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Episode 17



Arielle’s POV


After eating our food we started talking about ourselves.


Truth is, we don’t really know that much about ourselves.


I guess the only thing I know about him is his name and age.


“I don’t really like showing too much details about myself on Internet,” he said and chuckled.


“So most of the information on Internet about you are fake or incorrect?” I asked and he smirked.


“Exactly babe, it stress me out.”


“So what about you is fake on Internet?” I asked, placing the hand towel on the table.


“Net worth?, age?, many things,” he said and I covered my mouth.


I vividly remember when I bashed him about his net worth and calling him a poor man.


“Net….worth?” I stuttered and he nodded, sipping his wine calmly.


“So how much is your net worth?”


“24 multiply by 9,”



“$216m!” My eyes widened as it dawn on me.


I have been so f**king stupid.


Not everybody likes to plaster their lives on social media.


“But how…why did you put $24m?” I asked and he shrugged.


“I just feel like it, most of my investment and properties are in my hometown.” He said and stared at me.


“I only have one mansion here in new York,” he added.


I was so ashamed of myself, what o said that day, the expression on his face when I said so started hunting me.


“I’m sorry Chris, I….I’m ashamed of myself,” I whispered.


“You don’t have to be sorry baby girl, shall we go now?” He asked and I nodded.


He called a waiter and hand over the money then lead me out of the restaurant.


“Where are we going now?” I asked when we got inside the car.


“My house,” he said, his eyes still glued to the road.


I kept quiet as he keep driving.


He soon drove inside a beautiful place with shining lights.


“Don’t come down,” he said.


He stopped the car and came down, then come around the passenger seat and opened the door.


“Thank you,” I mumbled.


He flashed me a smile and lead me towards the house.


It was a big mansion actually, very beautiful.


A huge swimming pool divided the house .


I couldn’t view things clearly since it was dark.


He opened the door and help me in.


“You live alone?” I asked and he nodded.


“In this huge house? How do you cook? Or clean?” I asked, well I was curious.


“They come during the day to do their job then leave,” he said casually, I nodded and glance around the sitting room.


The couch were spectacularly beautiful, plain white wall and a thick curtain.


“Come, let me show you something.” He grabbed my hand and lead me up the stairs.


The wall was filled with tons of photos.


One of an older woman whom I assume to be his mother and a man whom should be his father.


“We’re here,” he said, jolting slightly I looked around the place.


We were in a big room, in the middle of the room a big king size bed was laying pretty.


The lights were dimmed down adding to the beauty.


I looked at him, his gray eyes piercing into mine.


For once I wish I met him earlier than this, my life would have been so much better.


But nevertheless, it’s still is.


He stared deeply into my soul, searching for any doubts in me.


I have no doubt about our relationship, I certainly don’t.


“I love you Arielle,” he said and held my chin up.


The way my name roll out of his mouth was hella s£xy.


“I love you more Daddy, I f**king love you.” I whispered.


He lowered his head and captured my lip on his.


He nibbled on my lower lip and slipped his tongue inside my mouth.


He taste so refreshing, a mixture of mint and champagne.


I slowly dropped my bag and fumbled with his suit jacket.


While he was kissing me hard, squeezing my a** cheek with his hand causing me to gasp for him to slip his tongue in, I continued to botton down his shirt.


He broke the kiss, I was breathing heavily as he placed his forehead on mine.


“Do you really want this? Do you want me to make love to you?” He asked causing me to blush.


How can he ask me such a thing.


“I want you right now Chris, more than I’ve ever wanted anything,” I whispered into his ear.


He growled lowly and picked me up, my leg slipped around his torso as he keep kissing me.


He turned me around and slowly zip down my dress, his breath hitched as he stared at my bare back.


“You look so beautiful baby girl,” he mumbled, caressing my shoulder with his hand and placing little kisses on them.


The dress fall freely from my body, leaving me only on my matching red pant and bra.


He turned me around and almost ate me up.


“I’m going insane,” he mumbled and I chuckled.


He quickly picked me up and placed me on the bed.


My back hitting the soft texture if the mattress caused memories to cloud my thinking’s.


I pictured myself and Chris sleeping on this bed everyday, not as boyfriend and girlfriend but as husband and wife.


I guess this is my teenage mindset.


He kissed me neck and I let out a muffled moan.


His tongue teased me from my ear to my collar bone then between my br**st.


“So gorgeous,”


He slowly unclasped my bra and stare at my medium sized br**st.


I’ve never in my life anticipated for a s£x like I just am.


Chris is driving me crazy.


His tongue met my nipple and I moaned softly.


This is pure torture!


“Just f**k me already,” I whispered yelled.


He raised his head at me and smirked.


“Oh really? Then I’ll f*”k you,” he removed my pant with his teeth and sniffed it before putting it back inside his pant pocket.


His tongue met my core in a long lick and I shuddered, moaning loudly.


This is intense!



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