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His Kids and I













Emilia is a 26 year old graduate with a second class upper in Accounting in the


University of Calabar. She’s medium-height, light-skinned, slim and cute with a


nice dentition. Presently, she stays at Lagos with her friend/schoolmate Deborah.


Deborah is dark-skinned and chubby. She has a round face and fat cheeks which


creates dimples whenever she smiled. Both girls hail from the same state. While


Emilia studied Accounting, Debbie was a Business Administration student. Two


years ago they had completed their university education and now Deborah is a staff


at the First Bank of Nigeria, Lagos, while Emilia is locked up in distress in her


failure to secure a job in several companies. Determined and desperate, she never


gave up trying.






Felix a renowned businessman had just returned from the states a year ago. His father was one of the founders of an outstanding business organization named “Classic Ventures”. With a few whites, his dad had founded this very company which is now one of the top ten business companies in the world. This company has various branches all over the world, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, UK, USA, Camroon, Kenya, France, Austria, Philippine, South Korea, Netherland and the rest.



Felix had been working with this company back there in the states for twelve years now but following the death of his father he had to come home and take up from the old man’s last bus stop.


Two years ago before the death of his father, his wife was involved in a plane crash which claimed the life of everyone aboard.


Two months ago, he had ordered for his kids to be sent to him due to the fact that their guardian (an old white lady he employed to take care of them) was getting older and had to resign. With four pertinacious kids and his new job to look after, Felix’s life is embedded with burden and apprehension. In his effort to take care of the kids he had employed nineteen different nannies in the last two months and they had each been fired personally by the kids with excuses that either she can’t cook or her English were bad.






A month ago, Emilia submitted an application in Classic Ventures which was as usual, turned down not because she couldn’t meet their standards but because her application was late and all vacancies filled. However, due to her brilliant records and desperation, she was called back by the same company and offered a new kind of job entirely different from her imaginings.


To work as a nanny with a pay of two hundred and fifty thousand naira.






In her desperation do you think she should accept the job?


Even if she does, do you think she would be thrown out like the others?


Do you think she would cope with these mean kids?




Find out in this thrilling heart-rending story “HIS KIDS AND I”


A story of;














And most of all, Family



Are you ready for me?..


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His Kids and I


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