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Episode 5



Arielle’s POV



Two weeks later and I’m back in school, I started my cheerleader again and gosh I miss my friends.


I miss everybody.


“Arielle, I heard that Jason had an accident last night.” Tanya said and bring out her book and pen from her backpack.


“Really? Is it serious? I asked and she shrugged.


“I don’t know, maybe we should visit him? She asked.


“Okay, do you know the hospital name? I asked back and he concentration went back to her phone.


“Okay I found it.” She said, just as our English teacher came in.


I bring out my book and pen and scribble down something on it.


I concentrate on the subject which the teacher was teaching and my mind drift off again.


My heart is just heavy this past week and I wonder what is wrong with me.


“Miss Montenegro.” The teacher called and I quickly look up to see the teacher frowning at me.


I don’t really care.


“Where went you? She asked and I furrowed my brow.


“What are you talking about? I asked. Confused at her outburst.


“You were thinking of something else in my class, you and miss Tanya. Now out of my class.” She said sternly and I frown.


Why is she acting so bipolar?


I stood up and carry my bag without saying a word and left the classroom.


I hate embarrament.


“Arielle, wait for me.” Tanya said and I turn my back to find her running after me.


“What’s wrong with Mrs Lynch? She asked and I shrugged.


Who cares,I font really care what is wrong with her but she will regret ever embarrassing me like this.


We walk to the cafeteria and I bought a chocolate milk waffle and strawberry, I sat down on a chair and eat my food slowly.


“What about Ares? She asked and I quickly look at her.


She have a crush on my older brother even though she keep denying it.


But I wonder why she want a 27 years old guy.


“He is fine.” I replied and continue with my food.


Few minutes we were through with our food and we left for our next class which is physical education.


I really don’t like this subject but I need it, I hate it when our physical education teacher acts as if he knows everything meanwhile he knows nothing.


After three more classes the school close for the day, Tanya and I went to the parking lot and met my driver there.


“Good evening Miss.” He greeted and I nods. He open the car for me and I got in including Tanya.


“What’s the hospital name Tanya? I asked.


“I think it’s Mours international hospital.” She said and I call on the driver.


“Drive us to Mours hospital.” I said and he nodded.


I bring out my laptop from my backpack and log into my Instagram account.


I scroll through my profile and smile, the amount of praises I get is really enticing, most of them are from guys who wanna date me or those looking for help.



I tap on Chris profile when I came across it. Speaking of Chris it has been a long I last think about him.More interesting stories available at Topster Stories


Now thinking about him it feels weird, I hate him, yes I hate him, he is poor and


we have no business with each other.


Well that’s what I wanted to believe.


I tap on his recent photo and smile at myself. How can a man be this handsome? I bet lots of women want to spend a night with him.


Oh whatever.


The car stopped and I replace my laptop into my backpack and got out of the car with Tanya.


We enter the hospital and met the receptionist.


“Hi, we’re here for Jason Smith.” I said and the woman look at me, he stare at me


for a while and I got annoyed.


Why the f**k is she staring?


I smash my hand on the metal table and she looked shock, the passer by were looking.


“Why the f**k are you staring? Am i your daughter? I asked hotly.


“Calm down honey, we ain’t fighting.” She said which got me more pissed.


“You old witch, I will…..” I was still talking when a hand grab my wrist and drag me away.


We got to to a corner and I yank my hand off the person’s.


“Get the f**k off me.” I said and look up and my world stopped.





“What a coincidence little one? Your mouth still running huh? He asked and smirked.


I hate it when he call me that.


“I’m not little Chris, I’m 19, a f**king woman.” I sneered.


I immediately felt a sting on my ass cheek and I whimpered.


“You….you spanked me.” I said more like a whisper.


He came closer to me, our mouth just inch apart.


“Don’t push me into taming you little one.” He said and touch my cheek.


“I missed you.” He said and place his lip on mine while I wide my eyes in horror.


I feel butterflies on my stomach.


Chris kissed me!






(Worlds apart)








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