? I just asked a question, I saw the way you lean into his touch back there, it was f**king hot.” She said and giggled.


I just want her to shut up or I shut it for her.


I drop her off in her house and drove to mine.


Immediately I enter the house Ares was seen coming down from the stairs.


“So how was the club tonight? You came back earlier today so unlike you.” He said and I rolled my eyes.


“Leave me alone Ares, I need some rest.” I said as I pick up my bag from the couch and headed upstairs.


Why do you keep showing up everywhere that I go Chris Macbeth?


Why is my heart acknowledging your presence so much?


Am I in love with you?


An older guy?


I just can’t accept this.


I got to my room and sat down on the bed as I remove my jewelries.



My phone starts ringing and I picked it up.


Who is this?






My baby girl the voice said.




This….this is not his number.



Why are you calling me? I said in a cold voice.


I really want to hear his voice so badly.


I just can’t let him know how I feel.


He is an adult and I’m an annoying teenager.



You don’t wanna hear my voice? Alright then good night He said before hanging up.


Why did I do that? I don’t really know.


Should I call back?


I feel restless, I’m in love with this man and it’s driving me insane.


I’m ashamed of myself.


F**k Arielle doesn’t care what people says.


I want him, I crave for him, I think of him in every little thing.


What am I?


Does he even think of me or just sees me as a rich spoilt girl?









(Worlds apart)







(Lip locked)



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