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Episode 14



Arielle’s POV


Really? Chris loves me?


He really do love me?


“I…I…don’t know…” He cut me off by pecking my lips, a smile creeping up on his delicious face.


“You’re beautiful and I love this side of you baby girl,” he said. I can’t believe this, after everything I have done and said to him? From me calling him a broke guy and other bad things. I didn’t know when a ball of tear roll down my cheek.



“Now stop crying will you? Don’t be a cry baby now,” he teased. I sniffed and chuckled.


“Go on a date with me, tomorrow night 8:00pm,” he said and I laughed.


“You’re simply telling me to go on a date with you, you didn’t ask,” I said and he frowned.


“How am I supposed to do that?” He asked scratching the back of his neck.


“You have never went on a date before?” I asked and he chuckled.


“Not a fan of dates, but I do go on dates though the girls are more interested in doing so,” he said with a shrug.


Why won’t they ask for a date instead when he is just so f**king hot?


I smiled and punched him softly on the chest.


“So 8:00? He asked and I nodded.


I glanced at my wrist watch and let out a frustrated sigh.


“I won’t be able to go to your house today daddy, my dad told me to come to his office at this time,” I said, trying to sound convincing.


“Okay then, I’ll call you tonight baby girl. Stay good for daddy,” he said and I nodded like a good girl.


I am not a good girl but I’m learning to be one through the help of my amazing daddy Chris.


I drove straight to dad’s company.


Dad has six companies in new York city. But I’m in his main office now.


I enter the elevator and press on a botton.



Soon enough, I was already in the 50th floor.


“Good afternoon Ms Montgomery, I’ll tell the boss that you’re here,” Tina dad’s secretary said and I nodded.



My phone pinged and I checked to know the notification.


It was a message from Chris.



Are you there already baby girl



Yes daddy, I am just waiting for him to call me in


He saw the message and started typing.












I texted and send.




Okay baby girl, I’ll call you tonight He texted and i replied with’Okay’. How did I got so lucky?


He didn’t mind how I used to treat him.


“You can go in now Ms Montgomery,” Tina said and I nodded.


I headed for the door and suddenly stop.


“And Tina, call me Arielle,” I said with a smile.


She was shocked, of course it was written on her face.


I never allowed my dad’s employees to call me by my name.


It has always been Ms Montgomery, when I told her to call me by my name.


I’m sure she must be thinking I’m crazy.



I don’t remember ever doing this before, but for Chris. I guess I’ll try to be a good girl.


“Good afternoon dad,” I greeted and pecked his cheek.


“Welcome sunshine, take your seat,” i sat down and dropped my bag on the desk.


“So I was thinking if you and Ares can look after this headquarters for me while I travel to Mauritius with Axel?” He asked.


Taking care of the company?


That’s a great work to do, I know absolutely nothing about business.


“But dad…I know nothing about business, how am I supposed to do all this?” I asked, pouting my mouth at the same time.


Dad exhaled deeply and shrugged.


Tina will be here and Ares knows everything, you guys can call me in case of any problem,” he said and I nodded.


Thinking back looks like this will benefit me too.


I can learn some things about the business and at the same time look after it for dad.


“Okay dad, count me in.” I added with a smile.


“That’s my princess, that’s all.”


I stop up from my seat and picked up my bag.


“Okay dad, I’ll be leaving now. I have plans with Tanya today.” I said.


He looked from the paper he was going through and sighed.


“Are you okay sunshine?” He asked, concerns lase on his voice.



“I’m good papa, why are you so worked up?” I asked, he just smiled and wave it off.


“If that’s all papa, I’ll be on my way now,” I said and walk across his desk. Giving him a peck on the cheek I walk towards the door.


“See you later papa,” i said and waved at him before opening the door and closed it behind me.


I got to the company’s parking lot and got inside my car.


Fasting my seatbelt i look behind me and chuckled softly.


So now I’m seeing things?








(Worlds apart)




(Growing love)



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