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I can’t believe she actually made a bet with me.


she’s so hilarious. Does she actually think she could stand a chance?




She’s making me giggle.


I took my Mitchell and left.


I’ll drop them in the day care and go to work.


“Daddy… I don’t want to Nanny Kira to go” Mitchell said.


“She won’t go dear…” I said and ignited my car to Life.


I can’t believe that she has already won my child’s heart.



I dropped my Kids at the day care and decided to stop buy at Pharmacy and buy some pills.


Kira doesn’t stand a chance.


I checked my time it was some already 07:20.


Feels good.





I need to do something.


I know that he’s looking for ways to make me quit this job.


But that ain’t happening.


I prepared lunch and kept it in the refrigerator.


I swept all the rooms and took the Kid’s and Austin’s clothes to the washing machine.


I dumped them in there and left to wash the dishes.


I returned to the washing room and the clothes has already been washed off.


I took them and sprayed them.


I’ll iron them in the morning.


I’ve lessen my work.


It’s now just for me to wake up and iron them.


Life’s stressful asf.


I laid down to rest a little.


Can’t possibly kill myself.





I left the office by 2:00 to get the Kids home.


I didn’t want to stress my driver and Oh!


I had a mission to accomplish.


I took the Kids from the day care and went home.


I got home and everywhere was sparkling.


She must have done a great done a great job.


I moved over to the sitting room and saw her snoring in the couch.


Oh my!


I don’t even know what to do at this moment.


I left her there and took the Kids to their room.


She’s indeed a Nanny.


I came to the sitting room and tapped her.


“Hey Austin! You’re home!” she exclaimed and jumped up from the couch.


Hey. It’s nice to have some sleep once in awhile, you know. It’s good. Just wanted to tell you to move over to your room. You know… the Kids might emulate you” I asked with a smile.


“Are you OK?” She asked surprised.


“Yeah. I’m fine. Why?” I asked.


“The Austin I know would definitely get mad seeing me sleeping on the couch” she said.


Ofcourse I was mad!


But I need to pet her a little in order to get my job done.


“Hey, look at me…” I said and held her shoulder.


“…I’m not mad at you and besides we can’t cheat nature.” I said and went to my special couch.


“Go sleep dear. ” I added.


she nodded her head and went to sleep.


A mischievous grin escaped my lips.


That’s just the perfect plan.



It was already 5:00.


We had Lunch and Kira and the Kids were already playing in the garden


I went to the Kitchen and poured some milk into the cup and added the pills I had bought earlier into one of the cup.


I sipped mine and stirred Kira’s.


I went to garden and gave Kira the cup I had poured some pills.


She took it with a surprise look.


“Drink dear. It’s good for the health.” I said and left.





Austin has been acting strange.


What could he be up to?




Could he really be a changed man now?


First, he asked to move over to my room and get a good sleep instead of yelling at me.


And now, he gave me a glass of Milk!


Things are really getting better.


I gulped in the content and I even forgot to give some to the Kids.


“Oops!” I exclaimed.


“Let’s go have some milk!” I exclaimed.


“Yeh!” Mitchell and Stacy exclaimed and followed me.


I carried Stacy and moved to the Kitchen.


We drank some Milk and I prepared dinner.


We ate and retired to bed.


Today’s definitely the best of my life in a while.


Next Day ✨✨✨


I woke up and I couldn’t even Look at the Window.


I sluggishly checked the time and it was already 09:36.


I rubbed my eyes and checked again.


I pinched my self to know if I’m dreaming.


“You ain’t dreaming” I heard Austin’s voice from the doorstep.


“I’ve ironed my dress. Washed my car and the Kids are already in school. So.. You lose!” he said and left.


“This can’t happen” I said and shoved my hand into my hair.


“Pack your bags please… No date for ya!” Austin said and ran off laughing.


I’m screwed!




To be continue…


Oh no Kira!




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