Fri. Feb 9th, 2024

Episode one


Arielle’s POV


I walk along the hallway and could hear the whispering coming from each group of people that I pass by.


Well I don’t care, I don’t really give a f**k why anybody says.


I mean my sh!t look, they are just some jealous hoes wanting to compete with me.



I got to my locker, I opened it and brought out my stuffs for practice.


“We ghat to go bff.” My best friend Tanya said.


She is an understanding person and that’s why she put up with me after all the embarrament and arrogance I showed.


She held my hand and dragged me along the hallway down to the court where our practice is.


I changed my stuffs already,so I positioned the girls and stood in front of them.


“So, one, two three.” The coach says and we started to dance to the music.


I continue to do my own different stunt earning a lot of admirers.


Well I always do, I smirked at the thought.


Other cheerleaders gather around and lift me to the air while I did a flip.


They caught me and I stood in their hands while I did another, this time I mistakenly shook from where I supposed to land and crash on the floor.


“Oh shit, help.” I yelled. I was really in a shitty pain.


I whined in pain as the boys rushed and help me out, they called the ambulance and to take me to the hospital.


“No please, no I don’t f**king wanna go there, take me home.” I yelled but they keep going to their way.


“If you don’t do as I say I’ll arrest y’all.” I yelled and whined in pain.


They turned the ambulance around and turned to another way, before ten minutes they drove inside the mansion and put me on the stretcher.


“You f**king get my backpack from the ambulance.” I said harshly to a maid standing close to me.


My leg went completely numb that I couldn’t work. More like I was paralyzed.


I quickly dial my dad’s number immediately I got my backpack, when he pick up I started crying.




“Princess, what’s wrong with you? Why are you crying? He asked and I sniffed.


“I got into an accident while practicing and I break my leg.” I said still crying.


“Don’t worry child, I’ll call the family doctor to come and check you up.” He said and hang up.


I look around me and nobody was there with me.


“Where the f**k are y’all? I yelled and a maid rushed out from the kitchen side. “Yes Miss?


“Get me a glass of cold juice, gosh my leg hurts.” I whined and she scampered off to go get me what I want.


I am Arielle Montenegro, I always get what I want.


Whatever cloth, shoe or even car that I want, I always get it because I am Arielle.


The princess of the Montenegro empire, no one dares defy me.


She got me the juice and I took a sip of it, my lips glued to the rim.


Doctor Mike came back after an hour and checked me up after which he left.


Dad came back later and came to my room.


“Good evening dad.” I greeted still scrolling through my phone.


“Arielle,how are you? He asked.


“Am fine dad, but it hurts.” I whined.


“So I talk to Mike and he said that you need a surgery.” He said and my heart jumped into my mouth.




“Yea, and he already arranged everything. The surgeon will be here tomorrow and before that I’ll get all the equipments ready.” He said and I nodded before gulping down the lump in my throat.


My left leg can’t be move at all, I hate myself right now because I look vulnerable.


I can’t do shit by myself without the he’ll of the maids.


“Okay dad, i want to rest now.” I said and lay properly on the bed.


He covered me we’ll with the duvet and kissed my forehead before leaving.


Immediately my room door closed I opened my eyes and picked my phone from the night stand.


I scroll through my Instagram page and there were lots of stories about my accident.


Haters were happy about it especially Elena.


Gosh I can’t put out with that bitch, she should just wait till I get better.


I won’t forget to Whop her ass.


I throw my phone across the room and fume in anger.


She just ruin my evening, but then I started thinking of the surgeon dad talked about earlier.


I hope that it is a woman because if it is a man, he won’t last long with me.


Just what am going to do to him got me smiling devilishly.










(Worlds apart)







(You dumb or stupid?)





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