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I came back home waiting to yell at her,,i went to her room and knocked twice but no answer


So i decided to go check on my kids


I entered the room and my jaw dropped


It looked so good and decorative, like a real kids room


I was even beginning to smile.


No sh!t


I can’t smile at her, by the way, it’s my money!


i walked to chella’s bed and saw the way she hugged her new tedddy bear tightly


i kissed her on her forehead and walked to stacy’s crib she looks so adorable in there


i also kissed her forehead and she giggled


Funny girl how can she be sleeping and giggling at the same time .


i went to my room and freshen up before walking back to the kitchen to make something to eat


I walked pass the dining and something caught my eyes


She made dinner and kept mine


I scoffed



“Lame,,I bet the food is tasteless.






Its a new day


I woke up quiet early and went to the sitting room


“Good morning Boss man”she greeted smiling sheeplessly “You woke up quiet early “she added and i ignored her “Kira” i called


“Sir”she replied and sat down on the couch “Stand up”i fired at her immediately and she did

“How much did you withdraw?” I asked with a Stern face.


She can withdraw as much as she wants and it wouldn’t shake me, but I just need her to afraid of me and probably quit this job.


“Uhm… I don’t actually. seriously, I don’t know” she said and I gaped.


“Can’t you be serious for once? I mean, you need to be accountable for all your spendings” I almost yelled.


“sir did you just hear that”she asked


“Hear what”i asked


“Stacy’s voice ,i think she up” she replied


She didnt even allow me utter another word before she ran upstairs





Well that was close


I began doing some chorse in the kids room before they both woke and i was thankful for that


I prepared a warm bath for the both of them ,dressed them up and we head downstairs




I forgot I was cooking cuz I’ve been staring at Austin since


I ain’t drooling β€” far from it.


But, he’s so f’cking cute!


I’ll make fried eggs this time.


The kid’s needs to eat.


I tied my apron and began cooking.



Tah da la la


I sang while cooking.


I need to impress Austin.


It was like Austin is torturing me


Kira do this kira to that


Kira? what is burning?” he asked and i ran off immediately to the Kitchen. “What the hell Kira!” He yelled and ran after me


The whole food was already dark.


“Why didn’t you tell me you were cooking!?” he yelled at me.


“Cuz u forgot I was cooking!” i yelled back.




Few minutes later i was done preparing another food


I met Austin sleeping in the sitting room.


I think I’ll utilize this opportunity and arrange his room.


The food can wait.


I quickly ran to his room and starting arranging stuffs.


He litters his socks and shoes in all corners in the room!




Even his underwears!


He’s so unbelievable.


I heard some noise and turned.


Austin was already standing at the door.


He grabbed my hand and pulled me out of his room.


“What ever sh!t you did to my room isn’t cool. Not cool at all…” Austin said and finally freed my hand from his grip.


“…From now, you’ll do your work as the Nanny. The kid’s needs to be in day care before 7:30 But before that, ensure that my car is washed, all the rooms are swept, iron my dress and prepare breakfast”


“Before 7:00?!” I asked bewildered.


“Yes. Before 7:00 every single day.” He said and went out of the room


He’s so unbelievable.





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