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Austin is so inhumane!


I can’t believe I’m actually working for this guy.


Well, what can I do?


I’ve got a mum to take care of in the sick bed.


So, I’ve got to figure out a way to handle the situation.


Austin’s just a situation.


There’s no way I’d do those stuffs within an hour.


I’d give it a shot.




Wash his car


Sweep all the rooms in this house


Iron his dress and prepare the kids and drop them at the day care.


I pulled my blanket and covered my face as I laid down.


I need rest…


I said my prayers and slept off.


Next Day ✨✨✨


The alarm woke me up and jumped out of the bed immediately.


I checked the time:




“Sh!t” I cursed and ran to the kitchen.


Austin’s command kept ringing my eye.


‘Before 7:00!’ he rang on my ear again.




I haven’t washed his car.


The clothes haven’t been ironed…


The kids


The rooms…


I’m fuvked.


I wasn’t done with the dishes when it got to 7’O clock.


I heard someone clapping and I turned and it was Austin.


He was all dressed and the kid’s were already prepared.


“You’re slow” he said and dropped his ATM card on the cupboard.


He squatted down facing Mitchell and Stacy..


“Come on… go wait for Daddy on the car park. I’ll be down there in a jiffy” he said and touched Mitchell’s hair..


Mitchell ran off leaving Stacy with us.


“You’re so slow Kira…” he said Mockingly.


“Oh yeah? how about we make a bet.”


” What bet?” he asked


“If I run late tommorow, I’ll leave this house…” I said


And if you make it? what will happen?” he asked. “You’ll take me to a date” I said.


“Oh. That’s great. I’m in!” he said and left with the kids.




To be continue…




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