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Episode 13



Arielle’s POV


I drove to the hospital with mixed feelings.


What I it that he wants to tell me?


He sounded so serious on the phone.


I drove inside the hospital’s parking lot and took a deep breath before opening my door and got out.


The journey up to the top floor was a war for me.


Should I go back or not?


I don’t want to be rejected.


I got to his office and knock on the door, biting on my fingers I waited for him to invite me in.


“Come in,” his raspy voice said from inside the office.


I opened the door and creep in.


“Hey,” I greeted, he was so engrossed in whatever he was writing that he didn’t know it was me.


“Drop the report and leave,” he said without looking up.


His face was masked with seriousness.


I guess he want to perform a surgery soon.


“Are you busy now?” I asked, a cheeky smile tainted my face with happiness.


He quickly look up and smiled at me.


“Sorry baby girl, I was just so engrossed with this health record,” he said and I nodded.


I walk closer to him and sit down on his lap.


I touched his perfect sculptured face and smile in admiration.



He was perfectly made by God.


“What are you thinking?” He asked, his signature smirk playing mischievously on his lip.


“You look so hot today, so f**king hot.” I said and he smiled. He smiled wholeheartedly like a boy being told that he is loved by his crush.


He hand tightened around my waist as he move me closer to his chest.


He sniffed in my hair causing me to shuddered.


I shifts on him and he chuckled softly.


“Stop doing that, unless I’ll f**k you so hard on my desk,” he looked me up and down and smiled.


“Right now,” he added and I gulped.


How many nights have I fantasied about having s£x with Chris?


I can’t count them, I lost count already.


“Why did you call me here?” I asked, diverting the topic away from the rising s£xual tension in the room.


He heaved a deep sigh of relieve and glance at me.


“Do you still want to continue this, do you still wanna be my baby girl? I’m not forcing you into it, you can quit if you don’t like it,” He said, I turned my full concentration towards him and held his face in my palm.


I searched his face for any sign of jokes but he was dead serious, as serious as he was when I first came.


“How….can you even think of that Chris? Have I ever told you that I don’t like it?”


I asked, my eyes began to water as I stare at him.



“You haven’t but are you comfortable with me? If you want a normal relationship then I can give it to you,” he said.


“I love being your baby girl Chris, I love it because you care for me, protects me and treats me like a princess when deserved and punished me when deserved too.”


“F**k you’re too cute,” he said and chuckled.


“Daddy, when are you going to show me your house?” I asked playing with his jet black hair.


“We can go after work today, I’ll text you when I’m through with the surgery.” He said and stood up from the chair, bringing me along with him.


He checked his wrist watch and glance at me.


“The surgery is starting in the next thirty minutes,” he said and smirked. “I can make you release before leaving,’ he said and place me on his desk.


I held unto his tightly as he unzip my short and rubbed my clit with his thumb.


“Wet already?” He asked in an amused voice.


His lips met mine in an intense steamy kiss.


Without warning he sink in two fingers inside my hot channel.


His lip move away from my mouth to my neck, placing small feather kisses on my neck.


His other hand was squeezing and pinching my boobs.


“F**k, I’m close daddy!” I yelled.


His fingers keep going faster inside me while I held tightly on his shoulder to support myself.


“Yea….faster daddy,” I moaned as he keep hitting my g spot multiple times.


Per my request he increased his pace inside me.


“Sh!t I’m coming daddy, I am….” I couldn’t finish my statement before I cum on


his fingers.


“That’s right, let it out baby girl.” He encourages me as he rub my clit vigorously.


“Come back to me sweetheart,” he said kissing my forehead.


I came down from my high and look at him.


If he could make me cum within five minutes, what then will happen when he f**k me?


“I love you,” I said unconsciously.




I look away because I couldn’t bear to look at him.


He will just reject me.


Who in his right senses will love a nineteen years old arrogant rich girl?


I’m not good enough for him.


I came down from the desk and wore back my short.


I straightened my shirt and shot him a fake smile.


“Forget that I ever said that daddy, I…I am sorry,” I said and quickly clean my eyes to hide the tears that was threatening to spill.


“I just love you so much,” I whispered.


“I love you too baby girl, I love your arrogant self but love your humble little girl self more,” he whispered to my ear and kissed me.


Daddy loves me!!












(Worlds apart)







(Being a good girl)



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