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After feeding him the brown soup, I covered him properly with the duvet and ran downstairs.


i carried the drugs i bought and other stuffs



I got to his room and he was already sleeping.




He’s not ready.


I know he’s afraid of medicine.


I’m quiet sure he’s unaware of my injections.


I took a pint and inserted the syringe in.


I withdrew it and got the quantity of injection I needed.


β€œTake your medicine” I said.


” Let me be, will you? ” he said and to the other side of the bed.


I moved to the bed and pulled out his arm luckily, his vains were visible.


I inserted the syringe fast and steady.


He groaned and jumped up from the bed.


“I didn’t know t’ll be that active” I said laughing.


You’re so unbelievable Kira” he said as he sat on the bed rubbing his hand.


Uh huh. I am unbelievable. You got sick unbelievable…” I took the pills out.


“…Now, it’s time for you to drink your pills” I said and poured some water in the cup.


” No. No, not again.” he said shaking his head.



“Yes again. You’ll drink it, or do you want it my own way?” I said coming closer to him with a mean stare.


“Gosh Kira. You’re scaring me.” he said and stretched his hand.


I gave him the drug and water.


He drank the pills and kept mute.


He wanted to vomit it, I opened his mouth and poured some water and closed his nose.


He swallowed the drugs and I let him breath.


“That’s how it’s been done. Now lie down and wait for Momma. I’ll go and prepare Lunch.


Be a good boy” I said and left him.


He’s such a baby.





I can’t believe she’s treating me like a baby.


She’s caring and all that.




The injection hurts!


Thank God she didn’t go for my arse.


And she even used a trick on me to drink my drugs.


And how am I sure she wasn’t the one that prescribed the drugs for me.


Kira will kill me someday.



Few minutes later, she came back with bread and fried egg.


“I’m not eating those” I said pointing at the food.


“Are you sure about that?” she asked and gave a deadly stare.


The next thing I saw was food being stucked into my mouth.


I’m so dead


Why dose all her things have to be by force After feeding me she left the room


I quickly brought out my laptop and began working on them


I replied some emails and sent my assistant messages ,,i dont like errors in my work


Gosh i have so much that needs to be done


I heard the door cracked open ,i quickly hid the laptop under the duvet and pretended i was sleeping


I felt someone her presence close to my bed ,,she check my pulse ,Covered me with the duvet properly and left


Oops that was close









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