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I went in, locked the door and relaxed


I arranged my clothes in the closet and lay on the bed to rest


Damn! it feels so good to be rich ,just look at the way the bed is so comfy Minutes later


I was already bored


I came out and head to the sitting room,,i went to the previous room to check on the kids


The toddler was sleeping perfectly well and the my eyes spotted a small girl at the other bed


Okay i must confess this guy is horrible,,how can the kids room look like this


I starred at the baby for a while before using the duvet to cover her properly


They look really cute and his lucky to have two amazing daughters


I wonder how he takes care of them all by himself By the way whats their name



I left the room and looked at the opposite room ,,am sure this is where he sleeps


I knocked on the door twice but no reply ,,this time i knocked harder that my knuckles pained me


“What do you want”i heard his husky voice “What are their name” i asked


“the junior one is stacy while the senior is Mitchell “he replied back “Awwwn cute names” i yelled smiling to myself “Can i come in ” i asked


“No” he replied


I opened the door and entered ,,i know i have issues guys “i thought i told you not to come in” he yelled angrily


Oops i thought i heard come in”i replied back “Why are you here”he asked angrily


“Chill i just have few questions to asks”i replied “First of all do the kids have any allergies”i asked


“Yes peanuts” he replied


“Oh okay,,why dose their room look that way” i asked “There is nothing wrong with the room”he replied

Damn this guy is so hot headed and straightforward



“Okay i will love to go shopping for the kids ,,stacy needs some baby food and other kids stuff” i replied


He stood up and handed me a credit card


“Buy what ever they need”he said


“Cool”i replied smiling


“pin” i asked


“Helena”he replied sadly


I guess thats his late wife name ,,but i didnt ask


I went to the kitchen and made pancake for mitchell and the angry boss then some baby food for stacy


Everything was ready ,,i went to the kids room and woke mitchell


“Hey pretty angel wake up” i said and tap her gently


“Who are you”she asked as she flicked her long lashes


“i’m your new nanny,, you can call me nanny kira” i replied her she smiled widely at me and nodded


“so what can i call you”i asked her


“Chella”she replied in her baby tone


“Alright thats so cute ,,so chella breakfast is ready ,,so lets go into the bathroom “i said


Minutes later i was done bathing chella and stacy ,,i wore them their clothes and we all went to the dining



we were all eatinvmg when angry boss came down stairs


“I made some for you too”i said to him


“I hired you to take care of my kids not me”he replied rudely


“the driver will drop you off”he added


“morning daddy”he said and kissed mitchell cheeks as she giggled


After playing with his kids he bade them goodbye and left without even taking a glance at me


i prepared the kids and soon we all head to the mall




The shopping went well me and the kids had alot of fun,, especially chella who couldnt stop giggling


And i got a lot of compliment from people ,,the kids are so beautiful and i bought them lots of toys


You guys all know it wouldnt stop there right???


I bought a whole lot of stuffs to redecorate the kids room



I know his gonna kill me i send more than he expected and am ready for it


to be continued





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