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Episode 9



Writer: Mimi Annie




Emilia’s Pov




Next day, Monday, I woke up by the alarm, rushed into the washroom and came out after brushing and taking a cool shower. I walked hurriedly to the kitchen and checked the timetable, shrimps and hushpuppies. I blinked, I didn’t even know where to start or what to start with and I couldn’t call Felix ’cause Susan was around. But luckily and as usual, he came in and helped with the preparation while I left to wake the kids and prepare them or school. After calling the girls, I woke the twins, brush their teeth, bathe them and dressed them up in their uniforms. Then we walked to the playhouse for their school bag. We got to the dining to meet the girls. Felix served breakfast and I sat down to feed Kathie. He put in four buttermilk biscuits and a pack of vanilla yoghurt each in the twins’ lunch pack. Susan joined us a couple of minutes later, and soon the kids were off to school, followed by Felix who left for the office. I cleared the table and did the dishes before beginning my daily routine of sweeping, dusting, mopping and washing.


I was done with everything in three hours. The only thing left to do was to make lunch. I strolled tiredly into the kitchen and looked up the timetable, mashed potatoes with turkey, peanut butter and ice-cream for dessert.


Not again! I frowned. I don’t even know how to prepare any of this. I’m making fried rice with salad and fried chicken. At least they eat that too. I set out to work and two hours later I was done. The kids would be home soon. I hanged the apron in the kitchen and went to the washroom where I bathed and rested a bit and that’s when I thought about the incident of the previous afternoon at Chris’ place.


My thought was broken when I heard my name, and that’s when I remembered that I and Susan were the only one at home. I got out from bed and put on my flip flops and hurried to her room. I breathed deep before knocking No response


I knocked again


No response


Another knock


“Are you deaf” Susan cried “come in”


I opened the door and walked in and she stared at me angrily


“Where you doing that on purpose, you knocked, I answered yet you continued knocking. You wanted me to repeat it for the fourth time. Isn’t it?”


I shook my head in a no. But I never heard her respond to my knockings.



“I’m hungry” she said and turned her face away to concentrate on her makeups. “Make me burgers, I want to take it with a glass of chilled milk”


Did I even know how to make burgers?


“Why are you still staring at me? Get going!” she shouted and that startled me “Ehmm…………………….ma’am…………i………….i” I stammered “You what”


“I don’t know how to make burgers. Never done it before” I said to her and she stared in disbelief


“You don’t know how to make burgers” she asked mockingly “Where did you say you’re from” she asked and I my temper heating. “I’m from Calabar” I answered slowly and as gently as I can


“That means you can only make your local dishes” she said disdainfully and I kept mute


“So what’s it for lunch” she asked as she closed her make up kit “Ehmm…………actually the timetable said mash potatoes with turkey but since I can’t prepare them I opted to fried rice with salad and fried chicken”


“Huh! You mean you prepared food out of the rule?” Susan asked but I kept mute and stared at the beautifully tiled floor.


“Just pray the kids eat it” she said and stood up


“You can get out” she said and I walked out and closed the door gently. My stomach rumbled and I realized I hadn’t eaten since morning. I walked directly to the kitchen and picked a flat, silvery, breakable plate.


“Ding dong!” sounded the door bell


I dropped the plate on a counter and ran to get the door. It was Jackie and Kathie. I smiled and closed the door when they had walked in.


“Welcome cuties” I said


“How was school” I asked them


“It was wow” said Jackie “I met a new friend who had a catapult and he promised to teach me how to make one”


I laughed and nodded “that’s great”


I turned to Kathie “how about you”


In her tiny voice, she said “it was grea




I picked them up to their room and gave them a quick shower. We played a little in the water. Later, I took them out and while dressing them, the doorbell rang again.



“I’ll be right back” I said to the kids and ran downstairs. I opened the door and the girls walked in. I was surprised Emmie came home with them.


“You’re home already” I said to her and she nodded and said “Monday closes early”


“I can’t wait to taste today’s lunch. I’m famished” she said and I flinched. I pray they eat what I had prepared.


I served the twins and dropped the girls’ plate in front of their respective seat, and then covered them carefully.


“I thought today was mash potatoes with turkey” Jackie said with a slight frown “it’s my favorite”


“I’m sorry Jack but I’m afraid I can’t prepare those”


He stared at me for a slight second and then shrugged “I’ll manage”


He picked his cutleries and began eating likewise Kathie. She was slow so I had to feed her.


Few minutes later, the three girls came in. Christie shouted on seeing the food “But the timetable said mash potatoes with turkey” “But I can’t prepare them” I said gently


“What on earth can you prepare? Dad helps you with almost every food” Emmie blurted out and I looked away. Looking at them was embarrassing.


“I can’t eat this. Give me milk and chocolate” Dollie said and I nodded and got up to the kitchen where I poured a glass of cold milk. Then I took two packs of chocolate from the smallest refrigerator. I handed it to her when I got back, Christie was nowhere around.


“I guess I’ll just eat this anyway” Emmie said and picked her cutleries while Dollie chewed her chocolate and drank her milk.


Kathie handed the fork to me and I began feeding her once again.


“Emilia” I heard my name and turned around to see Susan coming with Christie. “Ma’am” I answered


“Why isn’t Christie eating? She complained she hasn’t taken lunch” “She wants to eat what’s on the food timetable but i………..”

“What do you mean but? As a nanny you’re supposed to cook all dishes”


“It’s obvious she didn’t study nanny education” Christie chipped in and the kids laughed.


“Very funny” Emmie said and bit her chicken


“Stop it will you” shouted Jackie “She’s not you and you’re not her” “What do you mean” Dollie asked


“I think Susan can help us prepare it” he said with a smirk



Susan widened her eyes and looked at her new fingernails “I just fixed new nails and I don’t want it to get stained or broken”


The kids frowned and she forced a smile “okay, I’ll do it but………………..I’ll


state the procedures while Emilia prepare it” I gasped. Was she serious?




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