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Episode 6


Chris POV


I don’t really know why I kissed her but I just wanted to shut her up.


I’m sure she’s gonna rant again and that was the only way I can stop it.



Only God knows what she will do next.


I release her from my grip and stare at her face, her eyes were close and she look peaceful like that, I have never see her this quiet.


She slowly open her eyes and caught me staring at her eyes.


“You…..You kissed me.” She said slowly stuttering along.


I was surprised because I never hear her stuttering before.


“Why? She asked and I shrugged.


“She is an older woman Arielle, you should at least ditch your arrogant self in your bag before talking to an elder like that.” I said, completely ditch her question. She furrowed her brow and crossed her hands around her chest.


“She was checking me out,and by the way you are not my Daddy so don’t question


me as one.” She said and glare at me.


I can’t really fathom this little girl.


“Well it will be my pleasure to be your daddy.” I said and she scrunch up her face.


“Oh yuck, ain’t doing no DDLG shit with you.” She said and look away.


Did she just blush? Well I don’t know about that, oh whatever ain’t interested in her anyway, she’s just a young teenage girl in her peak.


“So why are you here? I asked and deep my hands inside my white jacket.


“If you must know, I’m here to visit my friend Jason Smith.” She said and make to walk away but suddenly stop on her track.


“This never happen.” She said as she point between the two of us.


She’s quite funny, I chuckle at how serious her face is.


“Okay whatever.” I said and walk up to her.


“Don’t look for trouble while seeing your friend little one.” I said and rough her hair.


“I swear Chris i’ma……” I didnt let her finish swearing before leaving the place.



I walk towards the receptionist position and smile at her before walking along the hallway.


I enter the elevator and press on a number and lean on the cold metal.


“F**k why did I kiss her? I whispered to myself as I touch my lips once more.


The elevator ding and it open, I got out of the elevator and walk to my office.


I push the door open and walk inside my office, not too big but comfy.


I went to the book shelf and pick out a file.


I walk around my desk and sat down on my chair. Why did I even bring up the DDLG shit with Arielle?


Damn it!


She even refused straight up.


I flip out a page on the file and study it for a moment before my phone beep.


I bring it out from my pocket and unlock it.


You didn’t say sh*t bout my leg


I think for awhile whom it is but then…..


Whop, Arielle?


How did she get my personal number?


This girl is creepy and a die hard stalker I must say.


Arielle’s POV


After seeing Jason we left the hospital,we drop Tanya at her house and drove back to mine. I didn’t see Chris again, well not like I wanted to see him.


I keep reading the text I texted him earlier.


But why did I text him? I don’t know.


The way his lip fit perfectly on mine, the way he slide his tongue inside my mouth, the way he keep staring at me.


F**k it, I’m f**king dripping.


I bite my bottom lip as I dip my hand inside my pant to see myself wet.


Because of Chris? Oh f**k Me!


Have w can I be wet simply by thinking of Chris of all people?


He is old and….and hella handsome.


I can’t help but admire he perfect sculpture face, his neatly trimmed beard and his structure.


He is 5’9 tall and a demi god.


He is old Arielle stop thinking about him, just stop it, he is a whopping 7 years older.


I went inside the bathroom and close the door behind me, I need a release.


I push my pant aside and dip two fingers inside my p**sy.


“F**k.” It came out like a slow moan.


Why am I so attracted to this man with just one kiss?


Remembering what he said earlier.


*Well it will be my pleasure to be your daddy*


Only that word alone forced me to increase my pace, I need to release real fast.


“Oh sh*t.” I moaned as I reach my peak.








(Worlds apart)






(Little girl)


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