Sat. Feb 10th, 2024

Episode 13



Arielle’s POV


Two weeks after my intimacy with Chris, he completely consumed my thoughts.


Whenever I dream, I end up calling his name.


Masturbating, I call his name.


His delicious face pop up in my head every now and then.


I sigh and wash my hand inside the sink.


I walk back inside my room and walk inside the closet to find something simple to wear.


I wore a baggy oversized white sleeve and a Black short.


I walk back inside my room and face the giant mirror in front of me.


I did my hair up in a ponytail and put on a little make-up.


I wear my flat sandal and put on my waist bag.


I pick up my phone and car key before walking out of the room.


I hurried downstairs and hop inside my car.


“Open the gate nigga! I yelled to the gate man.


The gate opened and I drove out of the gate, my hand continuously tapping on the wheel.


I dial on Tanya’s number and she picked up immediately.



What’s up bitch! she yelled over the phone.



I am on my way to your house I said and look at the car behind me.


The red light came up and I place my hand behind my hair.



Okay bitch, I’ll cook something for us she said and hang up.


The green light came up after sometimes and I drove off.


Five minutes later I was parked at Tanya’s highway, I step out of my car and pick my phone from the second seat before slamming the door close.


I knock on the door and it was opened for me by her mom.


“Hi Kylie,” I greeted with a sincere smile.


“Hey Arielle, come to visit your best friend? ” she asked and I chuckled softly before nodding my head.


“She is upstairs, in her room,” she finally said before walking away from me.


I rushed towards the stairs and climb it slowly to avoid breaking my leg again.


I pushed Tanya’s door open and saw her staring at herself in the mirror.


She was wearing a rip blue short and a white shirt.



“Hey bitch,” I called drawing off her attention away from the mirror.


“Oh my gosh, Arielle you’re creepy,” she shouted and charge towards me. “You were lost in thought though.”


I walk inside the room and sat down on the bed, dropping the phone beside me.


“How is our hot doctor? She asked, a mischievous smile came to a full display on her lip.


“He is fine bitch,” I said and roll my eyes when she feign hurt.


“You are a lucky girl Arielle, imagine having such a gorgeous man to yourself alone,” she said which caused me to blush.


I’m now Chris’s little girl, he calls me at least thrice a day.


In the morning, mid afternoon and late at night.


He is absolutely everything I want now, even though I know that he doesn’t love me.


I haven’t confess my feelings for him either but I’m certain that my love is enough for both of us.


Who would fall in love with an arrogant nineteen years old teen.


I know that he’s just with me because he find me super annoying, which amuses him.


“Back to earth Arielle Montgomery,” Tanya snapped.


I sigh and stood up from her bed, heading downstairs.


“I am hungry incase you’ve forgotten,” I said poking on my stomach.


She followed behind me as we headed downstairs for breakfast.


We got to the dinning room and I sat down on a chair.


“I made waffles, cheese and steak,” she said happily.


“Let’s eat then,” I noted and as I pick on my steak and took a bite.


Moaning incoherent words as I did.


She sat beside me and we started eating.


After eating I gulp down the glass of tomato juice before me.


“Since we’re in our summer holiday, what would you like to do this Summer?” Tanya asked.


A question I have no answers to.


What is really my plan for this Summer?


“I don’t really know,” I answered, sincerely.


“You want to travel? Maybe Poland or England?” She asked but I shook my head.


I just want to stay here in NY with Chris.


Getting to know that Chris is not far away from me.


“Chris?” Tanya asked.


“I said that out loud?” I asked and she nodded.


“You love him huh?”


“I love him Tanya,” I stated and sigh. ” he makes me feel wanted, not for the money,”


I remembered our first intimacy.


The way his fingers were moving in and out of me.



I feel giddy and hot again.


I want to see him, touch him, feel his warmth of relief on my body.


“I have to go now, I’ll call you later,” I said to Tanya and hurried out of the house.


I have to see Chris, I hop inside my car and drove off .


I just have to check if he’s in the hospital or better still, call him.



Hey Baby girl his voice deep and calm on the phone.



What’s up Chris, are you in the hospital I’m on my way there



Yea i am, wanna tell you something he said and my breathing became heavy.


What does he wanna tell me?








(Worlds apart)











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