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Episode 4



Writer: Mimi Annie






Emilia’s Pov




I placed both hands on my waist and nodded as I looked around the whole living room. Yes! It was just as I wanted it, sparkling clean. I had finished eighty percent of the work in the house. I wonder how Felix was able to muddle through his work in the office as well as the labour in the house. Must be tiring, I guess, and I’m sure that’s why he was so desperate to employ a nanny. I wonder if he didn’t want to



get married. According to him, his wife had kicked the bucket two years ago and I was more than surprise he was still a widower. Maybe he was one of those men who always vow never to marry again if they should lose their wife.


Well, it was rather amusing, and at the same time serious. I must say he’s a strong man, taking care of five kids all by himself. The thought of five kids made me chuckled. I thought rich people such as him do not like having many kids. They prefer two or better still, three. Recommend you to download TopsterStories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories


Well, I shrugged. Who was I to question someone’s personal life? I better get back to work. The last thing to do was to cook. But then, that silly timetable always makes me want to go crazy. Why would someone keep a food timetable, I couldn’t help wondering. The only timetable have seen is either a school timetable or work timetable.


I sighed.


Lunch was kind of better than breakfast. I had to make fried rice with salad and


fried chicken and give them milk to go with it. I felt so happy ’cause I knew this


one was easy. I looked up at the golden wall clock in the sitting room. It was


12:53pm and I realized the kids would be back soon so I had to hurry. I went to the


kitchen and checked out the available ingredients. Wow! Everything was complete


and that did the magic. I opened the long refrigerator and there was the frozen


chicken. I nodded and closed it.


Let’s start something


I picked a pot and boiled the rice. I drained out the water before adding all the necessary items, then I placed it once again on the cooker and within minutes the water had dried. I took a saucepan and put a little oil in it. Thereafter, I scooped in some rice with a big spoon and turned it here and there with the spoon so it won’t burn. When it was ready, I put a little oil again and scooped in some more rice and like that I finished up with the rice.


It was now time for salad. I washed and cut the cabbage, cucumber, green pepper, peas, onions and the rest. Next, I grate the carrot and washed the yellow corn and the rest in warm water. When I was done with the primary preparation, I mixed everything in a big bowl and put it in the small refrigerator where cooked foods are kept.


I then went ahead to steam and fry the chicken and after everything I took off my apron and hung it on a silvery hook in the kitchen and went to my room for a bath. I later came out all wet and dried myself before dressing up and disposing the wastebin. I was directed by the funny gateman to the incinerator where I disposed of the waste.



Few minutes later, Jackie and Kathie were back and then some minutes more while I was giving them their afternoon bath, Christie and Emmie also reached.


They took a shower too and they all came downstairs where I served them in the dining. I fed Kathie and she smiled at me.


“It’s delicious” she said and I smiled back and pinched her nose the same way I see their dad do and she giggled.


“Do you like stories” I asked and Dollie screamed


“Yes, I love them I so much, I love them” she said and held her heart and I laughed. I cast a quick glance at Christie’s direction and she didn’t say a word nor lift an eyebrow. All her attention was on her food.


“You know what, finish up your meal and I’ll tell you just the perfect story you’ll love to listen to ever and ever again”


“I bet it wouldn’t go a bit to being interesting like Granny Colt’s story” Jackie said with an expressionless face.


“Who’s Granny Colt?” I asked curiously


“Why do you wanna know?” Christie said in a freaky tone


I can’t let that get into my head, I thought and then shrugged “just cur


ious. Is there any problem with that?”


“Nerves” she hissed and picked up a chicken lap with her fork and bit it carefully “She was our nanny back there in the states” Jackie answered and I nodded.


At that moment, the doorbell rang and I answered the door. Emmie and Gabriel stood at the door and Emmie looked kind of tired so i got hold of her school bag and took it their room. I later went to the kitchen to serve her lunch while she was taking a shower. I dropped it on the table where others were sitting and covered it carefully. Gabriel was also sitting there and it seems he was communicating with the kids and they seem to be cool around him even Christie. I think I should serve him too. I brought his own plate and dropped it at his front with a glass of milk just like I gave the others. A minute later, Emmie joined us but her hair was wet and drops of water fell on her shoulder.


“You should I’ve dried the hair before putting on your clothes” I said to her but she only stared at me without a word. She picked her cutleries and began eating. “You’re such a good cook” Gabriel commented and I gave him a “thank you” smile.


Christie got up when she was done and went upstairs while the others pestered me for my so call interesting story.



Gabriel stayed a little with Musa before leaving and I later agreed with the story telling after clearing off the plates and cleaning the table. Then, the three of us went to the playhouse where I told them a teenie weenie wonderful story which made them laugh loud especially Dollie and Jackie.


Christie and Emmie didn’t join us.




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His Kids and I



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