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I sat down in my office and mutiple debit alert kept beeping in my phone What the hell is she buying ,,did i ask her to buy the whole shopping mall


I kept tapping my feet till she stopped ,gosh am so going to kill her What type of nanny is this for goodness sake?


First of all she employed herself ,decides where to stay in my house and now shes doing unending shopping


Why did i give her my credit card in the first place


I continued working and another message popped in my phone I swear if she is the one am going to kill her


I unlocked my phone and saw it was a message from my chauffeur that they just arrived home


silly nanny ,i wonder whats shes up to i thought


I continued my work on how to buy a company,, although the owner is refusing but am sure i can still pull it off




I arrived home,the kids were already asleep


I lay them down and began decorating their room with the things i bought


I put together stacy crib and it looks so adorable with a lot of toys dangling at the top am sure she will love it


I bought stacy some onesie and chella big toys


This is kids for goodness sake ,,they need all the love they can get and to top in all their father is insanely rich what more can they ask for


Hour later i was done ,,i went to the kitchen and began making dinner


i was half way making dinner when i heard stacy loud cry


I quickly ran to were i lay her and began rocking her gently so she won’t wake chella up


After rocking her and she stopped crying ,i put her pacifier in her mouth and she began sucking of them


I was done cooking ,,i made stacy food and put it in her bottle to cool down


Finally i was done ,,i head to the bathroom took a shower and changed into a floral gown that stopped above my knee and packed my hair in a bun


i went back down stairs and found chella awake and playing with her baby sister who kept giggling


“Who’s ready for a surprise” i said smiling


“Me” chella yelled with her two hands in the air jumping exictedly


“Alright lets go” i replied and carried stacy in my arms


“Close your eyes and do not peep “i said to her and she nodded


She used her two little hands to cover her eyes


I opened the door and asked her to look


I could see the exictment on her face as her ran to her bed and jumped on it holding the new teddy i bought for her tightly



“I likey”she pouted exicted and ran to hug my legs Awwwn so adorable


i placed stacy in her crib and i could see the way her eyes glitter on seeing the toys at the top of her crib she kept clapping her hands and giggling trying to reach them


This arrogant jerk is indeed lucky to have these two lovely kids


After having a wonderful time in their room we head downstairs and feed them


“Bed time “i said and put off the tv because we were watching sofia the first chella’s favourite


I took them to the bathroom and bathed them as chella couldnt stop talking about being a princess one day


After bathing them,i put stacy in crib and also chella lay on her bed “Kira can i be a princess one day”she pouted


“Yes baby ” i replied and kissed her forehead I read her bed time story and soon she slept off


i went back downstairs after i was sure that the both of them were fast asleep i dished out my boss meal and waited for him to come


When i heard his car drive in ,i quickly ran to my room and locked the door I heard him knock on my door twice harsly but i didnt answer HIS SO GONNA KILL ME TOMORROW





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