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Episode 2



Writer: Mimi Annie









Emilia’s Pov




I looked around the room for the hundredth time. I just wanted to make sure I had packed all my necessary stuff. I didn’t need to carry the box, Felix had told me that his driver would come pick it up. All done, I was sweating profusely so I decided to take a shower. I cast a quick look at the wall clock and it read 4:24. Jeez! I’m gonna be late. I quickly undress and tie a towel. I didn’t wanna create a bad



impression on my first day. I walked into the bathroom, untie and hang my towel on the door and turn on the shower. The coolness of the water energized me and I picked up a sponge and scrubbed a little soap on it, then i work it all over my body. Some minutes later I was out. I dried myself with another towel before applying a little body cream on my hands, leg and face. I don’t like too much cream on my body, it causes sweat.


Seconds later, I had my clothes on. I checked out myself in the mirror. I didn’t do makeups, well, it isn’t my kind of thing. I just don’t fancy them. I just like being natural. I might as well apply a little powder and lip gloss and that’s all.


I picked my silver watch and fastened it on my left wrist. I then put on a red heel and walk out. The heels made me wobble as I climbed down the stairs. I was wearing a red top on a black pencil skirt


I sighed, Deborah’s doing. She had chosen this particular outfit and even when I didn’t agree she wouldn’t budge so I had to give in. when I walked down stairs, i met her in the sitting room staring at a magazine in her hands.


“Whoa!” she said when she saw me


“I knew so well you’d look tasteful on it. Way to go girl” I heaved and sat on one of the cushions


“Debbie this shoes are a bit tight on me” I complained


“What do you mean they’re a bit tight on you” she threw at me with a frown “Don’t you know you have to look your best on your first day? Listen, first impression matters a lot. I bet you don’t wanna look scruffy before those kids” I rolled my eyes and sighed


“And I don’t think I should look too stylish” I added “Babe it’s okay this way” she said


“Now, no more complains. Be a good girl and let’s go” she added and led me out the door. I opened the gate and we stood on the roadside as we waited for a cab. Luckily, one came by and I got in after hugging my best friend.


“Sweetheart I’ll miss you so much” she said and made a funny face which made me laugh


“Me too, but I promised to come visit on weekends. But notwithstanding, we’ll


still talk on phone” I said to her


“And please tell Chris I’ve resumed”


Chris was Debbie’s fiancé. He was the one who had made her see good points in this job, although she had agreed grudgingly. From where she stood, she waved at me till I lost view of her



I arrived at Classic Ventures at 5pm on the dot. I was quickly taken to the CEO’s office by a young man that seemed to be in his early thirties. We walked into the elevator and he pressed the room number, ROOM 21. We arrived within two minutes and he rang the doorbell and we were ushered in.


Felix was sitting on his usual seat and doing some works as usual on his laptop. The man greeted him and he answered and handed him some files before the latter walked out.


“Have a seat” he beckoned to me and pointed to an armchair that lay few feet from where I stood. Gently and steadily, I hobbled to the seat and dropped my butt. “I’ll attend to you in a couple of minute” he said and I nodded.


Some minutes later he closed the laptop and picked his suit hung on the seat he was sitting on. He pulled out a drawer and picked a bunch of keys and shut it back. He picked the telecom on the table and dialed


“Yea, I’m dropping home but I’ll be back in an hour” He paused for some seconds


“I’ll check the files later. Just bring it to my table” One, two three, four seconds, he placed back the device


“Let’s go” he said to me and I stood up and waddled behind. We climbed in the elevator and he pressed a key and boom! We took off. A minute later, we were on


the ground floor.


We walked to the parking lot and got in. he ignited the car and drove away.


We sat in silence, with no one uttering a sound as little as a cough. I stole a quick glance at him and for the first time, I noticed how cute he looked. His hair was on low cut and his beard was well-trimmed. Don’t get me wrong. I just commented on his looks, that’s all.




We arrived at the house some minutes later. Wow! It was so beautify and large. The walls were all tiled and the compound was so big. Flowers were planted in a row along the pathway leading to the main building. I couldn’t help opening my mouth as I stared in admiration. I guessed he noticed it ’cause I heard him chuckled and said “What’s up


I knew myself at once and smiled “Oh nothing, it’s just so beautiful around here “awnnn……………thanks” he said and I nodded



He rang the doorbell and a young girl opened the door for us and we walked in. Here was another version of the story. Marble walls, beautifully tiled floor, well-ventilated rooms………………………… beautiful royal blue curtains. Oh my!


Did they know this is my favorite color? I smiled, I think I’m gonna like it here. “Daddy” a tiny voice screamed and ran towards him and three more followed suit. “He hugged them all and pinched their nose which made them giggle with pleasure.


He sat on one of the soft milky cushion and gestured me to sit on the other opposite him. I sat down and dropped my handbag on my laps


“Now kids, this is the new nanny I told you all about. Her name is Emily, she’s from Calabar. It’s a state here”


He chuckled and looked at me “Actually, they’re still learning about Nigeria so they might not know your place”


“She’ll be taking care of you all from now on” he said to the kids and then turned back to me.


“Emily, meet my kids” he turned around and pointed to a plump girl that stood at his back “this is Emmie, the oldest. She’s twelve” he said


He touched the slim one beside Emily “Christie’s ten” And to the chubby one he said “Dollie’s eight”


And then to the twins on his laps, he said “Jackie and Kathie are both four” I smiled “your kids are beautiful”


“Thank you” he said and looked at his children “won’t you go over and give your new nanny a welcome hug”


The kids sat still for some seconds still staring at me, before Kathie and Jackie got down and hugged me. Sluggishly, the other three came forward and hugged me cautiously, especially Christie. She only brushed shoulder with me and walked away.


I sighed, this is gonna be a bit hard for me.












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