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Written by, Author Jenny and Dandy Jackson.



She’s kinda crazy


Episode 1


^Kira’s Pov^


I yummed as I woke up.


I checked the time and it was already 7:30




It wasn’t my fault anyways.


I had eaten to my satisfaction while dreaming.


And it made sleep too much.



I rushed to the bathroom and took a quick bath…


I even forgot to brush my teeth..


I rushed back and brushed my teeth.


I came out within two minutes and my body was already dried.


I applied my body lotion and donned my dress.


I packed my hair in a ponytail form.


I smelled my dress.


I was satisfied but I needed to apply perfume.


I smiled as I took the perfume and sprayed.


And now, I was ready to roll.


I took my bicycle and rode off.


I didn’t care about cooking.


All my life, I’ve wanted to be a Chef but here in Korea, I still need a certificate to be a Chef and my family’s financial status can’t afford it.


I heard of a man who’s looking for a Nanny, so I’ve decided to shoot my shot today.


Austin Miner one of the most successful men I’ve admired.


I pulled my bicycle break when I reached my destination.


“Austin Miner and Co”


That’s his company.



I’ll need to go to his office.


i entered the company and was asked to wait


I waited for hours and nobody paid attention to me


Till i got upset and left ,,like you all know me i am never giving up


i waited outside till the time i know people close from work,,i saw the boss guy entered his car ,,i quickly took my bicycle and began following him


I followed him till i was sure he reached him house ,,i wrote the address down and went back




As early as 6 am ,,i was smiling to myself stupidly infront of mr austin apartment ringing his door bell


He opened the door with sleepy eyes


“Who the hell are you”he asked


“And how did you get her”he added


“I’m kira your new nanny” i replied and strech my hand for a handshake which he totally ignored


“I did not remember employing you”he fired


“Oh yeah,,i hired myself for you”i replied while he starred at me surprised “Leave my house immediately”he fired angrily


I heard a baby voice crying



“Duty calls”i said trying to make my way into the house he pushed me out and slammed the door to my face


I kept banging the door till it opened widely and i almost fell


i entered the house while he keeps yelling i should go out or he call the cops I traced when i was hearing the baby’s cry from


I entered the room took the baby in my arms began singing lullaby and petting her “She looks very adorable and beautiful”i muttered


How did u guys see this episode guys






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