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Episode 4



Arielle’s POV


I could see the fire blazing in his eyes but who cares.


He look angry, so mad.


“Can you just go? I’m busy before you came.” He said coldly and I huffed.


As if.


“You don’t tell me to leave, this is my house, this is my room.” I said as I flaunt my hands around.


He stood up from the bed and walk closer to me, I keep my eyes on him, watching his every move.


I won’t let him intimidate me.


“Are you this uncultured? He asked and I shot him an angry glare.


“We should say that about you,I mean you’re raised in the hood of Miami.” I said crossing my hands around my chest.


“I might….” He wanted to say something but stopped and rub his forehead with his




“It is really childish to be battling words with you.” He said and walk back to the bed. He sat down and concentrate on his laptop.


His he trying to neglect me right now?


“Hey, look I’m still here.” I said clapping my hand. He sprang up from the bed and scratch his head.


“What do you want me to do little one? You don’t want me near you and I gave you space so what else do you want? I asked clearly frustrated.


“I’m not little, nigga I’m your boss here.” I snapped.


I don’t even know why I’m here in the first place.


This minute all I wanted is to piss him off and the next I seek for his attention.


“Well, I’m your patient right? So you should treat me as one.” I said and he heaved a sigh.


“Don’t start again, we both know that we didn’t start good.” He said and I scoffed.


“So when will the surgery hold? I asked.


He kept quiet for some minutes before speaking up.


“Next week, first we have to know how stable you are for the surgery.” He said and I scoffed.


“So I’ll be cripple for a week? My shit look I can’t do that.” I sneered.


“You have to endure it Arielle, you will be fine again.” He said calmly.


I turned my wheelchair around and left the room.


I don’t know why I’m so mad at Chris but I can’t tell. I just want to make him angry every time.


His breath annoys me, the way he talks, the way he look I bet women must be throwing themselves on him but who give a f**k though.


I got to the sitting room and called a maid to turn on the television for me.


I started watching some music videos and awards on TV.


Sometimes I see life as boring as hell, spend some of my time in school and the others for parties and shopping spree.


I decided to check out the new fendi design, sometimes i do shop online especially if I went on a vacation.


I don’t see life as hard as others think.


All I just wanna do is have fun and spend money.


I really don’t have much to talk about my love life.


For three years now I’ve dated more than ten guys.


My last boyfriend was the son of the dean of studies in university of Newcastle.


He is quite rich for a twenty one guy. He was in college at that time.


I just fed up with the relationship, I wanted a new taste.


Breaking up with Oprah gave me the freedom that I want.


One night things is the best, no commitments, no stalking, no rumors, just have fun and enjoy.


I just can’t wait to walk again, I feel helpless like this then I can put that hot stubborn doctor in his place.



Chris POV


It has been five days now since I came to the Montenegro mansion.


It has been quiet, they are all nice except my arrogant patient of course.


She has been a thorn in my flesh for almost a week now.


Everything I do doesn’t please her.


My existence in general doesn’t.


Well is not like I care but I don’t remember having any problem with her before, so for her to pick a hate on me got me confused.


“You are out again Mister, should we continue? She asked and I nods.


Currently I am doing an X_ray on her to find out the real situation of her leg.


Whether broken or fractured.


As I smooth out her leg, I focus my eyes on the computer.


“Luckily it’s a fracture.” I said and chuckled.


“I really thought you broke it, with the way you were whining about your leg.” I mocked and she shot me a glare.


“So we’re still doing the surgery? She asked seriously.


“Not really, it’s not necessary anymore.” I said and she nodded.


I lay her on the bed and carry out some boner treatment on her leg.


Before sating her back on her wheelchair.


“I’ll tell your dad to get you a clutches.” I said after arranging the equipments.


“Looks like I’m good to go.” I said and she looked at me.


“You re leaving? She asked and I nodded.


“But I’ll miss your arrogant self.” I said and she frown yet again.


“Don’t miss me Mr, I don’t give a shit about you.” She said and I smiled.


I’ve learnt to put up with her, she is young and ignorant so I won’t blame her.


“I’ll miss you.”


“Go f**k yourself.” She said and wheel her chair out of the room.


What an arrogant girl.


I like her though.








(Worlds apart)








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