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Episode two



Chris POV


Chief Lexington informed me yesterday about going to the Montenegro mansion to treat their daughter.


Who am I to Refuse?


I pack my suitcase and drove to the Montenegro mansion.


I’m Chris, not rich and not poor either. I’m of average if i must say.


My dad and mom lives in Miami where I was born and brought up.


Miami is my home including new York, they are both home to me because most of my good and bad moments take place in those two states.


I am twenty five years old,not too much of a friendly type. I’m focused, I don’t mix work with pleasure.



Am 5’9 feet tall, an oval round face with a sharp jawline.


Neatly trimmed beards and a big pink plump lips.


I got a piercing on my ear but not a thug.


The gate opened and I drove inside the Montenegro mansion.


I came down from my Roll Royce which was given to me by chief Lexington on my birthday.


A maid came and collect my Suitcase then lead me inside the house..


We got to the sitting room and the family were all sitting down.


The family consist of Mr Montenegro,Mrs Montenegro, two sons and a daughter.


Looking at the physical appearance the boys are older than the girl.


She was sitting on a wheel chair.


“Sir the doctor is here.” The maid announced.


“Good day Mr &Mrs Montenegro, I am doctor Chris sent by chief Lexington to your house.” I introduced myself trying to sound as formal as possible.


“Nice to meet you Chris, take him to the room prepared for him.” He told another maid who lead me across the hallway to a room.


She pushed the door open and went in while I trail behind her.


“This is your room Sir, if you need anything just press the bell and we will be here to take your orders.” She said and I nodded before she left.


I dropped my suitcase on the bed and stare around the room.


It is spacious and beautiful,paint with creamy white color with a blend of blue.


The other end if the room have a desk and a chair with a laptop and some books placed on em.



The cotton which is color brown feel so soft and silky as I part them aside allowing the ray of light to shine inside the room.


It is my room for now, I do shits I want with it.


I place the flower vase beside the bed and went inside the bathroom, the interior design was so ravishing.


A modern set bathtub with a high tubed shower head.


A glass divider and two neatly pack towel hung on it.


The floor was tied all white and the wall white as well, it was so fascinating.


I rarely see a thing like that.


I splash some water in my face before going back inside the room to unpack my things.


After I was through unpacking my stuffs a knock came at the door.


“Come in.” I said, my back facing the door as I put my clothes inside the closet.


“Hi Sir, Mr Montenegro invited you to the sitting room.” The maid said and I turned to face her.


“Tell him that i’ma be there in a jiffy.” I said and she nods before leaving and close the door behind her.


I strip out of my clothes and wear my pajamas and a black shirt, I let the room and walk along the corridor to the sitting room, they were still sitting the way I met them earlier.


“You called me Sir.”


“Yes, please sit.” He said and I sat down beside the girl.



“Oh please, go find another couch.” She snapped.


I ignored her and concentrate more on whatever the man want to talk about.


“This is my princess whom you will treat, she broke her leg while doing rehearsal in school.” He said and I nods.


“I already got every equipment you need to perform the surgery and every other thing else.” He added.


Well he is rich,I’m not surprise.


“Okay sir, can I see the operation room? I asked


“Why not, princess lead him to the room.” He said to the girl with a broken leg. She look arrogant but what?


Do I give a f**k?


I don’t care.


She roll her wheel chair along the corridor while I followed her closely.


She push a room open and we got in.


“Wow! I muttered under my breath.


The place was filled up with different machines and surgery equipments.


“Flies are gon’ enter your mouth if you keep them open more longer.” She snarled at me.


I picked up a file from the bed and flip it.







AGE: 19










I close the file and stair at her.


“According to what I read here you are just nineteen years old, I guess you are in your senior year in high school.” I said and she glare at me.


“So what? I can buy you and your family put together.” She said arrogantly.


Though I was angry but I kept my cool, it’s my first day anyway.


“I am older than you with six years little princess so watch your mouth.” I warned.


“And if I don’t?


“Are you dumb or stupid?




What y’all think about Arielle’s character?






(Worlds apart)












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